Kitchen Checklist For New Home

Finding the best meal preparation tools is like finding the perfect pair of jeans: you have to try them on first, then buy them. They are not always sold in stores, and you have to learn how to use them properly.

Some cooking tools are more universal than others. For example, a chef’s knife is a must-have for most kitchen tasks. However, some specialized knives are more appropriate for one task than the rest of the set.

In this article, we will discuss new home baristas how to find the best knife, stone, and chef’s knife for each type of kitchen task. We will also discuss the best way to organize a new home barista’s collection.

This article will be written in general terms and may be challenging for some readers. If you are new to kitchen prep, do not worry! We will provide helpful tips that are not difficult to understand.


Stir fry pan

Most people start their day with a breakfast of fruit and cereals, so in the morning, responsible for the kitchen is also the chef. There are many ways to cook vegetables, so this is also the chef to put into salads or stir fry. There are also a few recipes that require cooking meat, so that is also the chef.

In the afternoon and evening, both parties should clean and organize the kitchen. One party should do this first, then the other can add it later. The first step is to get out all of the ingredients and supplies needed; this includes getting rid of leftover food and cleaning all of the pans and tools.

The second step is to figure out what supplies each person needs to do their job effectively, which includes buying anything they might need to help them achieve their goal. Lastly, having enough space can help save time when doing tasks together.

Sauce pan

Having a sauce pan is one of the most important things in a new home. Made right, the sauce pan will last for years and years!

Most modern homes have a dry dishwasher safe, stainless steel one. These are great because if something is warm or hot, it will not burn or scorch as it is dried thus ending up clean.

These do not require being washed often which is good! Most people would recommend washing a new pan once every couple of months but that can be done by use of a new pot scrubber or having the pot put in the stove top dryer.

Having a sauce pan that is sturdy enough for even the largest of dishes is important.

Loaf pan

Next we want to get into the bread pan. This is our first chance to make great bread, so we need to make sure it is high enough quality.

How many hours per day do you spend preparing food? Most people spend most of their time preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner every week day. Since ours is a weekend home cook, we need good quality bread so we can enjoy a good quality slice of bread every once in a while.

How long does the bread stay fresh? Does it keep better if it is well-baked? We want our bread to last a few days so we have to get into the habit of making our own.

Knife set

When it comes to knives, there are many ways to go. You can get the most basic knife, the most advanced knife, or the most specialized knife. All of these can be useful!

The basic knife can be used for cutting breads, fishes, and vegetables. The more advanced knives can be used for carving and the fancy stuff like pancake making or hash making. The specialty knives may be used for things like glass blowing or wood working.

These kinds of knives are not easy to use at first so start with the basic ones and build from there.

Cutting board

A cutting board is a must have item in the new home kitchen. There are many brands and models, so do not worry about being familiar with them.

Mostly made of wood, they are also known as boards or counter tops. They are a symbol of food preparation and a way to show your friends and family how well your kitchen setup works.

When shopping for a cutting board, there are two main things to look for: material and width. Width is determined by how wide you want to cook on it and how muchyou wanton it. Some boards are thinner than others in order to fit into small spaces such as cabinets or under the sink.

Can opener

A can opener is an important kitchen item. While most people have a can opener on hand, it does not mean you have one! Can openers come in all shapes and sizes, so it is hard to limit yourself to just one. Can openers come in small, medium, and large sizes which determine how many times you must press the opening of a can before it opens.

Can openers also have different speeds such as slow, quick, or even reverse. When choosing which one you want, look for ones that are quiet as possible because can opening can be quite loud. Some are even fireproofed!

As new home owners, the first thing you should do is buy a can opener.

Steaming tray

As mentioned before, water is key when baking. It is also important to use the right kind for coffee, tea, and other drinks.

You can find many brands of steaming cups and spoons, so this is not a huge barrier to getting your coffee and tea needs!

Of course, no home barque kitchen would be complete without a steaming tray. This allows you to easily take your food or drink out of the hot water and into the kitchen without having to wash it thoroughly first.

In terms of design, steaming trays can be shaped or fluted to match any countertop. Some are even designed for direct pouring of water onto a hot plate in order to create a steamy environment.

Mixing bowl set

You’ll need one for all your materials. This is also called a sponges or washcloths. It helps you conveniently clean and sanitize your hands and other surfaces during the process of preparing your home meal. You can also use them to dry your hands afterwards.

Next up is a towel. A good one will help you stay warm and prevent any shirts, towels, and bedding from being wrinkled when placed on the warmer.

Then you’ll need a plate, mug, cup, etc. These help you keep track of what you eat and throw away things that may be left over.

Last but not least, you’ll need an utensil that will aid in heating or cooling food or water.

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