How To Send Pictures To Channel 7 News

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Email it to [email protected]

You can send pictures to Channel 7 News using the online email system. You can also send them by mail or phone if you do not have an online email account.

If you are sending a picture of an event, such as a wedding or event, make sure it is captured in sufficient detail. Some pictures may be too dark or light-balanced for Channel 7 News’s liking.

Make sure to include your name, contact information, and the picture so that it is received properly. If sending a picture by mail, include a short postage pre-paid mailer and carelessly packaged photo materials.

Include your name

In the caption of the picture, add your phone number or email address so that someone can reach you if there are problems sending the picture to Channel 7.

If you have a camera, try using the zoom feature to your advantage. You can add a self-addressed envelope to receive your sent picture and have Channel 7 return it if needed.

If you have a smartphone, take some pictures while walking or doing other things around your house. If you have a camera, take some nice shots!

If you do not have a camera, use the phone’s digital camera or send an email with pictures attached. An attachment helps help send pictures quicker and easier for Channel 7 to grab.

Both ways work out fine, just make sure they are accurate names for yourself and for the camera or device.

Include your phone number

Once your picture is accepted by 7 News, you will be given the option to take a second picture or two pictures. This is free of course!

You can also add notes to say what story you are on and what story you are going to be on next.

Make sure to include your phone number in your entry so that a staff member can call you to confirm your report.

If you forget your phone number, you can give another person your account information so that they can send yours out too.

Sending pictures is very simple, just click the camera button and then click send picture or send two pictures. You will then have to enter which photo camera you have into the entry process.

Tell them when and where the photo was taken

Most news channels have a page where they post pictures of their stories and interviews.

This is great as it gives other journalists and news crews an idea of what the reporter looks likeiquette

To be eligible for this segment, a story or interview must be interesting enough for someone to travel to the location to see it.

So, if a reporter goes out on a limb to report something unusual or challenging, then they will give themselves enough leeway to create an engaging story that gets people excited.

If you are sending a picture to 7 News, make sure you are in good enough shape or have something compelling enough in your possession to justify your trip out on the trail.

Describe what is happening in the photo

In the bullet point, put a little extra detail in to help tell the story
of what is happening in the photo.

Put some action or expression into the photo to help tell the story.

Saving pictures and video is one of the most fun ways to do this. Try it out!

Using a digital camera is one way to send picture to Channel 7 news. Another is a smartphone camera. If you have a good camera, you can take nice pictures and videos.
These are tricky to use because you need enough light for your pictures and videos but not too much so that you ruin your picture or video system.

Attach the picture to the email

Once you do that, your new picture-offering email will be linked to your channel 7 news email.

If you want to send a picture off to another person, then you have to do it via the mail. If you want to share a picture with a group of people, then you have to do it in that particular setting.

Channel 7 News is one of the major news channels in Australia and they feature some very interesting stories every month. By sending an email off to them, you may find yourself being invited onto several shows!

By offering pictures as a way for journalists to connect with their audience, they gain more followers and interest in what they are reporting on.

Send it!

Now that you have your camera ready, the next step is to send pictures! Send a few to test out your camera setting and lighting.

Some settings that you may want to try are day or night mode, backlight feature, and exposure feature. All of these work for pictures in some way!

To send a picture, press the power button on your device for about a minute and then try sending a picture. If it works, great! If not, try again later.

Once you get the hang of it, sending pictures can be fun. Try shooting some pictures just around the house or outside to see what settings work best.