How To Make Clouds In Illustrator?

The term cloud is a very common one to use in the graphic arts world. There are many ways to create clouds in Illustrator, but this article will be focusing on one specific way.

Using a preset or an algorithm is the best way to make clouds in Illustrator. Theoretically you could use whatever tool you use to create the clouds, but that would be more experimental and creative than what we are talking about here!

Being able to makeclouds using only the lines and shapes of your sketch is the best way to learn this art mode feature. Once you start creating some beautiful clouds, you will know why!

This article will go over how to make clouds in Illustrator quickly and easily.

Choose your favorite cloud shape

how to make clouds in illustrator

Once you have your cloud shape, it is time to create the details! You can choose to use a standard or fractional grid. Both allow you to add more cloud shapes and create more clouds.

A fractional grid uses a section of an illustration and adds new shapes and details in place of those lost in the design. The standard grid does not have such limitations.

Both formats include directions for adding shapes, lines, and effects on top of your cloud shape.

Place the shape on the document and adjust as needed

how to make clouds in illustrator

Once the shape is placed, you can start adding some details to it. Add some shadows and reflections if needed.

How to Make a Cloud in Illustrator

Now that you know how to make a cloud in illustrator, let’s look at some tips!

Tip #1: Start with a big circle or ellipse

The first tip is to start with a big circle or ellipse. Using the smudge tool, create some soft edges around your shape. You can do this by painting over some strokes or constraining the size of the circle or ellipse.

Tip #2: Add contours and highlights around your shape

Add contours and highlights around your shape to bring it back to life. Use the eraser tool to remove any unwanted areas.

Hold shift and click on the edges of the shape to expand it

how to make clouds in illustrator

Now that your shape is complete, it is time to add some details. Click in the center of the shape to expand the shape and add more space.

When adding more shapes, remember that they must be connected by a line. If you want to add another shape without a line, change the Opacity of one of the other shapes to remove the outline and add them together.

Double click the shape to open the fill color panel

how to make clouds in illustrator

Once you have your cloud, the next step is to make it look a little more interesting. You can do this by changing the color of the shape and the color of the clouds.

How to Make Double-Sided Shapes in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to use for designing graphics. The program has an easy-to-use tools panel that gives you options to change the color and shape of your shapes.

You can also use various fonts to create your clouds, so look for reputable font brands like Arial or Times New Roman. If you want more variety, then you can use one font with bolder or softer edges.

Use the pencil tool to adjust points of the cloud shape

how to make clouds in illustrator

The cloud tool is one of the more advanced tools in Illustrator. You can hold down the shift key to change between the other four tools. The cloud tool allows you to modify points on the cloud shape.

Modifying points on the cloud tool increases your chance of creating a flattering, rounded look to your clouds. You can add shapes, add outlines, and even add shadows to your clouds!

The easiest way to use the pencil cloud tool is to just draw a line and then click on the pencil button. Then, you can shift and click on either a harder or softer point of the line. You can also slowly back away from the pen as you draw until there is no space left for the clouds to appear.

This article will help explain how to make easy smart phones wallpaper of clouds in illustrator.

Use the blur tool to smooth edges of your cloud shape

how to make clouds in illustrator

The blur tool is a central feature of the cloud making tool set. You will not be able to create solid shapes or rounded corners with out the blur tool.

Once you learn how to use the blur tool, you will be creating beautiful clouds in no time!

The way the cloud blur tool works is that it uses a global brush that is applied to all objects in your document. This global brush determines the shape of the cloud and how thick or thin the clouds may be.

When you use the ERD generator, you are forced to use the default brush because there is no way to change it. However, if you want a different looking cloud, then change what type of brush you use.

You can also add new brushes to your library through ERD generators so that you do not have to keep using the one used in your project.

Experiment with different shapes and colors for your clouds

how to make clouds in illustrator

Once you have your basic shape for your clouds, it is time to experiment! You can mix and match cloud shapes, add new clouds in the sky, and change their colors.

Below are some examples of how to create different shaped clouds in illustrator. All of these creators used a circle as their base, and added different pieces to make their cloud.

Finish your illustration by adding scenery and details

how to make clouds in illustrator

Once your design is complete, it is time to add some scenery and details to make your illustration more realistic. Add some trees, buildings, and cars to add some depth to your image.

You can also consider adding surface textures such as pavement or grass to further enhance the view. These can be added as a background or into other designs of your illustration.

Finish up by picking a nice, descriptive font type and display it at the top of your design.

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