How To Open Bean Bag Zipper Lock?

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Hold it tightly

how to open bean bag zipper lock

When you reach the other side of the zipper, hold the bag closed for a second. You will see a little click, and it will stay closed.

You may have to do this several times to get it open, but keep trying! It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you will love opening and closing it.

Use a set of pliers

how to open bean bag zipper lock

If you do not have any pair of pliers, you can use your hands to open the bean bag zipper. The easiest way is to start with your left hand, and then switch sides to open the zipper with the right hand.

With your hands, you can also pull and push on the bag to open and close it. Your feet can also be used to move the bag around if it is not convenient to use your hands and feet at the same time.

The hardest part is stopping – keep going until the zipper closes!

Use a coin or other small item to keep down the tension on the cord as you pull on it. If you are using your hands, stop pulling when you feel resistance from the cord or nail padding, or hear a click as it passes through its travel path. That way, there is less chance of damaging or breaking anything.

Pull back the top part of the zipper lock

how to open bean bag zipper lock

When the zipper lock is closed, it has two parts that meet in the middle. One part is shaped like a bag, and the other part is shaped like a lock.

These parts must be separated to open the zipper lock.

Using a sharp object such as a utility knife, cut one of the legs off of the bag part and then pull it away from the rest of the zipper lock. You now have an open-able panel!

Now push in on both sides of the zipper lock to separate it, and pull away! This will reveal your beanbag or foam cushion you put inside.

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Find the key that fits

how to open bean bag zipper lock

When you insert the key, make sure it fits into the correct slot. If it does not, then you need to cut a small piece of material from one side to match the other to create a gap for the key to fit in.

You will need to do this if the bean bag zipper opens other than by removing the key. This is because some keys do not fit into slots that are large enough to permit Entry/Exit of the lock.

Bullet point highlighted: Use new keys every time!

Another tip is to use very fresh out of their packaging keys. You can store old keys in your wallet or purse, but when you need them they have to be used and inserted into the correct slot!

This is because when you open a bag or case that contains an item, the material may heat up and stick to the new key.

Try one of these methods

how to open bean bag zipper lock

If you do not have a bullet point or paragraph to give for how to open bean bag zipper lock, try one of the following methods.

The first method is to try your own force. If you push on the zipper side, it may give you some way to open it. The other way is to pull on the zipper side. This may take a while, but it must be done eventually!

The second method is to try our tips below!

Tip 1: Try pulling on the main thread that goes through the bottom of the bag and across the top of bag. This may take a while, but it must be done eventually!

Tip 2: If doing this by hand, buy some strong fabric tape or yarn and do another piece of craft work by putting it through them and around the bag.

Rub with an iron

how to open bean bag zipper lock

If your bean bag is recently opened, the zipper may have rub marks on it. If the bag was been left undisturbed for a week or more, it may have some wear and tear on it.

If you would like to repair or replace the fabric on your beanbag, this is the time to do so. You can repair any kind of seam with a sewing machine, and buy a new cover for about $3-5 depending on what type of fabric you want.

If you would like to add new features to your beanbag such as a pillow or bolster, these are some pretty simple things to achieve. All you need to do is buy some new supplies!

Surprisingly, most companies offer these features through their website so you can access them easily.

Rub with salt water

how to open bean bag zipper lock

If your bean bag is a little bit older, you can try this tip. If your bean bag is about season four, try rubging it with salt water to help open the zipper lock on the bean bag.

This works because salt water contains sodium, a common compound in salt that has a positive or negative charge. When this compound touches an atom of sodium in the zipper lock mechanism, it can release some of the pressure inside the lock.

This same process works with all kinds of zippers, so if you have a button-style or velcro-type zipper, you can use the same process to open and close your bag.

Why You Should Try This Tip: Opening your zip lock type bags with salt water is a fun way to spend time with your dog.

Use a paper clip or hairpin

how to open bean bag zipper lock

If you cannot use a padlock or key, the next best thing is to use a paper clip. You will need one to unlock the zip panel, but don’t be afraid to use it!

Normally, these are used to hold pieces of paper in place, but in this case they can be used to open the zip panel. Simply slide the paper clip through the loop on the zipper and then pull out the loop at the top.

You will now have a free hand to handle the beansbag so you can fix it as wished!

This tip works for both standard and heavy bean bags so do not be afraid to try it if your bag is light or Standard model only has one hand size difference.

If you have an extreme weight difference between these models, buy the heavier variant as it will help prevent damage to your bag due to being dragged around.

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