Joie Over The Knee Boot

An over-knee boot is a fun way to refresh your winter wardrobe. With so many options available, it is easy to find one that is exactly what you are looking for.

These boots have been growing in popularity over the past year or so, which is another reason to try them out. They are now increasingly popular fashion items and added into lots of collections due to their easy going nature.

They can be worn with either a soft or hard pants style, and can even be paired with a sweatshirt or thermal jacket! There are many ways to wear an over-knee boot, they just depend on the shape of your foot and what style you want to fill them out.


Slick leather

joie over the knee boot

If you are looking for a soft, plush, easy to walk in shoe, this one will catch your attention. They are known as over knee boots, so these will require you to wear them up higher.

These shoes are called over knee boots because they have a higher instep that extends up over the upper foot. This creates abeck leather material that is wrapped around the leg and ankle. It is soft and plush, making it an easy favorite.

This boot is sold in fashion-forward brands like Richer Rickerson and Sephora carry. It is usually $100+ but might be available on sale or at low prices online.

Bullet point conclusion: If you are looking for a more dressy boot that can be worn every day, this one would be ideal.

High block heel

This is the best way to show off your height. With a high block heel, you can easily see how tall you are. If you are short, try purchasing a half size down. If you are tall, get a one full size up.

These boots are also nice and stable so you can walk long distances with them! You can go without re-torqueing the screw at the back every few weeks to make them more comfortable, but then they will be harder to get on and off so keep that in mind if you do not want to do it.

Finally, this boot is for working or working out only. They are not recommended for everyday wear because of the shape of the foot in this style.

Over the knee length

joie over the knee boot

If you are looking for a long over the knee length look, then this is the look for you. Over the knee length boots are usually short, over the knee length. A long legged woman can have size 15-16½EEE shoes and still look elegant because of this look.

You can add or remove inches in lengths when fashioning this look. For instance, a 16½ would be added two inches to the length of the shoe, or one inch to the thickness of the shoe. This gives it some height as well as more volume to the legs.

Another way to keep this looks short is to not add any other height to these shoes. You can do this because these will be very durable and heavy.

Perfect for winter dresses

joie over the knee boot

This is a relatively new fashion trend that people are beginning to appreciate. The over the knee-boots. They look great!

They are a little harder to find, so if you are looking, do not miss this piece!

They are very popular on social media as well, with people uploading pictures of them on Twitter and Facebook.

They are now a very popular fashion statement to wear with long sleeve dresses or sweatshirts. They add a nice shape to the top of the dress where the sleeves meet.

Soft sheepskin lining

joie over the knee boot

Most overknee boots have a hard, plastic outer layer that forms a footbed and keeps the boot on your feet. These require a tool-style boot fastening system to access the footbed.

The other option is a slip-on design where the boot does not need to be placed on the foot to activate the feetpace system. This is the case for most socks and shoes!

Either way, there are some features you can get with this technology. For example, if you are looking at an overknee boot, there may be a slight difference in shape between lower and upper boots. Or, if you want something with more stability, then maybe add another level of support around the sole.

There are many brands offering these technologies as options.

Comfortable thick sock lining

joie over the knee boot

Most knee high booties have a thin sock lining that is usually removed. This is a nice break from the usual thick sock lining that adds padding against your feet.

This breaks up the bootie look a little bit and makes it more comfortable on your feet. It also allows you more room to move as you get nearer to dancing or stamping your feet in delight.

If you like having enough space around your ankle and foot, this feature is for you! If you like having less protection against wetness, then this may be less for you. But all things considering, this feature makes this bootie a very versatile one to have!

You can pair it with skinny jeans or an oversize sweatshirt to get more of a dressy look or use it as an excuse to buy another color spectrum (I did)! This one is black, green, and burgundy so it goes with lots of outfits.

Smart metal buckle fastening

joie over the knee boot

Most hardware-style footwear has a flat, metal buckle that you can use to fasten the shoe. This allows you to leave it on if your feet get cold, or you can remove the boot if you wanted to add a pair of socks!

This is a good feature, as people with high foot length may have difficulty finding a flat metal footbed. The sock method would also prevent people from just buying another brand of shoes because these may not fit well.

In this case, adding the quick-release metal footbed gives someone more options in finding their perfect shoe. If someone wants a softest feel, they can add some fleece or fluffier foam padding in order to get a softer feel. If someone wanted the contrast between hard and soft looking shoes, they could purchase one with thicker leather instead.

Scuff-proof rubber sole

joie over the knee boot

This boot is a beautiful rich brown with hints of dark leather. The rubber sole makes this boot very lightweight and flexible. This makes it excellent for warmer climates where you need to be able to move around.

You will not have to worry about this boot getting hot and sticky weather because the soles are designed to be very smooth and soft. These soles will not retain heat or water like more rugged soles do, which is a nice feature when the weather is cold.

These shoes are also recommended for working women who need a soft, non-threatening shoe that they can wear every day.

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