How To Make A Woman Submissive

In this article, we will talk about how to make a woman submissive. This is a very important skill to have as a Dominance/Submission (D/S) partner. There are many ways to make a woman submissive, but this article will focus on some basic skills that any man can use.

Every person has a different way of wanting and expressing submission. Some people prefer being ordered around, while others prefer being ruled by a strong man. One of the most important things to know about making a woman submit is that it takes time and effort.

Never apologize for your actions

how to make a woman submissive

This might seem weird or strange, but when a man makes a mistake, you should always be sorry. You should say, “I’m sorry for what I did.” Even if the other person is not responsible for the mistake, you should still say it.

This is because we are created in God’s image. We are supposed to be good and ethical people. We were made in His image, and that includes being wise with our words and actions.

If you make a mistake, don’t try to hide or try to justify your mistake. Say what you think needs to be said, and don’t let your ego get in the way. Your error needs to be made, and then you can move on.

You were made to know and perfect what you need to do next time around so that you do not make the same error again.

Do not ever show weakness

how to make a woman submissive

A strong woman will never show any weakness. She may be surprised or offended, but she will always respond with calm and reason.

This is not the case with many men. They think they can intimidate a strong woman, and they are wrong. A strong woman will not follow a weak man because she knows he is not going to handle the situation well.

A man who is weak can never make a good boyfriend or husband. He may seem confident, but a strong woman knows that confidence can lead to arrogance and overconfidence. She does not want to be led into a blind trust of her heart beliefs, which is why her personal beliefs must be in line with her practical ones.

It is important for a man to know his place in life and in society, so that he does not grow out of value. It is even more important for him to learn how to value and respect himself, so that he can grow into the person he wants to be.

Be aggressive in bed

how to make a woman submissive

submissive women are made of much more interesting stuff than you think. There are companies that market submissive men, and they’re targeting the right people.

Many men feel like a powerless in bed, and being aggressive lets them show their dominance. By being assertive in bed, your partner can learn how to push your boundaries and aggressiveness is a sign of sophistication.

If you’re looking to make her more yours, be very aggressive in bed. Give her little nips and sweet kisses before mounting her or when she climaxes. This makes it more intense and she will be more likely to enjoy it.

If you want to be even MORE dominant then give her a little slap or two on the face or arse before finishing off with a cock-sucking or anal sex session.

Dominate her in sex

how to make a woman submissive

Now, this is a bit out of normal, everyday sex advice. But if you don’t know how to make a woman submissive in the bedroom, you’re missing out on some great experiences for her.

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t want to be submissive in the sexiest way. If she enjoys the physical side of things more than being dominant in the head, then she will enjoy trying this method.

She will most likely enjoy having your control over her at first, and how much she enjoys that will drop over time. The best way to keep this flowing is to do it enough to keep her attention and interest, but no further than that.

Do not make this into a game or sport where she has to win or she loses control. That can get very emotional and/or physical (hot/painful).

Never ask for permission

how to make a woman submissive

A dominant woman should never ask for the permission of her submissive partner. This is impossible, and could lead to a very sad scene.

It is impossible for a consenting partner to give their partner the opportunity to say no. In a nonconsensual scenario, the partner would be stuck with saying yes or NO.

This sounds crazy, right? That there are things in life that you cannot ask for? That there are things you can’t do without the help of your partner? That extra step of asking for permission before doing something significant to your partners body might help them remember what they said yes to?

Wrong! This may sound weird, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to fertility and surgery on the genitals.

Use punishment to discipline her

how to make a woman submissive

A good way to make a woman submissive is to use punishment. This includes being strict about chores and sexual duties, but also includes physical punishment.

Submissives are usually notPhysical punishment can be hard or cruel, depending on the person. If you’re the one giving it out, you may have to look through your fingers and toes at times to make sure they’re done properly.

But as a soft-spoken college student with a busy life, you can try doing chores in her room so she has plenty of time to do them and doesn’t have to rush. Or try having her get out of bed at noon for schoolwork instead of 7:30 AM for class.

You could also put her in charge of an activity she likes but she’s too tired or slow to do (try going swimming or horseback riding if you’re worried about her injury rate), or one she doesn’t really like but has to do (try doing something with the grandkids if she enjoys that).

Use rewards to discipline her

how to make a woman submissive

You can make her obedient and nice by being nice to her. If you give her things she wants, she will be happy.

She will want to do what you want because you are nice to her.

She will also be loyal to you and obey your commands if you reward her for good behavior.

When she does things that are not good, like talking back or disobeying a command, give her a reward. You can choose something easy or something difficult, it doesn’t matter.

For example, if she misbehaves today, give her a simple piece of fruit or vegetables she can eat at lunch time tomorrow. She will probably prefer the hard one over the easy one so she will get the reward for good behavior.

Make sure she does not get any rewards for bad behavior though! This would only make it easier for her in the future.

Always be the leader of your relationship

Submissiveness is a very specific type of femininity. There’s not one recipe for submissiveness, just like there’s not one recipe for femininity. You can be dominant or more tender, romantic or practical, physical or mental. It’s all different approaches to the same concept of leadership.

Submissives typically don’t make very good leaders. They typically listen to others rather than leading themselves. So, if you want to make a woman submissive, you’ll have to learn to be a leader in your own relationship.

The first step in making a woman submissive is learning how to be patient and how to listen. These are often hard things to do when you’re in the heat of things, so stay calm and keep track of your thoughts and feelings.

Then, she can start practicing being polite and what she wants with her sexuality. She can try going out once a week and doing something sexual with her husband and possibly other people too.

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