Top Horseback Trail Riding Destinations In The USA

Horseback riding is a very popular form of recreation. There are thousands of websites and Instagram accounts dedicated to showing riders how to do it right!

It all starts with a lesson in how to dismount. Most beginning riders learn this off the horse first. After they learn the basics, they can add other animals such as dogs or carted away the whole tree outside.

For starters, there are two types of rider: Beginner and Advanced. While both are able to enjoy horseback riding, there are some key differences in rider abilities that require more knowledge on my part.

While Beginner rides are usually easier, Advanced rides can be more challenging due to changes in terrain or rider coverage.


Sedona, AZ

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

Sedona, also known as the Valley of the Fallen Horses, is a historic mining town located in northern Arizona. It has a rich history, and is known for itsAPS Church, which was once located here.

Today, Sedona is a popular travel destination with people looking to relax and enjoy the scenery. It has many beautiful sights to see, including several waterfalls and a red-earth cienega.

If you are looking to tour a red-earth cienega or just enjoy nature in its simplest form, riding on horseback is the best way to do it. Riding is also a way to learn how to ride!

One of the best trail rides in Sedona is on horseback through Kaibab National Forest. The ride starts at around 6 miles per hour and takes about an hour to get all the way on horseback.

The Copper Canyon (Mexico)

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

The Copper Canyon is one of the top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA. It is named for its beautiful copper color, which is created when sunlight hits water lent patterns in the rock.

The canyon is located in Mexico, about an hour north of Mexico City by car. It takes about an hour and a half to enter and exit the canyon, making it a very popular place to ride.

The reason people ride in The Copper Canyon is because it feels like you are riding in nature, despite being inside a building with no trees or natural elements. The lighting inside the canyon is variable, making some times feel more daylight than others.

Riding at The Copper can be dangerous if not done properly. There are safety guidelines that must be followed such as wearing a helmet and having someone nearby to help with any concerns.

Santa Fe, NM

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

The city of Santa Fe is known for its beautiful architecture, historic downtown district, and entertaining events and festivals.

In 1999, the city opened the Historic Market Place to showcase their unique history. Today, this amazing landmark serves as a shopping and cultural hub for the region.

A horse-back riding destination, Tompkins Cattle Company is home to world-famous Tompkins Cru Horse shows annually in late summer or early autumn.

Other top horseback destination venues include Carlsbad Caverns National Monument, White Sands National Monument, and Painted Desert National Monument.

Chincoteague, VA

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

Chincoteague is a historic fishing village located on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia’s Hampton County. The town was first settled around 1780 by members of the German Catholic Church, who used it as a place to fish and organize social events.

Today, Chincoteague is a popular tourist destination with visitors coming from all over to enjoy its beautiful shoreline, historic buildings, and idyllic setting. It also serves as a educational tool for people who are interested in history as it relates to water and food preservation, etc.

Horseback riding is one of the top trails rides in the United States, so it is no surprise that top horseback Trail Riding destinations in the USA have heightened during August.

The Smoky Mountains

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

Located in a central location between the North and South Atlantic oceans, The Smoky Mountains is a dramatic array of forested mountains, lakes, and waterfalls.

Visiting this beautiful region of the United States on horseback is an exceptional way to explore. Many trails enjoy horseback riding as their primary means of transportation.

These trails range in length from a short jaunt to test your horse’s abilities to higher ground to more extended rides that challenge your horse mentally as well as physically. Most lengths are measured in hundredths of a mile!

On weekdays, most trailheads are open by 7:00 am so that crews can finish up before the sunrise. On weekends, some sites are open until late afternoon or evening depending on snow conditions.

The Black Hills, SD

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

The Black Hills are a rugged, heavily forested region in South Dakota. There are many beautiful trails in this area, making it a top horseback riding destination.

The Black Hills offer some superb trail rides. There are many different trails that connect and challenge riders on horseback. These include the Old Indian Trails, Devils Tower National Monument Horse Route, and Battle Creek Bathtub Historic Trail.

A fantastic way to see the Black Hills is on a horse. You can ride at low or no traffic rates, making this a great way to see some of the most historic sites in the USA on horseback.

There are several tour companies that offer trips on horseback to the Black Hills. Some of these companies include Top Horseback Trail Rides, Inc., The Round-Up Experience, and Cold River Outfitters.

King’s Ridge, GA

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

Nestled in a wooded valley with mountains in the distance, this riding destination is a unique find. Surrounded by beautiful horseback trails, you can experience this amazing way to spend a day.

Located in Dacula-Milton Grove community, this place is only accessible by horse. The trails are wide and maintained well, making it a very safe environment to ride.

The horses here are treated well and taken care of professionally so you will not see any uneducated or poorly trained horses on your trip! You will also learn about how these professionals manage their horses if you go, as they are required to have training dogs at all rides!

One of the best things about King’s Ridge is that you can do both inside and outside! You can ride on the park-like grounds or on the more challenging trails inside the woods.

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Top horseback trail riding destinations in the USA

More than half of all trails in the United States are in national parks and recreation areas. There are more than 300 nationally designated horseback trails scattered throughout America, making it the largest source of recreational horseback riding in the world.

Horseback riding is a richly enjoyed sport by the community it serves. This is evidenced by the large number of beginner and advanced riders who meet on horseback year-round to learn how to enjoy this unique experience.

The mild weather year-round makes it a popular recreation for people who do not want to ride in the winter. In fact, many new riders decide not to ride because of snow and/or rain!

However, if you are looking for some adventure, you should look into attending a trail ride.

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