How To Make A Collapsible Box?

A collapsible box is a handy way to store small items such as clothing, shoes, gadgets and the like.

Measure and mark the dimensions for the box base

how to make a collapsible box

Once you have your box base, the next step is to figure out how to measure the depth of your box. This determines how many things can be stored in your box at one time, as well as how much space there is outside of your box.

Mostly, this is measured in square feet, but there are also metric measurements that apply. This depends on where in the world you live!

To determine if your box will need more space, just go around the outside and test how large the open area must be. If it is small enough to fit in a small bag or pillow case, then you have enough space!

To make sure your base is level, try placing a heavy book on it to see if it props up or not. If it does not level itself, check that it is all level and secure.

Cut the base out of cardboard

how to make a collapsible box

Once you have your box, it is time to cut the bottom out of the box. You want to leave a enough space between the bottom of the box and where the sides join so that there is enough room to collapse the box.

Cut a small square in one side of the box, leaving a little space around the edge. Then, cut long slits in these two sides of the box, leaving one side with a lip.

Combined with your other tips, this will make your collapsible box look like a book or pouch. This way, people know what size it is because there is a defined edge around it.

Measure and mark the dimensions for the box top

how to make a collapsible box

Once your box is made, it is time to add the top. Place a piece of masking paper between the bottom and the top. Then, mark and cut the shape of the box top.

Put a little bit of pressure on the box top as you mark the shape, then cut along the line. This will create an opening for your items to fall out!

Now it is time to put your design on! Adhere some printer-grade glue to both sides of the box top, then let it dry. Use a ruler or tape measure to make sure it is closed properly!

Put some padding around the bottom of your box to prevent anything from being damaged.

Cut the top out of cardboard

how to make a collapsible box

When you’re ready to start making your box, you’ll need to cut the top of your cardboard box. This can be done before or after you cut the other two pieces, but it is much easier to do it before.

You will want to do this when you put your package in your machine. The top will face up when it is folded in half, and then when it is unfolded, it will roll up easily.

When you are finished making your box, you can then fold the bottom down and let it sit until time to package.

Fold down the sides of the base

how to make a collapsible box

Now is the time to fold down the sides of the base. This will make it easier to store your items in.

Fold the side edges of the base down until they meet, then push together and let sit for a minute. Then pull up and let drop as you slide your boxes inside.

Slide your boxes in until they are completely covered, then flip over and repeat with the other side. Let them sit for a minute, then pull up and let go!

These collaspible boxes can be used again and again! They will last you forever if you take care of them.

Fold up the top

how to make a collapsible box

Now is the time to fold up the top of your box. The purpose of this step is to make room for your things.

Mostly, this is done to make room for your supplies, but it also helps prevent things from sliding off as you move your box.

Fold the top down until it is completely enclosed. This may take a few tries, and possibly more than one person has their supplies on at once!

How to put the box together: When putting it together, try not to crowd the fold down part of the box. It needs space to work its magic! Once you have it together, press down firmly and easily to create your secure base.

Connect the bottom to the top with hinges

how to make a collapsible box

Create the bottom and top of your collapsible box with a hinge. Place a piece of sturdy paper or cloth about six inches long, leaving a half-inch to one-and-a-half inches of excess length.

Then, fold in the excess length up to the hinge. This will create the side that closes and the side that opens.

Next, fold in the remaining length up to the top. This will create the floor that opens and sits on.

Put your collapsible box together! When you open it, it will be flat and smooth on the inside. When you close it, it will be round and sturdy.

Cover with paper or fabric

If you want your box to be more durable then just putting some heavy paper or fabric inside will do the trick. A dense, strong material like heavy paper or thick cloth can withstand a long period of time.

Just know that if you use very thin material it may not be as durable as what is mentioned in the article. Due to the thickness of the material, it may not show through the box as securely as if there was a solid piece of material inside.

The average human body does not require much protection so if your body does not require much then this is probably not necessary! But if you wanted to add medical devices or protective clothing then this might be useful.

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