How To Make Conference Call Using Vonage?

Making a conference call is a fun way to get some work done. All you need is a phone and a computer! You also do not need any special software or skills to make a beautiful sounding call.

Using Vonage on your phone or computer, you can create a new phone account via the Vonage app, and connect it to your favorite online voice platform (like Skype).

Once connected, you can start talking as soon as the app opens!

This article will talk about how to make a virtual conference call using Vonage. Do not worry if you are not good at using the phone or computers – this article will still work.

Create a new conference call

how to make conference call using vonage

If you need to create a new conference call, first you need to know who your contacts are. On the Vonage app, go to My Calls and then New Call.

Then, under Invite People You Know, create a new call and invite your contacts!

Now, go back under Your Calls and create the new call. You can do this in two ways: By linking your existing phone or calling card numbers or by creating a dedicated line under Settings – Line of Conferencing.

Either way, the second person on the line must use the same equipment as you do to connect, so be sure to check for loose connections before proceeding.

Add participants to your conference call

how to make conference call using vonage

Once you’re connected to the Vonage conference call, you can easily add new participants. All you have to do is click the button marked +1 and enter a new phone number for yourself or another participant.

Then, when someone calls your call, you can easily switch between them and the other participants.

Enter the phone number for each participant

Now, you need to create a new phone number for each participant in your conference call. Go to and enter their information.

This is important, because if you use another voice-over-Internet protocol (such as Skype), then the other participants in your conference call will not be able to hear you because they do not have your phone number.

You can also set up private calls with just the person calling, or if you have more than one call into a particular number, then you can create more than one call into that number and join it together at will.

Now that you have your new phone numbers, all you have to do is activate them on your new devices! Go to and complete the process.

Choose the participants you want in your conference call

how to make conference call using vonage

When you’re ready to start a conference call with your contacts, you first need to decide who will be on the other end.

Do you want everyone on the call to hear you or can you only speak part of the time? In that case, which parts of the call do you want everyone to hear?

Some calls require more advanced permissions than others. For example, corporate calls may require permission from the receiver to access a phone book, or an investment company may require access to their investors database.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a conference call using Vonage. First, we will discuss what services each company offers, and then we will give you some tips on how to make your call using Vonage.

Vonage: How To Make A Conference Call Using Their Phone App Or Online Video Portal

The first way to make a conference call using Vonage is through their phone app or online video portal.

Start talking!

how to make conference call using vonage

Now that you’ve set up your Vonage account, it is time to start making calls! You can choose whether or not to use your phone as a call center, but in this article, we are going to assume you do.

If you are a regular user of Vonage, then this part is for you. You can still make calls using your phone without having to upgrade to a new device or account. But if you are just joining the club and becoming familiar with the device and services, then read on!

While it does not require any special setup or knowledge for users just joining Vonage, there may be some security tips that need taking care of. Once that is taken care of, there is no limit to what calls you can make or conferences you can host.

The app will switch between participants automatically

how to make conference call using vonage

If you are a monthly customer of vonage, you will get an automatic upgrade to the app via your account. You will still need to enter your new number and password, but it will switch between you both immediately!

This feature is only available via the app for now, but it will be in the future. Right now, it is only useful for conference calls as there is no way for one person to talk to another without being transferred.

Conference call apps have become very popular nowadays as people use them on their phones even while traveling or when away from home. Having the ability to make a conference call using your vonage account is a great way to stay in touch with the office.

You can also switch between speakers manually

how to make conference call using vonage

When making a conference call, you can choose which speakers you want to join the call with. This is a nice feature as it gives you the opportunity to add more people to the call!

To add a new person onto the call, select Add New Person in the same way as joining a new phone call. You will need their Vonage username and password to access this information.

When joining a phone call, you can also manually switch between speakers yourself. To do this, just dial out of the Vonage app or website and then answering machines can connect you. You can even go through your family or friends if that is what you want!

This is very useful when trying to find someone because both people on the phone and those who are calling can’t shut up and talk over each other.

Share your link with others so they can join your call too!

how to make conference call using vonage

Another way to make a conference call with Vonage is by linking your phones. You can do this by having two separate accounts on your phone, one for calls and one for chats.

When you start a call, you can easily link your phone to the Vonage account so that other people can join the call as well. This is helpful if you have visitors or people in your care that need to know what room you are in the facility!

By doing this, you do not need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your caller or chat partner. You can also change the number of people on a call from yourself to yourself and another person if needed.

To make sure everyone on the call is using Vonage, you can set up an intercom between them.

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