How To Make A High Low Skirt?

A low-maintenance fashion staple is theft-proof leather skirt. They are extremely versatile as they can be dressed up or down, and they are a perfect fit for just about anyone.

Leather skirts are not easy to washt or dry-clean, so spending a little time on the sewing machine is necessary. However, it is easily done in half the time it takes to make a high-quality leather skirt.

There are many ways to make your own leather skirts. You can buy them from stores like Soho Sport, though many people suggest making your own because it is more expensive at first but later you save money. You can also buy handcrafted ones on Etsy and Google Play.

What makes a high-quality leather skirt? Values and standards for quality denimcki Skirts.

Find a fabric that matches the color of your high low shirt

how to make a high low skirt

When choosing a fabric for your low shirt, consider the following:

The texture of the fabric

The color of the fabric

The possibility to match other materials in your looks (for example, a white shirt with a burgundy jacket)
ao Localized production can use one material or more than one, so there is an option for everyone. These products are often more expensive, but if you buy from reputable sources, they would be less expensive. For instance, pretty much all clothing brands use stretchy fabrics in their creations.

The cost of having this type of production is higher than not using these materials and having to pay for lower quality fabrics. If you are going to buy very expensive materials, find ones that do not look like they are worth it and buy some cheap ones to test your idea.

Cut out the skirt using the shirt as a guide

how to make a high low skirt

Once you have your skirt created, it is time to cut out the length of fabric that will form the top of your hips. You will need these pieces of fabric to finish your skirt!

To do this, measure yourself from where your waistline joins your hips. Subtract about a inch for every size you are, and that will be your total length of the skirt. Cut out the remaining inch of material, leaving you with only one short piece of fabric.

Now, take this short piece of material and fold it in half twice, creating a crease. With a serger or scissors, cut down along this crease, leaving one long edge that will become the top of the skirt. Now take this long edge and gently pull up, forming a pocket where the hip bones join. This will ensure that there is space at the bottom for my skirt to sit comfortably on my hipbones.

hem the bottom of your skirt

how to make a high low skirt

When your skirt is lined, this is the best place to hem your skirt. Go about a quarter of the way down from the bottom of your skirt, and then extend the length of your skirt by about one inch. This allows for a better fit and finish on your shirt.

To make a low-hemmed skirt, go about two-thirds of the way down from the bottom of your skirt, and then extend the length of your skirt by about one inch. This keeps more material in place and prevents it from being baggy.

Either way, when doing this, keep in mind that there will be more fabric left over at the top of my pants.

sew on buttons along the bottom of your skirt

how to make a high low skirt

Adding some buttons to the bottom of your skirt is a great way to make a quick and easy change. You can do this with or without a button-backing project!

The easiest way to make the buttons is to start with a fabric scrap, piece of thread, or whatever you will need to add to your new bottom. Then, go back and add the last few buttons along the top of your skirt. It takes about a minute per change!

Additional tips: Use leather that has been waxed or brushed to give your new low skirt some texture. Once crafted, you will have many more of these changes in size and fashion as you grow!

How often should you do these? Every six months for maintenance, or every year for growth spurts! Keep in mind that each time you expand your size by about an inch, this decreases your durability.

use buttons instead of a zipper

how to make a high low skirt

a simple way to make a low skirt is to use buttons instead of a zipper. You can choose any of the many shades of buttons, but here we will focus on white ones.

These can be tedious and time-consuming to sew on, but it is very pretty! Most buttonholes are about an inch or two in diameter so if you have a lot of excess fabric, this may be difficult to work with.

Either get some generous help from your friend or buy some specialized zippers! These are easy to buy online or even in familiar stores like Joanns and Target.

Another option is to use zippers that are blind-sided.

make sure that your fabric is not too heavy for the type of skirt you are making

how to make a high low skirt

When making a high low skirt, it is important to be careful about the material you are using. If the skirt is very heavy in quality, then do not forget that it will take some time to dry completely!

Many people make high low skirts by pinching two layers of fabric together and then going over one side of the pair of fabrics. This makes it easier to pull the fabric up over the back of the skirt and over the elastic.

This method works, but be careful that you do not lose your shape while working with this. The two pieces of fabric must be kept tight together so that no water can escape!

Another way to make this type of skirt is to cut two parallel curves on your upper leg. Then, cut a vertical line just above each curve and sew them closed.

choose a lighter material for your high low skirt

how to make a high low skirt

If you are wearing a black, stockings-inspired skirt, you may want to choose a material that is less heavy or less thick fabric. An easy way to do this is to measure the length of your knee-length stockinged shoes. If your shoes are about half an inch shorter, then there is more room in the manufacturing process to add more fabric on top of the bottom.

Same goes for the black leather belt that goes with your high low skirt. If it was a full-length piece, it would have to be shorter in order for it to match the length of the skirt.

Choose lighter materials if you are wearing a material with strong color contrast like leather or cloth.

choose a lighter color for your high low skirt

how to make a high low skirt

If you want your skirt to be very light, choose a very light gray or white. These colors can be substituted for a dark gray or white.

If you want your skirt to be more muted, choose a darker color such as burgundy, peach, and/or plum. These can be substituted for the lightest gray or white color.

How to make a low low skirt is an all-around easy way to try out ruched skirts. Many people get tons of compliments when they wear this style.

Many people complain that it is hard to take in and out of shape. If you have some fold line muscles working, this may not be a problem for you!

This style is also good if you do not like full-sized skirts. This one can be taken in and out of shape by just changing the size of the top layer.

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