Group Home Manager Job Description

Group homes are a type of mental health facility where people who are mentally impaired or with behavioral issues are placed. Their purpose is to help them learn and maintain self-care, which is the primary care for an individual with self-care needs.

Makes sure all clients are where they are supposed to be

A group home manager helps coordinate the activities of clients in the home, communicates with them, and makes sure they are doing what they planned to do. This includes making sure people are taking their medication as prescribed, that someone stays warm by filling their winter coat and walking out with them, and that someone is attending to their needs.

This individual also helps keep track of any complaints or problems clients may be facing. If a client feels uncomfortable or has issues that they are uncomfortable talking about, this individual can help make that easier to handle.

Many group homes rely on themselves to keep track of all the clients. It is the individual’s job to keep records of who came and went, what they did, and any issues that occurred. This individual can help ensure this is done properly so it does not lose significance.

Makes sure that all clients are behaving appropriately

It’s common for young people to misbehave, so having a manager that keeps an eye on these students is crucial. You need someone to step in and put them into timeout if they are being disruptive or not taking their medication.

Being a group home manager means you’ll be responsible for organizing social events and organizing therapy sessions with the other residents. You’ll have to ensure that the therapy is effective and that the residents are treated fairly.

This job requires a lot of patience, as you must help people while they are still “caught up in the moment”. Some people can’t wait to get out of their heads and down, so you must help them deal with those factors.

You may also be required to organize medical appointments and any necessary treatments, which can take a toll on your personal life. On the job stress can come from having to keep track of all these details on top of running a successful business.

Keeps track of client progress

A group home manager works to help clients on a daily basis. They help determine if the client is ready to leave and where they should go, take them to their appointment, and support them through their time in the system.

This includes meeting with the client and coaching them on how to support their new system. Once a meeting is scheduled, the assistant must call out within two minutes to ensure it is scheduled.

If there are delays with appointments, calls for social services or legal needs, then there must be someone who takes care of those calls. The assistant must take those requests and arrange a meeting with the person quickly.

Just as with any job interview, the assistant must show potential employers that they have character and work ethic. They need to demonstrate that they know how to take care of people every day.

Reports to manager regularly

You will work with other employees to help run your group home. As a reports to manager regularly, you will always have a reason to come back to the company for help.

Assist residents in maintaining their room and daily living needs. This includes taking care of the food and supplies, helping them with socializing, and coaching if needed.

Help manage finances and keep an eye on spending as well as tracking spending so there is no money missing from the account. This position requires monthly financial reports taken as well as an ability to track spending/accounting.

Maintain cleanliness of facility

Group homes feature a lot of shared spaces, so it is important that all areas are cleaned and maintained. Sometimes these spaces can be a little overwhelming, so it is important that you create policies for everyone to follow.

Some areas of a home may be reserved for the staff only, or reserved for groups only. It is your job to meet with the group home manager and agree on how the space should be organized and cleaned.

While you do not get any special privileges in group home management, you do need to follow rules and regulations set by the group home manager and government officials. Usually having some kind of resume or professional document document what you have done and why you should work in group home management is helpful as well.

Having knowledge of how rooms function, how things work, and what they say about atmosphere are all good knowledge skills in group home management.

Follow all policy and procedure guidelines

As group home managers, you will be responsible for following all policy and procedure guidelines provided by the group home. This may include reviewing policy and training documents, speaking with colleagues and representatives about policies and training, and being held as knowledgeable if needed.

This includes helping create new policies and developing new procedures to help maintain order and respect in the home. Some of the responsibilities may include:

Following up with individuals who have complaints or warrants their attention to make them feel comfortable reporting them to the supervisor. This can be done via phone, text, email, or in person. It is also your job to make sure they are paying attention to them when you get a follow-up request.

Monitoring how well individual members function on their own and together in the home based on feedback from past members. If individual members appear out of shape or are acting out, informing the supervisor immediately is a good start.

Monitor and control personnel actions and activities

Monitoring and controlling personnel actions and activities is a important part of Group Home Manager job description. You will do this by using appropriate staff members’ records, monitor their performance, and controlled when they work or not.

You will also control the amount of time spent on assigned tasks by staff members. Tasks may be mundane such as cleaning or organizing rooms or more complex projects like overseeing meal services or housekeeping.

It is your job to make sure all staff members are working at their best efficiency wise and how they feel at the job. You can look at their attitude and health at how they fit the role they have assigned to them.

You can find your calling if you pay attention to your heart rate, feeling pain, and hearing what someone say while they work.

Manage operational risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards

Being able to manage operational risks is an important part of the Group Home Manager job. Without this knowledge and experience, your organization will not be able to protect the residents in your care from risks such as unauthorized withdrawals, unauthorized transfers, and other problems that threaten the safety of the residents or property.

Even with recent regulatory changes that decrease some risk associated with group homes, having experience in this area is a must. By being aware of regulations, you will be better prepared to respond to situations that arise in your organization.

Being aware of compliance standards also helps prevent issues from coming up that violate laws or regulations. You want units that are compliant to be able to operate in your facility, right?

You may find it helpful to take a course on regulatory compliance or meet with an expert to discuss these issues.

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