How To Distribute Music To Jpay

Music is a crucial part of every person’s life. Without music, you would forget what was important to you and what made you feel happy, excited, or emotional.

With the proliferation of devices with internet access, people are now able to enjoy music even while away from home. This has become more and more popular as people get older.

How Music is Distributed

Audio files can be distributed in many ways. Some ways are: download, burned disc, downloaded as a file on a computer disk, and streamed via an internet-connected device. We will look at how to distribute audio files here!

Downloading is the easiest way to distribute audio files. You can either link your Jpay card or use a software app that does this for you.

Find out who the major players are in the prison market

how to distribute music to jpay

There are many companies that offer music and audio products for corporate use. Some of these companies have formal partnerships with prisons and/or corporate partners, so they can provide products to use at prisons for free.

Most of these companies are large, established businesses that have satisfied clients and people who recommend them. They all know how to work with a artist and get them signed!

We suggest you ask your artist if they would recommend their product or service to someone before you buy it. Some may even require you pay for their product before they will give it to you.

Call and ask about their policy on accepting home-made CDs

how to distribute music to jpay

If you want to make a homemade CD, the best way to distribute it is to call Jpay and ask if they will accept it. Most of them do!

Many of them will offer you a small payment plan so that you can afford to make your CD. If they do, they will usually offer you a limited number of copies, so that people who give your CD away or sell them will have some profit.

In order for people to sell your CD, they must first create one themselves and send it to the company. This is how they get their name out there and how they pay for the cost of making their CD.

If you are willing to go through the process of sending yourself a copy of your CD, then by all means do that! You can also hire someone to SEND YOUR MUSIC TO YOU.

Mail your CD with the cover printed and ready to go

Now that you have your music, it is time to distribute your CD! You will need a copy of the Jpay app to do this.

You can send your CD by regular mail, or you can email it to with the subject “send me a cd”. You will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours.

If you would like to have a physical CD shipped, please be sure to include adequate packaging so it protects the disc from damage.

Include a link to where people can download your music for free

how to distribute music to jpay

This may seem like a small thing, but including a link to your music that can be downloaded for free gives people another way to engage with your music. By adding this link, you are also giving people another way to find your music and connect with it.

By including a link to your music that can be downloaded for free, you are also giving people an excuse to buy your music as well because they see the free song and think it is good quality material.

This is not saying that you have to spend money to get people to listen to or download your music, just give them an easy way out of listening to your material by linking them up with someone who can share their content easily. is a great place where listeners can distribute their content.

Inform them that they can keep the CD after listening to it

how to distribute music to jpay

Some people are hesitant to give away their music because they fear that someone might rip it off, or that they would be asked to purchase the music after hearing it.

This is a valid concern! It is best to be cautious with this feature as people can make mistakes.

If you distribute your music, make sure to include a clear link to this article so that people can listen to your music if they desire to do so.

Also, make sure that your CD is of good quality so that people can hear it when they purchase or rent it. Make sure the CD label and box are clearly labeled as music or content so people know what was on the CD.

Tell them that you will send them new songs when you make them

how to distribute music to jpay

This is the most important part of this article. Once you have their email address, you must use it to send them new songs.

Many artists give up asking because they are so rare and they do not want to depend on getting new listeners and fans every week, but that is how you gain momentum as an artist.

By going into this extra effort of distributing your music, you will help grow your account and earn more money in the long run!

You can send new songs every week too, making a new song every couple of weeks. Every Monday or Thursday, depending on the length of the previous song, you should have enough money to buy a new song which should arrive within a few days.

Tell them that you will send them a new CD when you make one

how to distribute music to jpay

Most people are excited to be able to distribute their music, so they will be more likely to help you out if you make a great first impression. You can send them an email or phone call to make that introduction, or you can simply mention them in your music.

Some people are not comfortable sending letters, so you can do a quick google search and find their contact information. You can write them a quick note, telling them that you made the effort to distribute your music and that they should reply if they feel comfortable doing so.

If there is some technical difficulty with distributing your music, do not worry; there are plenty of software packages that can help with that. Just make sure that it has been tested for working with the device or software platform you are using it on.

Ask if they would like to pay you for your work

how to distribute music to jpay

If you are offering your services for free, it is best to be sure you are free from exploitation. There may be situations where you feel forced into working for nothing, or that you are putting your own safety in danger by helping them.

Being paid can indicate a level of trust between you and the person you are helping. If they feel like they are getting their money’s worth, then there is a better chance they will help out others in the future.

In order to ask if someone would like to pay you for your work, first find out what kind of work they do and what their role might be.

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