Hot Air Balloon Festival Massachusetts

Ballooning is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the summer season. There are many places around the world where you can enjoy watching these colorful balloons climb up into the sky and take on new tricks.

If you have never watched a balloonist in action, then this festival is for you! The festival takes place twice a year, once in the late July or early August and again in mid-October when they release their new balloons.

This festival is not for the inexperienced pilot, as there are landings required at some point. This is also true for beginners, as more experienced pilots help them learn how to land their hot air balloon.

History of hot air balloons

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

The first hot air balloon was constructed in 1794, and was a tethered sail balloon. During this time, no one knew how dangerous they could be.

In 1884, a pilot named John Aler built the first un-tethered hot air balloon in Europe. This floaty-looking craft was called an aler pendule, which means “pendulum” in French.

This floaty-looking craft was called an aler pendule, which means “pendulum” in French. This floaty-looking craft was called an aler pendule, which means “pendulum” in French. This machine did not do well during flight, and crashed several times. It only lasted about an hour on earth!

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, pilots were trained to keep the nose of the floaty Boat upright by using bicycle tires to extend its legs.

Hot air balloons are beautiful but dangerous

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

There are several reasons you should watch a hot air balloon festival. First, they are beautiful. Most are red or white with a design or theme that goes along with the balloons.

Second, they are quite interesting to watch. Each pilot is trained in different maneuvers and uses them to guide their balloon to its next location.

Third, you can see all sorts of interesting things as the pilots navigate. You will likely see some excitement, disappointment, and even awe when something unexpected happens!

Last, you can meet all sorts of people as the pilots fly by.

Hot air balloons are not as common as they used to be

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

There were not many hot air balloons in the 1980s and 1990s, which was a time when you needed one to attend a party!

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were two kinds of hot air balloons: those with metal hulls and those with paper hulls. The ones with metal hulls were called spike-style balloons because they had narrow bases that stuck out like a spike. The ones with paper hulles were called tube-style balloons because they had a tube that rose up to hold helium.

The National Association for Ballooning and Funbaling (NAAFF) changed its policy about who can fly a balloon at festivals and events in the 2010s. This policy allowed anyone to fly a balloon, no matter how low their level was!

Today, more than half of all balloons are beginner-friendly machines that don’t go very high or fast.

A hot air balloon can travel hundreds of miles

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

There’s a lot of talk about the new Mercury-X Mercury Prize, but less talked about is the fact that you can fly a hot air balloon and reach new heights. Many launch balloons at festivals to go higher and further.

Massachusetts has the Hot Air Balloon Festival, which is held in August. It is one of the largest balloon festivals in the U.S., with over a hundred hot air balloons from different manufacturers!

Many of these balloons are sold at inflated prices, making it an affordable way to see the sky from above and get some good exercise.

They are a great way to view the world

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

Hot air balloon festivals offer a great way to see the world from above. With a few minutes of training, you can learn how to ride a hot air balloon!

Riding in a hot air balloon is an exhilarating experience. You are able to spread your legs and relax as the helium carries you higher and faster. Once you reach your desired altitude, you can relax and enjoy the view!

The best times to ride are during the day or night when there is little or no traffic. If you are looking for some fun family activities, looking into riding with friends or learning how to pilot an aircraft is great ways to do this.

There are many different companies that offer training programs for people to try their hand at riding in a hot air balloon.

You may have heard of the famous French artist, Henri Pierre Artaud

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

He’s the one who painted the first hot air balloon, and inspired so many artists to do so since

The French artist named his creation Air Ballonnante

It means “wind blown balloon” in French

The concept is the same as paint-balling, only on a much larger scale

You walk up to a mobile, controlled by volunteers, and you shoot an air ballon through a tube at about 500 feet per minute for about five seconds. When you let go of the tube, it sails away! It’s hard enough for most people to do on their own, but if you want to join in, you may!

The festival is held every year around July 4th.

Hot air balloons are not just limited to warm temperatures

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

There are more hot air balloon festivals around than ever before, and they’re not just limited to summer. There is one festival near you that offers both hot air balloons and kite competitions!

The Hot Air Balloon Festival of Massachusetts is a unique event that happens twice a year: in the middle of June and October. Over 200 balloons will fly together, making for some truly visually spectacular rides.

Both the hot air balloon and kite festivals offer fun activities for kids, such as inflatable games, arts & crafts, and of course, ballooning. A rare treat is having a flight on two days in one weekend!

The October event also offers a parade so attendees can get some extra pictures from the sky.

Safety precautions for a hot air balloon festival

hot air balloon festival massachusetts

If you are planning on flying a hot air balloon at the festival, there are some safety precautions that you should take into account. First, remember that these balloons are very tall, ~20 feet! That is a lot of space that you will need to ensure everyone has access to.

Also, make sure you have enough air for your balloon! Make sure to have at least partial inflation on your emergency inflation device (I mean, if you have two people on board, one can have less.) Have enough gas for the landing and takeoff procedures. And last but not least, have fun!

This is serious stuff – if someone gets hurt or something goes wrong,you can always meet with a local hospital to claim your emergency response tools.

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