How Does A Woman Shave Her Face

The feminine face hair includes hairs around the chin, upper lip, upper chest, and lower back. These hairs are usually associated with the facial skin (face) area.

When you shave your face, you are removing a significant amount of surface skin. That is why it is recommended to take your time when doing the beard-shaving process.

We all have different levels of patience when it comes to shaving. Some people can not be bothered to take their time when doing the beard-shaving process.

How does a woman who wants a light beard control her beard? She can use one of two methods: she can use a razor or she can use an electric shaver.

The first way to control your beard uses a razor is by using a proper technique. The second way to do it is using an electric shaver.

Use a warm towel

After a shower or bath, you can use a warm towel to dry your face and neck. This helps prevent hair from getting stuck in your hair.

To easily remove the hairs on your face, use a fine-grit beard brush. The hairs should be able to slide through the pores in the beard brush.

To easily remove the hairs on your body, use a flesh-tone scale model kit or some other non-realistic material. The Scale Model Kit should be able to fit inside your body cavity, allowing you to shave right inside of your clothes!

The best way to do this is take it slow and stop when it gets easy.

Soften your skin

When you shave your face, you must be careful not to shave too hard or too soft. You want a smooth, soft skin that takes a few passes to pass over the whole head and body.

When you use a razor, it must be done in the correct direction. If you are using a more aggressive razor, then pass the razor over your skin several times to soften the skin.

Then, use a gentle razor to remove the hair from direct contact with the face. The best way to do this is with some soap and a repeatable result.

Finally, when all of your hair has been removed, take some gel or wax and stick it on top of the shaved area to dry and prevent return of water. This will prevent hair coming back through the system.

Use oil to help the razor glide

When you’re ready to shave your face, use a warm washcloth to moisten your face. Then, using a standard razor, gently glide the razor along your jawline and around your face until you reach your jawline.

Don’t try to get rid of all hair at this point- that would be impossible! Instead, try moving down the list of features you want removed from hair to skin, leaving just a thin layer of skin between it and the blade.

When you’re finished, use a cool cloth to dry off any wet hairs. Then, using a beard oil or vaseline, place a thin layer on the newly shaved section and let it set until the next shower or bath time. This will help keep your hair smooth and moisturized for as long as you keep using it.

Be careful around the eyes

You want to be careful when shaving the sides of your face, as some womenfind that the tool can get stuck. If you find that difficult, you can also shave the entire side of your face in one pass.

The best way to be careful when shaving the sides of your face is to use a short, rounded object such as a beauty brush or paper cut-tape. The longer and more precise the tool, the safer it can be.

Alternatively, you can use a fine blade such as an electric razor. These are very easy to buy due to them being mass-produced. You can buy them sold either individually or together with a razor kit such as this one.

Then there are those who do not recommend shaving around the eyes or around the mouth because of these possible areas where something can get stuck.

Go slow and steady

When you try the latest trend or tallest razor companies products, you could risk damaging your skin or hair. It is recommended to start with a lower end product to learn how to use the razor or steam iron to set the hair.

The taller and thicker razors can lead to damage to your skin as it breaks down the hair, which is difficult to remove. The thinner shavers may nick more than a heavier one due to less resistance.

The younger ones may not be experienced in setting the hair or in using the Razors so they may use too hard of a stroke which can cause pain or breakage. The older ones may not be able to stop trying new products and technologies so they are only with one type of razor.

We ask all of our clients to always keep their information private and safe.

Rinse with cool water

After a mane shampoo, the first thing to do is rinse out the hair. Pull the hair through a wide, long section of water until all of the hair is completely removed.

Then, gently dry the hair with a low-quality towel to prevent breakage and help prevent any further wetness from entering the system.

To remove any hairs that remain, I recommend using one of my favorite products, The Right Way To Shave | The Mosquito Method. This product contains ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, and some kind of scent that you put on before you start to shave. It also contains some kind of blade so you can start removing it once it is shaved down enough.

The Right Way To Shave | The Mosquito Method also recommends taking your time to finish up with The Mosquito Method so that your skin does not get dried out or irritated.

Apply moisturizer or oil

After washing the face, gently pat some oil onto the cheeks, around the mouth, and under the nose. This prevents any dry areas such as cheekbones or nose tip.

Then use a towel to gently pat some moisturizer onto both legs and feet. Finally, use some sandpaper to brush away any remaining hair on all parts of your body.

Put on a cute pair of underwear and a supportive bra to put up against your chest to reinforce your neck and head. Put on some tight-fitting pants or a sweatshirt to cover up your shapely but tight legs and feet.

Put on your favorite set of underwear so you are not just insupportively naked.


The first step in shaving your face is to determine whether you are light or dark skin. If you have very thick hair, the light side of the spectrum recommends wet shaving versus shavetting your face.

We recommend starting with a gentle shower and then jump into wet shaving. The result is nearly same as shavetting, plus you get the benefits of the Wet Shave Cream which reduces dryness and irritation.

To begin, take your soap out of the dish and put it on a bowl to place it on top of. Then, use a brush and some warm water to shampoo and condition your hair. When you’re finished, let it dry naturally before trying to shave it.

Use a good quality razor to get the job done. Avoid using strong products such as waxes or gel-lasts as much time in the dish before being placed on the razor to shaven.