How To Update Gear S2 Firmware

Gear S2 devices are a little different than other smartphones in that they have an app for updating the firmware. It is called gear s2 update and can help you save space or even update the firmware and support new features such as s-apps.

Updating the firmware on a smartphone can be a little technical so be prepared to learn some new features. The gear s2 update can help you save space by doing an automatic update which will not require you to open the app.

The best way to do an automatic update is by setting up your device via wireless internet connection and then going to our app and following the on-screen instructions.

Select “About”

After your phone is rooted, you can now update the gear s2 firmware. You can do this by turning on auto update in google account, or through a third-party app.

When auto updating, your device will try to update the firmware on its own and if it fails, it will offer you to manually update the firmware. If you would like to keep your device warranty-able and take care of the firmware updates yourself, then make sure to install the right app.

There are many apps that offer downloadable updates for your phone.

Click on “Software update”

After your phone has been charging for at least thirty minutes, it will show a green light. You can now go ahead and update your device!

You will need to enter your password or pin to complete the software update. This is where the firmware is installed, so make sure you have it!

After the software has been loaded, you will see a screen asking if you want to install new features or not. If you want new features, select them and follow the instructions on how to use them. New features cannot be disabled so do not worry about that.

Once they are installed, you can test them by going into settings and scrolling down to “Gear S2” then clicking on “Test app”.

Wait for the update to load

Once the update has loaded, hold down the power button for three to five minutes to enter firmware mode. You will see a green light on your gear s2.

During this process, you can choose what features you would like to update, and you can also back out at this point. If you want to add new features or modify features currently available, now is the time to do so.

Many developers have updated the firmware for the gear s2, so there are many apps and services available to help facilitate this process. Most of these services are free! Just make sure that they are updated and working before you need them.

Check for an update

If your Gear S2 has been working fine, you can now let its battery down for a few days. This will allow the device to sleep and update itself. After that, you can check for an update by going to the Gear S2 app and tapping on the Update button.

Using this method, the Samsung app will send an update to your Gear S2. If it works, then you will get an updated Gear S2 in your wrist!

If this does not work, then there are some things you can do. You can try another device or network, see if that works, or buy a new one if your current one is failing.

If an update is available, your device will start downloading the file

Once the update has been downloaded, you can proceed with updating your device.

If the update failed, then check to see if you have enough space on your device to install the new firmware. If there is enough space, then try installing the update again.

If not, then go back to making changes to your device through its internal app and working with service providers via Bluetooth. You can now return back to buying new devices or if you are ready, getting a replacement gadget.

Once finished, your device will ask you to confirm a software upgrade

If you have not already done so, now is the time to update your gear s2 firmware. This can be done via the Gear S2 app or through the hardware-enhancement toggle in the S2 app.

Once updated, you can select and sync your new device to your account via a quick link provided by Samsung.

Click “OK” and your device will begin upgrading

Once the device has completed the firmware update, you can start using it again by clicking “OK” again.

This process can be done via the Samsung app or via a computer system. Both methods are available to do every time a device is upgraded!

If you had to put your device in safe mode before trying this method, you can still return it to sender mode and update it on your own. Just make sure to label the phone or tablet with a case number so that someone can find it if needed!

This method works for all Gear S2 models, including those that have problems updating onto Google Play Services such as the Gear C.

Once finished, your device will display a message that it has been updated successfully

If you would like to go back to an older firmware, you can!

To update your device to the updated firmware, you will need a computer. You can download the latest firmware from and import it into your device using the Mobile Device Sync app. A new version comes out every year, so check back if you want an old model.

This is the version that features all of the new functions such as gesture recognition and heart rate monitors.

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