How To Use Boomba Inserts?

Boomba automated coffeemakers were the first dedicated auto-clean, programmable coffeemaker system available. They were a hit and stay for a long time because of their straightforward design.

Boomba inserts are designed to be placed in the auto-clean feature of the insert to add your own coffee or tea. You can have it on a schedule too!

This is very helpful, as not everyone has the same morning coffee or tea style. You can have different levels of roast, quality, and types of coffee or tea you want to make.

Boomba inserts are priced differently, depending on what amount of coffee or tea you want to add.

Peel back tabs on the insert

how to use boomba inserts

If your boomba is a little older, you can use the tabs on the insert to peel back. All you do is twist the cap off of the boomba and then you can reach in and pull out the old unit.

To put a new unit in, just twist on the cap and then push down on unit to release spring. Then sit back and watch your freshly painted bathroom floor come up!

This method works for both hard and soft water areas. If your toilet or shower is very hard, you may have to buy a separate product that is specifically for that area of the toilet or shower.

If you have very little household clutter, it cost savings may be to just buy two units. One can be kept in the new apartment while the other goes home with my mother-in-law.

Place inside your card

how to use boomba inserts

Once you’ve received your Boomba, it’s time to put it inside your card. You can do so either by placing the card into the slot or taking the out adapter and putting it into the tank.

Either way works! It does not matter which one you choose as both connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

You can then go about ensuring you get some good cleansing action by turning on all of your notifications and letting your phone do the rest.

Use the guide on the back of the insert to find what you are looking for

how to use boomba inserts

When using a boomba, it’s important to know where the guide on the back of the insert goes. This is typically located in a parallel configuration to the speaker.

This corresponds with finding the audio guide on road and traffic signs!

Typically, this corresponds with finding the audio guide on road and traffic signs!

The audio guide on the boomba insert is there so you do not have to look at the manual to find what song or playlist you are listening to. Instead, you simply turn on your boomba and listen!

This is an important feature as some people cannot hear well while standing or sitting up due to lack of support. Having supportive music can help promote positive behaviors such as tracking and paying attention.

Flip to the color chart on the back of the insert

how to use boomba inserts

Most boomba units have a flat-face, magnetic base. This allows you to flip the unit over and use the back as the color chart.

If your boomba is black, go to the black section! If your boomba is red, go to the red section! If your boomba is white, go to the white section!

These sections correspond with the front and back of each unit.

Use a pencil eraser to rub off residue from using an oil-based product

A little goes a long way with using an oil-based product like lotion or shampoo, so don’t make the mistake of overdoing it. The more oil you use, the longer your hair will take to dry.

If your hair is very oily, add another oil before using a shampoo and conditioner. If you use very mild shampoo and conditioner together, your hair may only be mildly cleaned.

The added weight of the two oils may help it stay liquid longer!

How to Use Boomba Inserts: Use a pencil eraser to rub off residue from using an oil-based product like lotion or shampoo.

Clean your card with a dry cloth

how to use boomba inserts

Do not use a wet cloth or water to clean your card. These could damage the sensor or cause it to stop working. Instead, dry your card thoroughly after each use, and do not store wet cards on the device.

If you have to charge your card while the boomba is inserted, make sure you have a source of power as soon as the battery has died off. Most devices do not charge while the boomba is inserted into the device!

Boomba devices come with a proprietary connector that needs to be used when charging, but you can use any standard-sized charger if that happens to be company-provided.

If you must purchase a different charger, make sure it supports Boomba’s technology so it can work with your device.

Store your cards in a safe place

how to use boomba inserts

While you can easily store your cards in a dedicated wallet or card case, we suggest you do it anyway. It greatly reduces the risk of losing your cards.

You can also put the cards in a dedicated case with the other notes and reminders you set up for yourself. This helps keep track of all your cards, plus any other notes and reminders you set up.

If you choose to use a dedicated case, make sure it is strong enough to withstand the daily stresses of carrying your credit and debit cards. You may want to look into one made out of material that resists tearing, peeling, and stains.

And lastly, if you have more than just two lines of credit or debit card (ie, more than Boomba’s), then it is recommended to purchase a second set of cards.

Use a Boomba card holder

how to use boomba inserts

When you’re out and about, you can save your Boomba insert card holder in a handy, compact location. You can put it in your bag, pocket, or simply keep it on the table next to you.

By placing your insert card holder on the Boomba stand, you create a network of connections between your device and the device. This makes it much easier to switch up notifications and alerts, as well as creating a more complete day of work and fun.

You can also use this in conjunction with the new Vipassana meditation app. You can connect your phone directly to the app to practice vipassana in addition to your device’s other notifications.

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