How To Level A Garage Door

Opening a door or gate is one of the most common openers of a garage door. There are two main ways to level a door using its opener. Both methods can be used on most every type of door.

Leveling the outer edge is the most common method used. This method can be difficult or even unsafe if the edge is not level. The other method is to use a router and create a groove in which the opener can slide in. This method works well if the Router Wizard is used correctly as there are many articles and videos that show this.

Find the high spots

how to level a garage door

When a door is installed, it can’t be moved. So, when building your garage door, find the highest point of the door and then lower the door until it clicks.

This is where the flooring or threshold meets up with the doors. Once you do this, you can add more doors to your home!

Leveling a garage door is all about finding the spots that make up the slope or difference in width of each door. This creates for easier access and cleaning as some of these parts can be hard to reach.

Depending on what type of garage you have, there may be a different need for a higher level than usual.

Apply lubricant to the tracks

how to level a garage door

After you have installed your new garage door, it is time to level it. You can do this easily by using a bit of lubricant on the tracks. This allows the door to glide smoothly up and down the track.

This also helps prevent hairline cracks in the track, which can break when you try to open or close the door. If you want to give it a quick test run, you can do so without closing the door behind you.

You can test if the garage is wide enough for your car by placing one end of your car inside and running out with the other end. If it fits, then it is!

In order for the garage to level, there must be enough space between it and any surrounding walls or structures.

Pull the door back down and re-check for high spots

how to level a garage door

If the door seems to be sticking or if it sounds harder than before, then it is time to lube the tracks.

To level a door, you first have to determine where the high spots are. These are the spots where the track is thicker than the rest of the door. You will need to cut out some of these spots to add more space between your door and doorsill.

To add enough thickness, you will need to add about a half inch of wood glue and one sandpaper grit scale (0-12). This will take a few tries, but when you get it, you will know!

After that, you just pull it back through and level! This takes about a minute and a half to do all around your house, so try not to rush it.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until level

how to level a garage door

Once your door is level, it is time to close and lock it. You will need to do this in case of an emergency (i.e. the power goes out).

If you have other doors or a shed, these may need to be closed and locked separately from your garage door.

To level your door, start by placing a heavy book on the top of the door where the bottom hinge connects. Then, place one end of a shock cord against the ground and the other end against your door. Put a little bit of tension on both sides of the shock cord until it starts to sag or pull tight. This will prevent anything from coming through your door when opening or closing it.

Next, put one end of another shock cord on top of the first and connect them together like you are building an arch.

Check the springs

how to level a garage door

If the door is too high, it needs more spring force. If the door is too low, it could be balanced enough to stay open. If it is the proper height, it is time to add more spring force!

To do this, measure your door from the outside of the doors to the inside of the door. Subtract about a half-inch and that’s how much extra spring force you need.

Then, measure from the outside of the door to the inside of the door to make sure you have enough width. If not, try adding some from one side or the other to make sure your system is balanced.

Replace rollers if needed

how to level a garage door

If the garage door has rollers, it is time to replace them. Most manufacturers suggest once a year or less often, so there is some life left. If the rollers have worn down, then you can either patch them with some tape or put new rollers in and let them set for a few days to ensure they are secure.

Usually, replacing the roller assembly is a cost-effective way to level your door. With just two rolls of roller material, one can buy several doors and test them out to see if they work properly together.

How to do it: First, you will need some new adhesive. You can buy small pieces of new adhesive that are about an inch long or big bags of concrete that have been dried out a little. Make sure to account for the temperature of the room in which you do it!

Next, you will need some new rollers. These must be new ones because old rollers may not fit together correctly as they lose their heat and strength from the floor.

Check pulleys for rust or damage

how to level a garage door

If your garage door has a close-and-open pulley system, you should check it for rust or damage. These can prevent your garage door from opening and closing smoothly.

Some pulley systems have a backup pulley that can be used if the primary one fails. This is not an option for all brands of doors, however.

Look for any holes or signs of damage on the tires, and make sure they are connected to the base of the unit. If there are no problems, add some pennies or an air nail to create some pressure to ensure the door opens smoothly.

Make sure battery life is sufficient before attempting any levelings or repairs.

Lubricate hinges and pins

how to level a garage door

If the door doesn’t stick or move even with a generous amount of lubrication, you might need to add some more hinge and pin material.

Some materials are harder than others when it comes to staying in place. When this happens, the door manufacturers use a term like car wax on their doors. This material is used to keep the door from moving around when it is closed.

Wax can be slippery, which is why some people level the door using some oil or grease as an addition substance. The grease can be achieved by running a small amount of oil along the bottom of the door and up the other side.

Hinges are another area where material needs to be leveled. When they stick out at different angles, they look odd and breakable.

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