How To Make Water Bottle Labels Waterproof?

When you purchase a water bottle, the label that comes with it is called a water bottle label. There are many brands and styles of water bottle labels, making it hard to know which one is the right one for you.

Mostly, when looking at new water bottle labels, there are two main areas of focus: visibility and durability. When designing a new label, there may be some input from the second area of focus as opposed to just the first.

Of importance is how easy it is to see the labeling on the bottle. Some brands make their bottles very visible compared to others. A good rule of thumb is that if the lettering looks like it can be easily seen through the bottle, then it probably is!

The second area of attention to when designing a new label is how durable it must be. After looking at some very thin and fragile labels that were not visible even through thick bottles, we decided that we did not want our bottled water to have such an unnecessary impact on its environment.

Put a drop of oil on the bottle label

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

When you buy a water bottle, it usually has a pressure-sensitive label. This is the one that breaks when you overpressurize it. You can make the new water bottle label waterproof by putting a drop of oil on the label. This creates an integrated waterproof layer.

You can do this by using a pebble or some other natural material to construct the cover of the water bottle. You can also use clear tape, electrical tape, or double-sided tape to create the cover of the water bottle.

These kinds of labels are kind of expensive, but if you are having trouble finding cheaper alternatives, they may be worth it. Cost is not the only factor; having to constantly replace them can make things harder to maintain.

Rub the oil into the bottle label

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

When you are ready to put your label up, make sure you have enough oil to cover the entire bottle. You want enough to prevent water or liquid from being able to penetrate the label, but also enough to help it stick.

Most oils will break down into liquid form when exposed to heat. That means that your oil will melt and then turn solid when heated. This process can be tricky, as some machines may not allow this.

If you have trouble putting in a few sentences of text or less, trying using a little bit more oil might help! A little bit of oil will give way to much less of it due to process migration. Once it has dried, you can use it on your bottle label.

Let it dry

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

Once your label is ready, it is time to put it to use! You can either put it on a bottle that requires a cap or write a new one on the back of the bottle.

Either way, make sure that your new label is true-bloody-blue-red in color so other people can read it.

Rub waterproof sealer on it

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

Now is the time to put your water bottle label to the test! If you don’t do this step, the bottle will be vulnerable to water damage.

If you have a cold or flu season, you should apply it early to see if it helps preventflu or get better when you use it.

If you are going hiking, camping, or some other outdoor environment where wet weather is expected, then adding waterproof sealer on your water bottle is a must. It will help protect your water from external moisture such as rain and keep your drinker dry.

Local businesses may also request your business information on the water bottle label. If you want your business information to be more visible, go with a bright color so people can read it clearly.

Let it dry again

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

Once the label is completely dry, you can put it into the bottle and enjoy! You can do this again, too — just wait until it is completely dry.

If you want to change the label color, then do so. Some water bottles have a clear label that shows your drink when you open it, and others have a colored label that makes it more appealing to look at.

Bullet point broken: If you want your water bottle to be waterproof for an even longer time, then add some Seam sealant onto the inside of the bottle. This adds a bit of waterproofing around the cap, which is where you would put your drinking liquid.

This adds some extra strength to the seal between the bottle and its container, making it last slightly more longer.

Put a drop of oil on it

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

When you wrap your water bottle in a case, for example, it may prevent your bottle from getting wet. However, if you put a drop of oil on the end of your water bottle, it will stay waterproof.

This is a good tip to have in case! You can put a small amount on your water bottle and let it dry before putting another bit on.

It does take a little bit of effort to put the oil on your water bottle, but it is well worth it. You will be more alert and prepared in case you need to get out of the shower or escape during an emergency situation.

Rub the oil into it

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

Another trick to making water bottle labels waterproof is to rub some olive oil into the end of the paper label. This adds a little resistance to tear and wear, and helps prevent water passing through the label.

This creates a little bit of a cushion between the paper and the bottle, and ensures that you do not have to change papers as the water wears away. It can also be invaluable when making community projects where people may have different needs than those of your standard bottled water brand.

Use a rainproofing spray instead of oil and sealer

how to make water bottle labels waterproof

Instead of applying oil or a sealer to the bottle to make it waterproof, you can use a rain-repelling spray. This will prevent your bottle from getting wet, but it will also prevent your bottle from drying completely.

This may seem unnecessary if you are going to let the water sit in the bottle for a few minutes before storing it, but in that case the water will still dry out eventually.

The sprin-ked water bottle labels is made of paper, so if you have a paper supermarket bag as your purchase, you can use that as your rainproofing spray.

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