How To Make A Hawaiian Shirt?

The term Hawaiian shirt has become a generic term for an item that looks like a traditional Hawaiian shirt, but is adorned with some kind of design. These items can be shirts, pins, or even wallets with designs on them.

The designs are usually cute and fun, making them worth picking up. They are also easy to make, which is the main reason people do this!

Honolulu is the capital and most populous city of Hawaii, and it is known for its distinctive red-white-and-blue colors. It was first popularized in the 1920s and 1930s by local fashion designers who created clothing brands based on these colors.

These fashion designers would create new patterns, color combinations, and styles for these popularized pieces. Since they were very expensive custom made pieces, they would only be worn by very few people.

Find a pattern for a Hawaiian shirt

how to make a hawaiian shirt

Most people start by patterning a white or white-ish shirt, but there are some mistakes you can make and avoid. For example, if you have a brown shirt, you can instead have a light-brown or dark-brown one.

Neither of those patterns look too bad! Both have the traditional black and white look. These are great to use for teaching new sewists how to make a shirt because it is such a straightforward process.

If you want to make your shirt more fun or more casual, then pick a color that is more fun to wear. For example, if you wanted a red Hawaiian shirt, you could choose rich reds like sipping blood or warm pinks like maternity shirts.

These tips still apply even if you do not make a beach or bathing suit style shirt! You can still get the same results by following these tips.

Buy the materials needed for making the shirt

When you are ready to make your shirt, you’ll need to buy the following materials:
’napalapa,’ or hemp; slink, or jute; and kukui oil, or coconut butter.

These materials can be found at most beauty supply and clothing stores, as well as online. ‘Napalapa’ is a natural fiber that does not break down easily, so it must be blended with other fibers.

Slink is another fiber that does not break down easily, so it must be preserved in a preserve or jar before being woven into the shirt. Kukui oil is a preserve that contains antioxidants in it that prevent clothing from wearing out quickly.

Both ‘napalapa’ and slink must be cut into specific lengths before being used for making the shirt.

Find and use a sewing machine

how to make a hawaiian shirt

Although you can make a hand-seamed Hawaiian shirt using astraight-no-returns needle and thread, the machine makes it so easy to do it in the modern era.

You will need a basic sewing machine with automatic thread feed, auto-incrementing stitches, and a place to put your final size. These machines are usually found in the >$400 range!

To make this shirt more professional looking, use larger size pellets and an add-on beam or bobbins to get those tight fit islands.

Try online courses or classes if you are having trouble finding an expert to help you. They are very affordable and can be done in just a few days!

The best way to learn how to make this shirt is by trying! You may find some of your own techniques work better than taking online courses for this type of style.

Know how to sew

how to make a hawaiian shirt

If you are planning on making your shirt very tall, or if you are going for a more traditional look, then know how to sew. There are many ways to make a peasant blouse, and this is mainly done by using a basic oval-shaped top (known as an A-shape), and then adding shorts or pants.

The A-shaped top can be joined at the bottom, or doubled up along the sides. The top can also be shaped up into an over-the-shoulder dress, or one with lots of Applique.

Sewing is a great way to learn how to take your own pattern and make it into something you are proud of.

Separate the front and back of the shirt

how to make a hawaiian shirt

When doing a shirt-length shirt, there are some rules to consider. Most importantly, do not put any sleeves on unless you separate them too!

The front of the shirt should be sewn together in the back. This is so the shirt does not look wrinkled when turned back out.

The length of the front and length of the back must be the same. This is so it looks nice when placed over a dress or skirt and steps-out-of-dresses-easy-on-the-shoulder mode.

When placing the side panels together, make sure to space them out well enough to be long enough for total reconstruction.

Finally, do not let any stitches come through when doing this process, as that would result in a short shirt.

Measure yourself

how to make a hawaiian shirt

Before you start making your shirt, you must know how much you’re measuring. Measuring yourself is the best way to make a recipe-specific guideline for how much food you need.

Matching your Pant-size to the Dress Size means You Need To Add 4 inches in Length and 2 inches in Width! (plus any centimeters necessary to get the right fit)

When looking at shirts, it is important to look at the length, width, and length again to make sure you have enough of each. When checking your measurements, remember that body fat and muscle mean different lengths when wearing clothes.

Choose your fabric

how to make a hawaiian shirt

When choosing your fabric, remember that Hawaiian shirts are usually lined with padding. This means that you should choose a fabric that is soft, warm, and comfortable. If you do not want to wear any extra material, then this is the wrong decision. There are many brands selling Hawaiian shirts, so you can find one that does not have enough padding!

To keep the look of a Hawaiian shirt, stay within the safe colors and patterns. While white is the traditional color for underwear and shirts, there are many ways to use other colors. For example, use reds or dark blues for underwear and light colors for tops.

There are many ways to make your shirt more visible as well. Using bright yet safe colors such as shades of yellow or cream may help make yours stand out a little bit. Using some interesting textures such as [|] or [|] may also help break up the blankness of the shirt itself.

Make the yoke and collar

how to make a hawaiian shirt

Now is the time to make your shirt! Using a pattern from a basic Hawaiian shirt, you can create the yoke and collar.

The yoke is where the front button and cleavage button are. The collar makes the shirt look longer or tighter around the neck.

To do this, cast on more stitches and divide them in half to create the band of color. Then, pick up and knit through the same stitches as the band. This is where it turns into a shirt!

The length of this basic Hawaiian shirt comes in how long you cast on and how long you leave it to grow.

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