How To Make Boot Jewelry

Making boot jewelry is a fun way to spend some time. There are many ways to make boot jewelry, each with their own set of requirements and features. There are also many ways to find out if you are a good maker or not!

Many people search for advice on how to make boot jewelry due to the popularity of these pieces. They are in high demand because they are beautiful, durable, and easy to make.

This article will go into detail on how to make boot jewelry using various methods. These include the traditional method, the computer-generated method, and the craftsmanlike method. Each one has its own set ofrequisites and features that must be met.

When doing any sort of crafts or making anything new, always test your work out before sending it in for grading.


Find the right material

how to make boot jewelry

There are two main materials used in making boot jewelry. The first is called a non-woven material. These are typically thicker, flexible materials that do not need to be adhered to. These can be thick canvas, heavy canvas, or even paper.

The second material is the woven material. these must be laminated before being cut into pieces and adhered. Once it is done, it must be heated again and re-adhered. Both types of materials can be buy pre-rolled or cut yourself!

Non-woven materials usually cost more, but can also have a longer life span due to less breakage.

Buy the materials

how to make boot jewelry

When making boot jewelry, you will need some kinds of gold, silver, and plastic. These can be purchased in specialty stores or online.

Gold is generally used for plating and forming shapes in shape. The more gold you have, the more intricate your boot jewelry can be. You can purchase it in very small amounts or large amounts!

Silver may seem expensive but it last a long time and is affordable if you have very little. Make sure to buy cheap silver that is soft enough to make your jewelry last but not so soft that it becomes worthless after a couple of washes.

Cut the material

how to make boot jewelry

When you cut the material, you also have to figure out where to sew it. Most boot makers use a quick-release system, where the seam is located at the bottom of the shoe. This means that when you try on the shoe, it automatically lines up with the back of the shoe and it releases together.

Other boot makers use a more traditional method, where they sew around each end of the material, then embroider a patch for the sole. This requires more effort and skill to make it look complete.

Either way, this means that you have to divide your material into two or three pieces, depending on what size you want to make your boot.

How big should your boot should be? This is where artistry comes in.

Set your rhinestones

how to make boot jewelry

When making boot jewelry, the first step is to set your rhinestones. Most brands offer a pre-set system that includes five different size rhinestone discs and five crimp tips.

You can either take advantage of these or instead choose to buy new tips and discs. Both are beautiful!

Either way, it is important to remember that the length of the crimp must be longer than the diameter of the disc.

Too short of a crimp can result in loose boot jewelry and/or breakage at the studs. Too long and you may end up with little more than a hole in your foot!

Other tips you may want to keep in mind when making boot jewelry is to use high quality material for your base, like leather or canvas; use clear glass for your clips; and/or use stainless steel wire for your studs.

Hang the boot charm

how to make boot jewelry

When the charm is hanging, it is time to add the rest of your boot collection! Add some glue or paint where the charm is attached, and then let it all hang out!

Many people add a little tag or paper patch to their charm. This way, when someone buys your boot collection, they can put it on!

Pin-back or Velcro-assist charms are best so that you do not have to take them off every time you want to add a new piece. Add some thread or lace for the final touch!

Make sure to leave some space around your boot charms so that they do not look boxed-in. Some glue might prevent those spaces from coming off.

General tips: If you use pin-back charms, make sure to keep them secure enough so that they do not come off when you walk; and make sure to keep enough space between them so that they do not look like they are jostling around inside of their holders.

Make a hook and eye clasp

When you have your pieces together, the next step is creating the link between them. This can be done in a few ways.

1. Use a dorable hook and needle-lace substitute. You can buy one of these at most craft stores.

2. Use a spring ring and wire to make a link. This one is typically more difficult to do on leather, but soled shoes are a good bet!

3. Or you can make an invisible link using an infinity symbol as the basis of your boot jewelry. These are my favorite because they look alike on both leather and synthetic shoes!

4. Or you can create some interesting patterns or shapes with your boot jewelry using rasps, knives, chalk, etc..

Add straps to your boots

how to make boot jewelry

Adding straps to your shoes is a fun way to waste a Saturday morning. There are so many ways to make boot jewelry, and hundreds of pictures and videos online to help you do so.

Many people use iron-on transfer fabrics such as leather or vinyl for the straps. Other materials such as ceramic or glass fiber spaghetti or potato chip wire can be used as the strap material.

Many people cut their straps at a hack-saw machine or by using a ruler and an acute (or diagonal) blade on a circular disk of strap material.

Find a shape you like

how to make boot jewelry

When you decide what shape your new boot will have, you can start to make your new boot. The first step is to find a shape that is right for you.

You can find different shapes in the foot, like a square or heart, or ones with curves, like an hourglass. There are many ways to make boot jewelry, so feel free to create some!

The most common way to make boot jewelry is use a file and glue it onto the bottom of the shoe. Then use some pins and glue it on the toe.

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