How To Get The Conference Call In Borderlands 2?

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This article will go into detail on some tips on how to get the conference call in Borderlands 2.

Purchase the conference call in any town

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

Onceyou’veplayed thegame,you may want to get the conference call in. That is, if you want to take advantage of it.

Borderlands 2allowsyou tocall another player’s game and chat, but only if they have the game as well. You cannot use it if you do not have the game, but you can still use the Internet to type in a phone number and then send an email or text message with it.

You can also use it between two players who do not currently have a game in order to go play together.

Go to any vending machine and buy a shield

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

In the middle of a mission or if you just want to get some shut-eye, you can go to any vending machine and buy a shield. They range in price from $1-$8, making these easy to have on hand.

Borderlands 2 comes with two types of shields: one is colored and looks like a metallic bandage, and the other is white with black designs. Both are beneficial as your character upgrades will require materials that are color coded.

Bullet point removed at request of publisher

Unfortunately, there is one vending machine that does not sell anything buts which look like they might protect you from bullets: The health kit shop. If you are playing on hard or harder, your character will needhews (a replacement for food and drink) and/or potions to get the required color coding for upgrades.

This article will talk about how to get both items inbound into your inventory fairly quickly.

Bring up your weapon wheel and go to the shield slot

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

Once you have complete the tutorial in Borderlands 2, you will be ready to go on your own! After picking your weapon and movement mode, you will be able to head into a closed room and activly play.

In this open-ended game, there is no clear path to finishing quests or earning currency. This is what makes the game so fun! You can pick any mission type and have a different style of play.

Some missions may require you to team up with friends or lone warriors to overcome powerful enemies. In this case, you must bring out your strongest weapon or item to make the biggest impact!

Borderlands 2 has some great features that help get you going. Bring a few games consoles if you are wanting some new tricks. There are also YouTube videos that show players how to get started.

Select the conference call and place it in any slot except for one of your active weapon slots

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

In order to get the call in Borderlands 2, you will need to place the call. You can do this via the phone or via the game app on your device.

When you pick up the phone, it will automatically connect you with another person who wants to hear a call. You can either accept the other person’s request to talk, or you can refuse and have them automatically disconnect.

If you choose not to use this feature, then you will have to manually enter your number and attempt to receive a call. This may take several attempts due to how long it takes for your number to register on their end.

Talk to anyone that has the conference call and join their session

This one is a little complicated and might be out of the range of most players, but we want to make it easy for you. There are two ways to join the conference call in Borderlands 2.

The first is to talk to anyone that has the call and join their session. Then you can start barking orders at your teammates!

The second is to create your own profile on the Game Connected Telephony System. This is the standard way to join a conference call in Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software-style.

Once you do this, all you have to do is go online, click on Your Account, then Onyxian Security, then Create New Profile.

Create a game session by using the button on the game menu screen

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

After you connect the device to your computer, go to the game menu and then select New Game or Return To Main Menu. This will create a new game session with your device as the other members of your party.

You can then call other members of your party by using the button on their character screen.

Use the same number for all members of your party so they do not have to type it in every time they need to contact someone.

Borderlands 2 is a very social game, so this feature is highly utilized! Once you do this, each member of your party will be able to join another game session without having to log out and back in.

Invite friends or random players to join your session

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

In order to join a session, you must first create a new party. Then, when you want to call a session, you can simply invite your members to the party!

In order to create a party, you must first decide what members of your group are joining the call. You can then set how many people are allowed to join the call, and how long it lasts.

Once that is done, you can then set whether everyone in your party can participate in a conversation or not. You can also choose whether one person may start the conversation or both may.

Then, you can set whether there is going to be monitoring of calls or not. If there is going to be monitoring of calls, then you must also specify who is allowed to turn off this feature.

Finish a game session before starting another one

how to get the conference call in borderlands 2

When starting a new game session, make sure to finish your current session first. Doing this will prevent your party from joining another game session until you complete the first one.

This will also prevent you from receiving invites to other games sessions that have not yet started. If you would like to join another game session, make sure to let the host know that you have finished your current game session.

To finish a game session, either leave the headset on and listen to what is being said or switch out the headset for a new one. You can then switch out the new one for the original one again if you would like to start over again!

General tips: Make sure that you are hearing what your teammates and/or microphone are saying, and that you are saying it loudly enough for them to hear you.

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