How To Move A Mobile Home For Free

Moving a mobile home is not for the faint of heart. It is not a cinch if you do not have experience. If you are changing your mind about how difficult it is to move a mobile home, scroll down to the last bullet point!

Moving a mobile home is typically done by scale it and drop it. Scale it and fold it. Scale it and stack several in a circle. Fold it in half, quarter, or oakhand stack it again.

Many homes have special methods for moving a mobile home. Some use dollies, others use trolleys, and still others just remove the legs from the base and use that as your transporting system.

Post an ad on Craigslist

As mentioned earlier, Mobile homes are sometimes very large and heavy. If you have a large mobile home you could consider selling, trade your mobile home for another type of residence, or use it as a giveaway.

If you are willing to move at great lengths, then this could be a nice way to make money off your property. You would have to be responsible with how much you offer and what the price is for the piece of land that your mobile home sits on.

However, if it were sold quickly than that may be a good thing.

Mobile homes are not difficult to sell and they can range in value from nothing to thousands of dollars.

Put it on Facebook

how to move a mobile home for free

Next, go to and put in the address for your mobile home. You can do this a few days before you need to remove it or if you already have followers, because they will be notified of your removal.

Then, update your profile to say that you are moving a mobile home and let people know why. Make sure to include photos!

You’re almost done! Now, send out those invitations. If you have someone help handle the invitation process, use that as a way to save money- by using someone less expensive as the invitee’s family member or friend must help with the invitation.

If not, then just think of exciting things you want to show off and then make them happen! For example, if you wanted to showcase your new furniture arrangement setup, then take out someplace nice and public so people can see it.

Tell local businesses

how to move a mobile home for free

Local businesses can help you move a mobile home for free by telling them about your plan. Most will welcome the traffic and business that comes with posting a mobile home for sale or rent on Craigslist, sites like ours can earn them a nice revenue share.

If they help you, they get rewarded in kind and you get to stay in their community while you advertise your mobile home for rent or sale. It is a cycle that continues helping out other local businesses and homes.

Local newspapers may also run stories about mobile homes as places to live and work. If there is not yet, there may be another go around!

Tell all of these people about your plan too so they can help you find someone to move your mobile home! It is hard work that takes time, commitment, and resources.

Put signs up around the area you are moving to

how to move a mobile home for free

If you are moving to a mobile home park, find a nearby park or lake and put up a few signs about mobile homes being available. This can be helpful if another family is moving to the same park or someone else shows up and needs the space.

If there are no other mobile homes in the park, put up signs about how close it is to town and that there are inexpensive rental homes. This can help create more competition and make you more willing to bargain hard.

Look into opening a mobile home community yourself andjoiningaoperationsocietyto get some help in opening a community. There are cost-sharing opportunities through national organizations like this.

Have friends bring trucks and ropes

how to move a mobile home for free

If you have a mobile home or modular home that you want to move, but don’t have enough money to do it by yourself, there are a few ways to help get the mobile home or modular home into your new location.

One way is to have friends come and pick up your new residence and arrange for the trucks and ropes to be brought in. You will then be able to charge people fees for their help!

The other is to register your residence with the local government. This takes time and energy, so early on in its operation the residence can offer you some job opportunities. You can also rent out rooms, do housekeeping and food services, and provide security.

Plan out where you are going to put it

how to move a mobile home for free

Before you move a mobile home, you should think about where you are going to put it. There are several reasons to repurpose a mobile home.

Mobile homes are inexpensively available in many places. If you look around, you will find one that works for you!

You can use them as portable homes or live-work units. Many people use them as carports because they are easy to build and can be rearranged as needed.

Some people put their portablehome on wheels and create a small home service company or travel agency. Other people use them as beachfront condos because they are so affordable.

Call your phone company and have your service transferred

how to move a mobile home for free

If your home is in a rural area, call your local phone company and have your service transferred to a neighbor’s house. This can be expensive, but worth it!

If you have a mobile home, you can also call your service company and ask them to transfer your account to another home.

How Much It Costs

This cost is paid by the phone company and may be free if you have good signal strength. You may need to request this as a customer, or the phone company may do it for you.

If you take good care of your phone, it should still get transferred. Some people experience issues with new phones refusing to work with their current provider because they are hard on them.

Change your address with the post office

how to move a mobile home for free

If your mobile home is broken down, you may be able to sell it at a local swap meet or mobile home park. Many are willing to put money into it and take the hit to move it.

If you are willing to purchase new appliances, furniture, and decorations, ask the seller if they would be open to trading their new equipment for yours.

Many turn a profit by doing this and even accumulate some savings while doing so.

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