Lackland Air Force Base Movie Theater

Lackland Air Force Base is a unit of the U.S. Air Force located in San Antonio, Texas. The theater is responsible for hosting movies at certain times of the year.

Theater staff members are typically moviegoers themselves and love being asked to participate in such a fun way. They look forward to it every year, and you can see them at any time!

You do not need any special expertise to go watch a movie at a movie theater! In fact, you may get more compliments and requests for tickets if you don’t!

Most popular movies are shown two or three times per week, so you will have plenty of time to see them both in theaters and on TV if you wait enough.


Frequent movie goers

lackland air force base movie theater

Recently, the military community has been catching up on the latest movies and series. There are so many of them nowadays that it is hard to choose a movie or series to watch.

Many of them are available for download as apps and sites, making it an all-access pass to movies and series. Many of them are very good quality material and worth watching.

You can pick any movie or show you want, as they all have a limited number of screenings per month. Most recently, movie theaters have added online viewing services such as Netflix and YouTube TV.

Theater location

lackland air force base movie theater

The movie theater is found just outside the main entrance to the base, next to a pizza place. It’s also inside the jail complex, where criminals are locked up before being released on community service.

Theater patrons must be invited into the jail before entering the theater to install an alarm, so be prepared for that. Once inside, you’re on your own!

Theater patrons are not allowed to talk or text while watching a movie, and suspected movies-theater thieves are told no movies will be showing that day.

Current movie lineup

There are over 100 movies shown each year at Lackland, so you’ll have a hard time waiting for the theater to be closed. Many of the new movies released recently are shown in the movie theater, so ask if it’s been unlocked!

Visitors can choose from several movie lineups, including current movie line up, kids’ movie line up, sci-fi or “wartome” line up, and old-fashioned film fan line up.

The old-fashioned film fan line up features popular films from the past set in a wooden case with blankets and pillows to match. You can sit in any seat you want, and there is no separation of men from women or children from adults.

The kids’ movie lineup has films designed for ages four through eight, while the old-fashioned film fan lineup has films for all ages.

How to get tickets

lackland air force base movie theater

You can purchase tickets through a variety of venues. Most noticeably, however, is the fact that you can go to the movie theater’s website and purchase tickets.

You can also go to the theater’s website and purchase tickets. It is very helpful to have this site because it will give you an account email address and possibly put up a ticket page so you can buy your ticket.

An alternative way to get tickets is by going to the theater on game day. Theaters usually sell out quickly on Sunday mornings, so make sure to get your chance!

How much they cost and how fast they sell out affects how easy it is to get a ticket.

Coupons for the theater

lackland air force base movie theater

When the movie is over, you and your friends can go back to the theater’s electronic sign that says, “Next Movie”. You can also call the number on the movie poster to see what the next film is.

Theaters have a rule about bringing your phones into the movies, so you’ll need to do this without a phone app, however. The app must be used during the entire movie and then discarded after the movie is completed.

There are several ways to use this app. You can mark off what parts of the movie you enjoyed and how funny they were with these notes. You can also combine likes and dislikes so someone else can review your experience with them. You also get points for reviews!

If you want to test your skills in this app, try being patient with yourself and taking on small tasks that don’t seem like much but which could make a big difference in helping you achieve your goals in this game.

Bring your own food

lackland air force base movie theater

If you’re planning on watching a movie at the theater, be prepared. Most showrooms and theaters have standardized food and drink offerings, making it easy to start sharing food or ordering in advance.

To ensure you have enough to sustain you during the movie and after the movie, look up the menu options at your theater!

If you are hungry before the movie, you can also go into town and find a quick bite (we recommend Potbelly’s!).

If you are hungry after the movie, there are many options in town too.

Comfortable chairs

lackland air force base movie theater

When you sit in the theater seat, you get a nice, soft padding of foam under your back and a comfortable edge to rest your knees against. These theaters have those edges added, so if you are tall enough, you can lean forward to put your feet up!

If you are short enough, you can fold your feet up as well. This is another way to add costuming or comfort to the movie!

Costuming is fun! When the movie is over and you leave the theater, you can go back into the dressing room and do some more fiddling with your costumes. You also can go outside and check out the movie outside since it was weather-appropriate sized space that they had for you inside.

Movie theaters aren’t really for showing movies anymore—they are now television shows or video games.

Multiple screens

lackland air force base movie theater

Being close to the action doesn’t mean you have to sit in front of it. You can watch movies in any position and on any screen. Theaters offer places where you can put your feet up, as do many places.

Many movies are available on DVD or digital download, so there is no need to go to a movie theater to experience them. Just like watching TV or movies on Netflix or DVD, you can do it!

There are several movie theaters within the Lackland Air Force Base community, all with their own brand of movie-watching pleasure. Some are permanent fixtures while others rotate out every few years.

The average person has at least one movie per year they want to watch, so having multiple screens will help keep people coming back.

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