Lichen Sclerosus Treatment At Home

Lichen is a common skin condition that occurs when a fungus grows on the skin. The fungus causes the skin to become thicker and more wrinkled.

When iron is present in an object, such as anemia, it can also create a similar look to aging tissue. In this case, the iron deficiency appears like age spots or dry age spots on the skin.

A more rare type of lichen is lichen planus, which occurs when there is an overgrowth of a fungus on the skin. This type of lichen can be very noticeable, because it can look like someone has fired a missile into the skin.

Treatment for at-home Madameaderm varies by location and type of lichen, so do not assume that any one treatment will work for all types. General guidelines include using either tea or honey for cleaning and treating; and wearing protective clothing if going in warm water with the affected area.



Ointments are a safe way to treat die-off and thickened skin. Some preparations contain salicylates, which have been shown to prevent the breakdown of proteins in the body. This may help prevent your pet from looking like the rest of his species, which is a win-win situation!

Others do not. Make sure that you research your ointment before using it on your pet. Many are sold at vet offices, so they may be available to use directly. Make sure that it is legal locales where you want your pet to apply it as law requires it to be regulated for human use.

Pet owners should always ask if their pet has any special needs before taking care of any sort of sick or injured animal. An unappealing case might be used for a large dog that looks like he could take care of anything, but would not because of the size.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is most commonly found in fish products, including salmon and tuna. The vitamin D comes from the salmon or tuna you eat!

You can also find it in some yogurts such as soy yogurt or even in some breakfast cereals like Sunbutter or Carraway’s.

However, it can also be obtained through sunbathing! Many sunbathers choose to put a small amount of vitamin D3 in their coffee or tea to get the effect.

There are several ways to apply vitamin D3 into your diet. You can purchase it as a oral spray, add it into your yogurt or cereals, or even take a supplement.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a natural skin care product that can be used for many things. Many people use it to help reduce dry skin and moisturizing effects of the environment and themselves, but not everyone knows how to apply it.

We suggest using shea butter as an add-in to your daily beauty routine. It can be used as a face cream, body butter, or hair oil. One jar will last you about six months before needing another batch of honeycombs.

To use, lightlyapply some butter onto your hands and then apply some of the product on your dry skin areas. Let sit for a few minutes and then gently remove any burned material with gentle soap and water.

Coconut oil

A very limited number of doctors and healthcare professionals are aware of this treatment. It has been reported to work for more than half of people who try it.

It seems strange at first, but all you need to do is apply a small amount of coconut oil onto the skin around your breasts when you feel warm. The oil will stay on for about a week until it breaks down or else it spills somewhere.

This is because it uses static electricity to pull the oil together. When this happens, it creates a small wave that travels around the breast in an effort to fight cancer. This can appear as a white/pink/gray film on top of the skin, similar to lichen sclerosus.

This wave can last several weeks, if not checked out early.


As your skin gets older, you may notice that your skin starts to look a little dry and wrinkled. This is normal and even recommended. As you age, your body uses more water and protein to maintain healthy skin and joints but this can become less common as you get older.

To prevent or reduce wrinkles, it is important to use a quality moisturizer every day. There are many brands available, so not all will work the same. Some contain oil instead of butter, for instance. Either way, they should be applied lightly and left on for a short time before washing away any result of overuse or neglect.

Dryness can often happen quickly when someone does not use enough lotion or does it through overapply or neglect. If you feel that you are preventing or needing to use more lotion to keep up with the damage that time might be needed.

Bath salts

Although not recommended, some people have tried making their own bath salts at home by mixing volcanic rock with rice milk and adding a small amount of cocoa powder. These ingredients do not appear to be regulated or validated as safe, and there is no guarantee that it will help heal your skin.

Bath salt is a novel way to treat yourself. You can buy small bottles of bath salt for around $1, which is a cost-effective way to enjoy this treatment. Or you can make your own, which can save you money in the long run!

Unfortunately, there are still people who make this tip too common and try to mix it up too much. This can lead to poor application of the salt and/or overcorrection of the bath salt’s taste.

Hyposensitizing therapy

Hyposensitizing therapy is another treatment option that has become more popular lately. This therapy involves patients traveling to a hospital or clinic to undergo their own hyposensitization therapy.

This procedure can be done in a hospital or clinic, and is typically done during the patient’s recovery period. There are many companies that offer this therapy, and most do so via telephone call or online consultation.

The patient meets with the therapist to determine if they have the right personality to undergo this procedure, what area of their body they want to hyposensitize, and whether or not they should have surgical intervention.

If the patient feels confident enough to do this on their own, they can. However, if there is help needed, then a doctor can provide that!

There are some people who cannot go through this process of hyposensation nor want it but still want help finding the right operative technique for their localized region of disease.


Phototherapy is a new technology that allows you to fight Lichen Sclerosus at home. Phototherapy is the process of shining a light to treat a skin condition.

There are a few different types of phototherapy devices such as light boxes and telescopes. These can be used in your home, off-site or in a hotel room.

To use a telescope, you first lay on your back with your lower legs raised and then pull them back down. You then raise one leg and then the other, creating what looks like walking. This is done until the lichen substance is completely disappeared.

To use an eyepak, you first lay on your back with your legs raised and then pull them back down. You then raise one leg and then the other, creating what looks like walking. This is done until the lichen substance is completely gone.

Be careful not to let children use these products because of their lack of training in using them. Do not use these if you have kidney or liver problems due to water retention (which may occur).

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