Fun Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

Whiteboard painting is a great way to increase your knowledge of the world around you. It is also a very fun way to spend some time in class!

There are so many different whiteboard painting styles that it is hard to choose one for all students. That is why we have made this article! In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to improve your whiteboard painting skills.

The first tip we will give you is to buy yourself a black sharpie and try your hand at drawing on a white board for the first time. You can do this in class or even do it outside! Both places have great views that are safe for you to try your hand at drawing on a white board for the first time.

Then, we would suggest starting with something easier like try some marker art or crayon art.


Curved lines

fun things to draw on a whiteboard

Choosing how to draw lines on a whiteboard is a all about finding the right angle and creating a curve. It’s also about knowing how to draw lines in perspective, without having seen another way before.

Both techniques are useful, so do not be afraid to try both out.

Even if you are not very good at drawing lines, you can still enjoy this one. You will still learn something new every time you do it!

There are many ways to do it. You can draw the line at an angle, combine two lines together, or create a circle of lines. All of these things work just fine!

You can even try doing some on your phone or computer and update your knowledge if for nothing else to keep yourself motivated.


fun things to draw on a whiteboard

Finding angles is a quick way to change the look of your paper. While most angles are notfound in the natural world, they are visually important.

An angle is the shape of a line or plane that is rotated around an axis. For example, when looking at a map, you can tell which side is higher or which side contains more detail!

Angles can be created by putting one end of a line or plane at an acute (or correct) angle to the other end. Or two lines that meet in the middle at an acute (or correct) angle.

There are many ways to use angles in your design. You can create corners that are shaped like angles, add details at an angle, and even combine details at an acute (or correct) angle!

Bullet point: Corner Angles and Angled Details

The easiest way to use corner angles in your design is to add details at them.

Quick sketches

fun things to draw on a whiteboard

A good way to start drawing on a whiteboard is by making an inventory. This means writing down all the supplies you need to create your sketch: Your paper, your pen or pencil, your radio-frequency ID (RFID) code, and your whiteboard pen.

Once that is done, you can start creating your sketch!

You can do quick sketches of people, objects, or things. The key is to focus on one thing at a time until you have completed your sketch.

Some tips: Use medium gravity values for lines; try not to go for striper ones; and use simple shapes and structures. These rules are all pretty self-explanatory!

Bullet point escaped: If you want to add some excitement to your sketches, add some motion or change the angle of the paper or chalk surface you are working on.

Complex portraits

Complex portraits are a fun way to practice your drawing. Complex portraits can be tricky, so get ready to set aside some time to learn how to do this new art style!

Ideal time to try complex portraits is during class. You can go into a meeting with a baseline understanding of what composition and texture you want on the canvas and how to achieve that in your art.

Or you can try doing it at home. Let your basic skills at drawing help you here!

Both ways of trying complex portraits work, even if you put very little effort into them. It is beautiful the way you notice and feel when you are doing them correctly.


fun things to draw on a whiteboard

A landscape is one of the most commonly used styles of art. There are so many ways to explore and represent a landscape in your art classes. In fact, many classes integrate the representation of a landscape into their lesson!

This style is extremely versatile as far as mediums for drawing on. A whiteboard is one of the easiest places to use a landscape. That way, your students can practice their basic concepts of drawing lines, finding the planes and filling in the details.

Given that whiteboard paint is relatively inexpensive, there are very few reasons not to give it a try.

Simplistic drawings

fun things to draw on a whiteboard

You can do more complicated or more simple drawings on a whiteboard. More complicated drawings require more lines, one line can mean many steps, lines for each step.

More simple drawings don’t take as long, but require more lines to the complete point. This means you have more space to add details or add new elements to the design.

Either way, you can do both! Many teachers and students find that the less detailed the drawing, the easier it is to understand.

Why? Because less detail requires more room for thought or print out of your mind to think about it.

Outlines of shapes

fun things to draw on a whiteboard

Paragraphs are a great way to end this article! If you have a long message to convey, the appropriate way to do it is give shorter versions of your message at least once per day. This will help your brain re-charge and remember the important messages you want to convey!

By giving your audience only the basics of what you want to say, you are more likely to get your message across. You will also be providing yourself with the time to go back and edit your text if needed.

Many times in education, there is a need for extra help. Luckily, the internet has made it easy for anyone to provide extra help, and they can pay well! You just have to find someone who can put out quality content at a reasonable price.

Letters and words

fun things to draw on a whiteboard

Add in some symbols and you have a more challenging environment for drawing on a whiteboard. These include:


A printed text message

An email sent or received

The above items can all be converted into drawings using software or mapping tools.

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