Inverted Pyramid News Story Example

A news story is a great way to promote your business. Having good quality news stories about your business can raise awareness, and thus profits for your business.

There are many news story examples out there, so we will not go into too much detail. Instead, we will give you the code to create your own news stories!

What Are News Stories?

They were created so that people can share information with other information creators, but it has become an info-tainment staple to put something hidden away on the last few pages of the website for people to find.

What? 3) When? 4) Where? 5) Why? 6) How? 7) Supporting details 8) Photo 9) Video 10) Links

An inverted pyramid news story is a well-known news story type that has changed formats over the years. The classic example is the radio or radio television advertisement, where the salesperson begins with an introductory statement followed by a request for an order.

The difference here is that in the final paragraph of the ad, another product or service is requested rather than an order. This variation makes a difference in how much attention the audience will give to the content of the ad.

The typical format for an inverted pyramid news story changes depending on what product or service is being presented.

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