How To Conference Call On Samsung S9?

Conference calling is a great way to get more out of your phone conversation. There are many apps that allow users to use a phone call as a conferencing system. These apps typically require you to purchase a license, but they are extremely helpful.

Conference calling was made possible by the addition of the large phones’ feature: Beam. With this feature, you can use your existing phone line as an extension for a stereos’ or smartphones’ line.

Beam requires neither an app nor any special configuration, just turn on the feature in your device’s settings and dial-up connectivity is enough!

This article will talk about how to configure Beam on the Samsung S9 so that you can use it easily.

Locate the conference call app

After downloading the Samsung S9 app, you will need to locate it on your phone. You can also visit the app’s website if you do not have the app yet.

Once you connect your speaker and device to the app, you will then be able to call another phone or device via the app. You can also add a new phone or device as a conference call log, which is great for organizing calls quickly.

Conference calling is a nice feature that many people use.

Tap on the conference call app

how to conference call on samsung s9

Once your Samsung S9 is connected to a phone or computer, you can tap on the Call tab. This will allow you to enter your Samsung S9’s phone number and/or the computer’s number to use as a contact.

Entering your phone and/or the computer’s number will bring up a list of people who have activated their S9 as a contact. You can either add them as a new contact or an existing one.

Adding someone as a new contact will take care of setting up any call and messaging features on their S9, since you will be providing their details for the device name, e-mail, and/orphone number.

Doing this will also provide you with the ability to view any messages they have sent and received on your Samsung S9, as well as access their app settings so you can configure things such as how long calls last, whether or not they are answered immediately, etc.

Enter your passcode if you have one

how to conference call on samsung s9

If you do not have a passcode, you can call Samsung’s conference call feature and enter your phone number to join a call.

To do this, go to your account settings and scroll down to “Conference Calling”. You will need your phone number to use this feature.

If you have a passcode, you can enter it on the device instead of using the app. Go to your account settings and scroll down to “Conference Calling”. You will need your phone number to use this feature.

You can set up two phones connected through Wi-Fi or a cable if you have two Samsung devices with you.

Select who you want to conference call with

how to conference call on samsung s9

After your phone connects to the Samsung S9, you can now select who you want to call. You can either enter a number or choose a contact from your phone’s list.

To add a new contact, go to MyAccount > Add New Contact. To update an existing contact, go to MyAccount > Update Contact.

These functions are very useful as it allows you to easily manage multiple contacts on the S9 without having to enter their phone numbers or email addresses every time.

This feature is very helpful when using a plant-based diet as it helps maintain healthy connections while on the keto diet.

Press the button that says “start conference call”

how to conference call on samsung s9

Once you’ve connected to the right conference, you can start a call. You can either talk to someone or both of you can.

Once you’re on the call, if you need to stop talking, then just press the stop button. You can also let your partner talk before you both agree to end the call.

How to End a Conference Call

After your partner has finished their conversation and is ready to hang up, they simply presses the end button. This ends your call as well! If you needed to take a break too, then just took your breaks!

This feature is great for small business calls where one person needs an input but does not want to listen to the other person.

Make sure that everyone is ready to conference call before you start it

how to conference call on samsung s9

When you call a Samsung S9 or S9+ phone to make a call, you must first establish how many people are on the line. Then, you can start the call!

After you do this, you can then start calling out!

Like most phones, the S9 has specific features that only work when used with another Samsung phone. For example, your Samsung Watch must be connected to the phone through an app to display notifications!

Once these features work, like they should, everyone in the room will be able to hear everyone else well.

You can switch between speakers easily by tapping on the person you want to speak for you

how to conference call on samsung s9

When you are on a call, you can easily switch between the people on your call to hear better. You can do this by tapping on the person you want to listen to and then tap on the down arrow or press select to turn the feature on.

This is helpful when you have members of your group working together and want to hear each other’s conversations without taking a separate call. You can also do this when talking to someone else on your phone.

Using this feature is also helpful if you have a noisy place where you want to meet up, such as a conference room.

End the conference call by pressing the red end button

how to conference call on samsung s9

If you need to end the call, do it by pressing the red end button on your Samsung S9. This will send a confirmation message to your partner, letting them know that you are ending the call.

This feature is helpful if you have a lot of calls running in your phone due to notifications being sent. You can easily close out any incoming calls or messages by pressing the end button on your phone.

If you need to return to the call, just press the red start button again. Your partner will have to accept that new set of rules before you can continue with your conversation.

This feature is useful for conference calling purposes, as both parties must be on the same device to use it. If you have devices that are miles apart in terms of connection quality, this feature helps keep people connected despite getting new people on the same device.

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