How To Do Eyebrow Extensions At Home

Eyebrow extensions are one of the most popular hairstyles to add volume to your face. It can be easy and cost-effective to do on your own!

Many hairstylists will let clients go to their home studio and do their own eyebrow extensions at a client’s residence. It is a great way to learn how to do it, but also cost- effective and easy way to add volume to the eyebrows.

It is also possible to do at home! Many people find that doing it at their own rather than going to a beauty salon is more beneficial. The benefits of being able to choose what product you use and being able to adjust the length or width of the eyebrows yourself are more than worth it.

How does doing your own eyebrow extensions at home compare with going to a studio? There are many ways to do anything, so does it make any difference if you do it at home vs.

Find the right color match

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

Getting the right color match is very important when doing your own eyebrow extensions. It all starts with the primer. A primer is a liquid that is spread onto the hair once it is pulled out of the box and applied to the hair.

Reviews of primers show that some are more pigmented than others and thus provide a better match for the hairs you want to add color to. Some even say that some brands do not always provide a good match for the hairs they use.

The second tip that review sites give is to find a place for each new extension. Most people start with natural looking ones and add more as their new look gains shape, but making sure there is enough space between each extension can help prevent pain caused by overcrowding.

Get a kit with all the tools you need

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

There are a few things you will need to know when doing your own eyebrow extensions at home. One of them is the difference between getting a brow kit and a brow sculpting tool. A brow sculpting tool can be used on many styles of natural or shaped eyebrows. It allows you to define the shape of your eyebrows as well as add length and volume.

A brow kit does not include any product for creating the shape of the eyebrows, only providing a set of tools that can be used on different styles of natural or shaped eyebrows. Thus, you must buy a separate liquid wax, powder brush, and gel that go in together to create the shape.

The best way to get the most out of your kit is to take it one step at a time.

Practice on friends until you get the technique down

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

When doing your own eyebrow extensions, it is important to work on a few different ones at once. This helps get the perfect shape for each one and ensures you are getting the best of your skill set.

To learn how to do eyebrow extensions at home, first you must find a place to practice. Most practicing clients purchase a book or other learning materials. You can read them at your own convenience, or even watch some tutorials online.

Then, it is time to get creative! Many people start by writingatenarrow with a eyelash curling pen or birthplace curve pen. Then, one can try painting some natural shape onto the top of the brows. Or, one can try drafting a line that starts upward and ends below.

Use wax or gel to keep your brow hairs in place

When doing your eyebrows, make sure to use warm water and a gentle hair wax or gel to keep the hairs in place.

Usually, the warmer the water, the less demanding the makeup artist must be about taking seconds to apply the wax and shape the brows. That way, you can also see how they look as you apply them and shape them to your own style.

You also have more control over how much wax you use and how long you leave it before removing it. In fact, some companies require at least a week of leave-in-before- Removal before they will do your extension!

Use plenty of wax or gel so that there is enough left over to shape some other hairs into eyebrows.

Use small strokes to apply the hairs one by one

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

When drawing the eyebrow shape, make small strokes to apply the hairs one by one. This will prevent your eyebrows from being overly lined or thick.

Use a gel gel pencil to draw the shape of the eyebrow. Then, use a powder brush to blend and finish it off.

Bullet point ending: The final look of your eyebrows can be either onesign of art or natural looking. Some people choose to add coloring into their brows like using a shadow or eyeliner along the edges, but not in the eye area. This can be done in various ways including using an eyelash pen or a powder brush with some liquid applied topographically.

Make sure they are even all around

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

When doing eyebrow extensions at home, be sure they are even all around. If one side is thicker than the other, then you should make sure to also thicken the opposite side to make them even.

This is important as it uses some of the natural hairs to fill in the space, making it look even and fuller. It also helps prevent any breakage or thinning that may occur when removing them later.

Home extensions can be tricky if they do not fit even with what comes out of the socket. You may have to go to a beautician’s shop to have them fitted again, which can cost more than just doing them yourself.

Make sure you know how to do home eyebrow extensions well and properly so that you do not lose any hair or create any breakage.

Use a dry brush to gently remove any stray hairs

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

When doing eyebrow extensions at home, you can use a beauty brush to remove any hair that is still inside the extensions. This is very helpful if you are having problems getting enough glue to adhere the end of the brush to the eyebrows.

You can also use a soft-towel or paper-towel dollop to gently remove any hair. Or, if you are more skilled at doing this on your face, try using an electric curling iron or an optical pencil.

Either way, do not try this if your eyebrows are very thick or heavy due to many hairs being glued together. The iron or curling iron must be really strong or the process will not work. You may also need a different type of extension because the shape of your natural eyebrow will not fit into the shape of the extension.

Keep them clean and dry until use

how to do eyebrow extensions at home

It is very important to never wash your new eyebrows for a few weeks before you shape them. It can lead to breakage or extensions that come off as soon as you try to shape them.

You can use water, but only if you do not use your new eyebrows right away. You must allow them to dry completely before storing or bringing them up.

To keep them in a good shape, wrap them in a clear cellophane bag and leave it on the bedside table or dresser until they are needed. This is especially true if you will be traveling with them too- who knows what might happen?

While doing your extension, remember to keep your face still and avoid moving much while doing the rest of the process.

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