How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down?

When you wear shoes for a long period of time, it can mean that they will need to be replaced sooner than you think.

Shoe-wearing is a good way to exercise your feet and hands, since they have to work the entire time you are wearing them.

The more shoes you wear, the more shoe sales you get! This is true whether buying new shoes or staying in current shoes you have been wearing for years.

Many people buy new shoes every two or three weeks due to new shape or shape of feet. It can be fun to keep tracking your shoe sales!

This article will talk about some ways to prevent your shoes from wearing down quickly, and how to tell if your shoes are having any problems due to them.


File them down

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

When your heels start to wear down, it is important to file them down. This may seem weird, but keep reading!

When your heels start to wear down, typically the lower back and sides of your feet will be the first to go. The top of the heels will be more resistant, or more likely, would continue to wear down faster than the lower portions of the feet.

The best way to stop this is to keep wearing thick socks under your shoes. If you have thin socks, you can do one sock at a time! Put the first sock on first, then put on the second one behind it, and so on.

Keep them dry

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

One way to prevent heel Tears is to keep the shoes dry. If you are wearing a winter shoe, make sure they are not wet or snowed upon.

Another way is taping them up. If you have a size bigger size, go with that and tape the bottom of the shoe to the top. This will prevent water or snow to seep in and ruin your shoes.

If you have very thin shoes, make sure to wear thick socks! And if you have very heavy shoes, use an oversized pair of socks to help hold the weight in place.

Lastly, do not jump into athletic events or plays on feet that are exposed. Keep those feet dry! Avoid wearing very low leather soles as these can wear down quickly due to walking on hard surfaces.

Wear heel protectors

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

When shoe heels get too long, it can happen quickly. A short layer of heel protectors can prevent this!

Shoe heels are a good thing to have. They make your feet feel nice and warm as they move, and they add some elegance to your outfit. But too much of this can wear down your feet over time.

To prevent this, keep a pair of shoe protectors on hand. They can be bought at most grocery stores, pharmacies, and beauty shops. Or you can make yourself ones yourself at home!

These can be made out of paper or canvas and glue up either side of the heel. This way it will not be cut off when the shoes are on! Sheerly recommended places where you can buy them online as well.

Try a heel repair kit

If you’re out of heels and your shoes are looking a little thin, try a heel repair kit. It can fix small holes or wears in your shoes to make them look new and keep you on feet.

There are a variety of kits available, some are very expensive but could save you from spending even more money on new shoes. A good one is sold by UGGAZUZZO. It cost me $15 but it really made my shoes look brand new and comfortable.

Alternatively, if you have strong shoe glue, then you can just stick those two pieces of plastic together and let them sit for an hour or so until they set up.

Lengthen your heels

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

If you’re wearing very short heels, you can put longer ones on over them. Longer ones can be placed on over thinner shoes that have a higher heel.

The solution is to put the shorter ones in a shoe horn or large buckle to keep the longer ones in place. The same goes for the shorter ones on these shoes that have a higher heel.

Put the bigger shoe horn or small buckle on before putting the other foot down and let it hang onto the heel. This will ensure it is secure enough. Once you are ready to put another foot down, take your shoes up again!

Now, let’s talk about why this works. When you wear thicker shoes that are longer, you get longer heeled shoes which wear down the feet on those shoes.

Use insoles

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

When shoes start to wear down a little bit at the heel, you can use some insoles. Insoles come in many shapes and sizes, and we suggest you get ones that are a little bit taller than your own.

Insoles can help prevent your heels from hurting as the shoes wear down. This is because the foot has to flex more to take in the shoe. When this happens, it reduces the pressure on the feet and toes.

When doing shoe repairs, make sure to keep enough of a arch into the shoe so that you do not have to push up with your foot. Make sure that you take your time when cutting off shoes, too.

Switch to flats or sneakers

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

If you are already wearing shoes with a heal or width at the back, then this tip is not for you. If you are still wearing heels, then this one!

If you are already wearing heels, then it is important to keep in mind how far your shoe is from being flat. When this happens, the thick heel will wear down quicker than a normal heel.

If you’re going for a flat look, try buying a pair of sneakers or flats that are about half a size smaller than your current shoes. This will give your feet more space to breath and prevent painful bled-out feet.

If you’re going for a classic look, try getting new shoes that are closed-toe or open-toe style. These will help preserve the line of your foot and avoid any shortness or Hobbit squat type of foot wear.

Use plaster or silicone wraps

how to stop shoe heels from wearing down

Adding Velcro or plaster wrap around the ankle or wrist can help stop shoes from rolling away or escaping. The same can be done with athletic shoes.

To prevent heels from wearing down the sole, lining them is a good idea. By using this as a travel tip, you are already winning!

To keep fashion in mind while investing in new shoes, buy half-size ones. If you are usually a full size shoe, buy one size-small instead of medium. And when buying new flats and sandals, buy ones that are at least a whole size above your normal height.

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