How To Make Paracord Necklaces?

Paracord is a versatile material that can be used for many things. It can be made into cloth, jewelry, cables, and wraps. When you look up paracord necklaces or waistbands, you will see many users create unique designs using it.

Paracord is a silky, high-strength fiber. Because of this, it does not easily fray or lose its shape. This makes it a great material to use in crafts such as making bracelets or hanging clothes on a line for a necklace.

Many users complain about the limited lifespan of their paracord necklaces. They say they get tired of constantly unpacking and wrapping their necklace due to the length of time it takes to downsize and organize the pieces.

Buy the correct size beads for your pattern

how to make paracord necklaces

When working with parachute cord, it is important to know the size of the beads that will be used. Paracord requires a different size of bead for every project.

Paracord is categorized by color, called a “pattern.” These are called bias-tape-like patterns, and each one varies in length and width. The shorter ones are used for projects that do not need long pieces of paracord, the longer ones for projects that do!

Paracord is usually sized by weight (how thick it is), length (how thick it must be), and diameter (how thin it must be). Some designers use one or two dimensions may be wrong, as they do not affect the look of their necklace.

Buy enough paracord for your pattern

how to make paracord necklaces

When making your paracord necklaces, it is important to buy enough paracord to make at least two full batches of necklaces. This is due to the length of time it takes to wind a new batch of paracord into a tight coil.

You will need at least two complete lots of paracord in different colors to make your necklaces. One lot of blue paracord and one lot of green para-cord will make two sets of necklaces, for example!

Bullet point BRAKE! When trying to save money by cutting down on the amount of materials you buy, you should only buy enough para-cord and glue to make two batches of necklaces. Doing so will give you more bang for your buck, and save you from having to purchase more Material Costs later on.

Set up a work space

how to make paracord necklaces

When you’re ready to start making your necklace, get a clean, well-lit place to put your materials. You’re going to need at least one pencil and one book for this set up.

Bookend your pencil with your fingers and you’re ready to go!

1. Pick up some thick rope or yarn and create a loop at the other end. Then, draw a circle of soft material around the rope to create the base of your necklace.

2. Now draw two parallel lines of soft material around the rope to create the neckline. These lines should be about twice as thick as the thickness of your wrist.

3. Measure how long you want your neckline to be and cut your ropes accordingly! My length was about five feet, so I cut five feet of rope in half and created two necks side by side.


Find the middle of your paracord

how to make paracord necklaces

When making a paracord necklace, your first step is to determine how much paracord you have. Paracord is a high-quality synthetic material that comes in a variety of lengths.

Most people start with about half a roll of paracord and work your way down! That is how it is sold, too. You get more expensive ones as you add length of cord!

The standard length of paracord is 6 feet (1.83 m)long, but some people use 12-foot (4-6 m) lengths to make longer necklaces. We recommend starting with the shorter ones to ensure you have enough material!

Second step is to find the middle of your cord. Some people put an buckle or loop there, but we find that works better for us.

Measure out how long you want your necklace to be

how to make paracord necklaces

Once you’ve decided on a length for your necklace, it’s time to figure out how to make your own!

There are two ways to make a necklace. The first is to use two pieces of cord mutually joined by a loop at one end and another piece at the other. This is the more common way to make necklaces.

The second way is to use wire to create your necklace. This can be done in many ways: Use thicker wire, connect multiple thin wires, use ribbon or fabric as the material, and even utilize chain as the necklace goes!

Both of these methods work with wire, so do not worry about needing special tools or skills for this.

Put on the first bead and start knotting

how to make paracord necklaces

Most necklaces begin with a chain of five or six links. Each link should be about four feet in length, and you can choose whatever size or color you would like for the next set of five beads.

The first two links are usually separated by a gap, but both of those should be able to be tied off at the second new link. If so, then you have a good chance of having a secure knot every time.

If not, then try another thickness of cord and do another try. If that does not work, try one less thickness and see if that helps fix the problem.

Try all of these steps out before making your necklace! It can save you from having to return or pay for new cords in the future.

When finished, cut off the excess paracord and finish knotting

how to make paracord necklaces

Once you make your necklace, it is time to finish it. You will need to take your new necklaces to a local jeweler and have them cut into the length you want them.

You can also go to a fabric store and ask for suggestions. Many use Scotch tape as a fast way to cut the cord. Or try some long, narrow pieces of cord or chain!

These tips will help you make many different necklaces, so do not get too hung up on how many strands you have. You can always sell some of them!

Many people buy their cords at stores like Wal-Mart or Target, but try looking around the store if you are sure they are quality cord.

Repeat for all the beads on your necklace

how to make paracord necklaces

Now, tie a double fisherman’s knot in your excess paracord and create a loop, which will be your start to fashion your new necklace.

Paracord necklaces are a fun way to show off your favorite minerals and symbols. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our article on how to make a gold lava pendant!

To add more weight and consistency to your necklace, add more beads onto your repeat of the paracord. We suggest using 14-karat gold or solid sterling silver for these materials. Use the same knot for all of your beads to keep the weight consistent.

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