Gatebox Virtual Home Robot Price

Gatebox is an online-only service that allows you to set up a gatehouse robot in your home. These robots are similar to the ones you see at airports, where you upload a map and program it with alerts.

When it detects movement or a change in routine, the robot will update itself and come to greet you! It can then go about its business of cleaning your home and maintaining a safety perimeter around your personal property.

Gatebox robots are super affordable, starting at $149 for a basic model. If needed, more storage space can be added via an additional $14.99 per month. They even offer free updates so this never gets out of whack.

This is another way to save money as they do not have expensive hardware or software needed to run their system.

Who makes it?

Gatebox is a well-known brand in the robot market. They were founded in 2011 by a robotics professor who wanted a way to teach his robot students how to program their creations.

He created Gatebox as a platform to do so. Today, Gatebox is one of the top brands in the robotic industry, featuring many different home products such as home security systems, cleaning robots, and gardening bots.

They offer free download tools for their products and have frequent giveaways for new users. Users also have the ability to create their own bots or programs that can control their gateboxes.

Gatebox virtual home robot is what they call their flagship product. This app-controlled device is meant to automatically open and close your windows, doors, and other openings within your home.

What features does it have?

Gatebox is a pretty cool robot system. It can clean your home, manage your finances, and even greet you when you come into the home. It also can alert you if it needs help or needs to be updated.

Gatebox was created as an affordable way for someone looking to add smart technology to their home. It is also a great way for someone unfamiliar with robots to learn about them.

While Gatebox cannot replace a human being, it can enhance the quality of your life by doing things like cleaning or updating software and apps on your device. You can also set it up and take it out yourself!

You can purchase Gatebox at most tech stores or online through Amazon or Google Play.

How much does it cost?

Now that you have a basic idea of what gatebox is, how much it costs, let’s talk about some key areas to consider.

First, do you need a gatebox? If so, how much does it cost? If not, can you easily downsize or substitute another device for the same function? Can you add on additional features? All of these questions and answers can help you make your decision more easily.

Second, what features do you need? Do you want voice recognition and/or interactive capabilities for your robot? Does the robot have to be connected to the internet all the time? These answers will help give you ideas on what other functions the robot should have!

Third, in trying to save money, may newbie robots can cost slightly less than experienced ones. This is due to new technology or capabilities being released in recent years with expensive professional devices at throwback prices.

Where can I buy one?

Gatebox is a very popular smart home product right now. Over the last month, there have been four major new releases of the Gatebox device which adds new features. Therefore, we feel it is important to cover them here!

The first new release came on May 22nd, 2018 and was the Gatebox Robot Plus. This new version has a built-in Wi-Fi and includes an added motion detector. It also has an expanded range and functionality of commands and sensors you can connect to it.

The second new release came on June 18th, 2018 with the Gatebox Robot. This version has no built-in Wi-Fi and does not have a motion detector. These are the only two that exist! The rest of them have!

The third new release came on July 12th, 2018 with the Gateway Box Pro+. This has built-in Wi-Fi and does not have a motion sensor.

Is the Gatebox Virtual Home Robot worth it?

Like most automation systems, the Gatebox Robot is not a 100% accurate app. It will sometimes incorrectly determine where you are in your home and autonomous mode or manual mode accordingly.

However, this feature is important to have as an extra security measure against anyone entering your home without your knowledge. With this extra safeguard, you would still be able to trust your home has been secured properly by the robot.

Because this feature makes things difficult to maintain, gatekeeping it is important. You must have permission from the robot to enter your home and operate it appropriately.

Another important feature of the robot is its range of motion. There are some areas where the Gatebox can not operate due to inability to move it. For example, if one had a chair that they wanted positioned in front of a table, they would need to allow the robot access so that it could position itself on top of them both.

What can it do?

Gatebox is a robot that can help you manage your home. It can make appointments to come around and inspect your home, it can order supplies and merchandise from Amazon or From Within, and it can offer suggestions on how to keep your home safe and clean.

Gatebox was originally released as an app on iOS and Android, but now has a desktop version as well. You create an account by linking your Google Account or Amazon Account, which is the app’s supplier.

Once accounted, Gatebox can attend to some safety concerns for you. It can notice when windows are opening or closing, water leaking, and other signs of danger in your home. These signs could be sounds or visual indicators!

These signs may be things like broken glass being visible when the window is open, or water escaping from a tank or vessel.

Who created this robot?

Gatebox Virtual Home Robot was created by a tech startup called Cloudhead. This robot is currently available for sale only through Gatebox, meaning you cannot have this device yourself.

When you purchase this device through Gatebox, you are responsible for setting it up and managing it. It takes around 40 minutes to set up and manage the robot.

Once it is set up, you can tell it where to go and let it take care of your home in return.

Will it talk to me?

Gatebox is a pretty simple robot. It has two upper arms, a pair of lower arms, and a head. When it needs to, it can change into an orientation mode where it walks around looking for places to patrols and explore.

In this mode, it changes its appearance and behavior to match the environment it is in. It can disguise itself as anything from a shelf to a chair.

It can also rotate around its axis or roll on its feet. In this configuration, it looks like a pedestal or chair you sit in.

Gatebox is designed to be easy to program and deploy. Most popularly used are Netflix queues, Alexa handlers, and IFTTlets.

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