How To End A Conference Call?

Ending a call is an essential skill to have as an operator. While most callers are familiar with how to start and finish a call, there are many details to this art.

Many operators spend time teaching new skills to the rest of the team, so ask your peers for tips. If you can’t end the call delicately and efficiently, try your best to at least let yourself be heard!

This article will explain how to end a call using quality control tools like Google Ticks or ATSs. Both services allow you to set up reminders for when the call is over or if someone needs help, which is great!

When ending a call using ATSs or Google Ticks, be sure to give yourself enough time to answer any calls or network messages that may need to be sent.

Let the host know you are ending the call

how to end a conference call

Once you are ready, let the host know that you are ending the call by saying, “I’m ending the call at this point.” This lets him or she know that you are finished with the conversation and it is your turn to take over.

You can then send a short thank you message to the other participants in the call and send your email to get their response. This gives them an opportunity to say goodbye and make sure they are aware of any important information that was discussed.

This is a great way to end a conference call because it prevents misunderstandings or confusion between when two people took turns talking and when one went through their info.

Make sure everyone is ready to end the call

how to end a conference call

When the call is complete, make sure everyone is ready to end the call. If there were any questions during the conversation, let your participants know so they can ask and answer them.

If any of your participants missed any questions, simply start a new conversation and try again!

Make sure you have backed up your information before ending the call. Your organization may want to transfer the call to a trusted person or company to end the association.

In case of an emergency, quickly end the call and contact your local emergency services for help. They will be able to respond immediately without having to wait for someone from your organization to arrive.

This article discusses how to set up a conference line phone line in advance, but you can also do it at different times during conference calls.

Say “goodbye” to each participant

how to end a conference call

Once the call is over, both parties should physically separate from the conversation. This can be done with a simple handshake, or by telling one person to “go ahead” and allowing the other person to finish.

If two or more people are needed on the call, they should then end their conversations and physically merge into one entity. This can be done with a simple gesture or word from one person to the other.

As previously stated, it is critical that each participant knows his or her role on the call.

Do not start a new conversation until everyone has hung up

This is a critical part of ending a phone call. When you start a new conversation, everyone else on the call must wait until you have finished talking to begin another.

This is important to know, as many people ask how to do this. Many do it wrong, with one person talking to another before the other has finished!

Starting a new conversation requires some special skill, so do not go too far with this. You need to be able to answer quickly in case the other person needs help or clarification.

Double check with the host for any next steps

how to end a conference call

Once the call is over, you should make sure to thank everyone for their participation. You can do this by saying their names and adding an extra thank you point out to them.

If there were any questions asked, then the host should make sure to respond to those as well. It is important for a conference call to have all members of the group respond to questions and comments!

Whether it is the owner of the company or a few staff members, making sure there are no gaps in response is important. If one does happen, then end the call immediately!

Many companies use a pre-recorded message at the end of a conference call. Make sure to listen to it carefully and see if anything seems missing.

Check with other participants about next steps

how to end a conference call

If you’re in the middle of a call, you can quickly check with other participants to see if they’re finished and if there are any open lines.

If another person is calling your phone, you can ask them to save the call so they can return to it later. Or you can simply end the call yourself.

If no one is on the line, you can ask the person who answered if someone else took their place so that everyone is on the same page. If so, give that person a chance to let everyone else know that they’re done before ending the call.

Making sure that all participants are listening and responding to each other properly will help prevent arguments and missed information. If one person drops out of the conversation, be sure to check in with that person to make sure they got what they needed.

Write down any actions items or notes from the call

how to end a conference call

Assemble any notes or items that you may have from the call and give them to your teammates or yourself at the end of the call. This way, your team can easily access these information and take some of it into account when planning their next conference call.

By having these information on hand, it can help your team power through calls with ease. It also helps to avoid similar calls happening again, since everyone involved was able to take away what was said and do something with it.

Since this article is all about ending conference calls, let’s talk a little bit about how to do so. First, find the phone number of the person or people you are calling and then dialing in can help make the wait feel a little less long.

Another tip is to start the call on a speakerphone mode so that you can listen without being disturbed. Once you hear what people are saying and how they are saying it, let them know if you have questions or want more information. This way, they will know who is listening and what they are doing.

Email yourself notes from the call

how to end a conference call

You can also make a quick and easy call to exit a conference call. You can do this by having your phone connected to the call, or by pressing a corresponding icon on your phone.

Press 5 to end a call.

Press 2 to switch lanes in the conference calling software. This makes it easier for other people on the line to understand your message.

To exit a 2-participant call, press 1 at the same time. This will send all participants an email alerting them that you are ending the call, so they can begin their next conversation without having to start over again.

If you want to end a 3-participant call, press 5 again and then 2! This way, only one person is responsible for answering each phone line. If one person leaves the line, they will need to switch cartridges so that someone else can continue talking with them.

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