Frye Womens Melissa Button Boot

A women’s boot is a great place to start when looking at boots. They can be paired with jeans and a bomber jacket or dressed up with a tight top and purse. The richness of these shoes allows you to create a look that works for you!

These high-heeled shoes are very popular these days. You can find them in every kind of fashion style, from soft and worn-in looks to more modern ones where the shape is more exaggerated.

They are very popular due to how easy they are to wear. They do not require lot of attention spent on them in the way that regular boots do. They are just pulled on and stepped on!

These boots are simple but powerful. The leather is rich and sturdy, giving them an old-fashioned look that suits the purpose. These will last you for years due to how durable they are.



frye womens melissa button boot

When it comes to color, not having a color available or a lack of colors that look like the other colors is a problem for women. Most humans are red/orange/yellow lovers, so this is something that draws people to you.

When you are looking at clothes in the store, people can easily see what colors you like and what others would like to wear with your outfit. This can help create brand recognition and loyalty, which is important for business.

With fewer colors being offered on clothing, people are more likely to buy from you if they like the color and feel of your clothing. Buying from a shop where the walls are decorated with many different colors may bring more confidence in your purchase.


frye womens melissa button boot

This boot is a staple in every wardrobe. It is incredibly comfortable and stylishly placed. This style can be paired with everything!

The top of the boot has a 1/2 inch thick leather band that extends down the back of the foot to form a platform. This makes it look like you are wearing high heels! Once you get used to them, they are easy to put on and take off!

The rest of the boot is made out of leather with some stitching on top and bottom. You can find these colors in your life-style clothing. They are neutral colored so they would also work for day or night wear.

This boot does not have any straps that hold it in place, it is just up against your foot to keep secure.

Button detail

frye womens melissa button boot

A hidden detail is a button that can be opened or closed. This is possible due to the boot being constructed with soft rubber. When this boot is worn without the button closed, it creates an illusion of a soft, plush footbed.

This feature makes this boot very versatile as you can change the look by using or cutting off the footbed and adding new supports. What is also nice about this feature is that you can add more support once you get the hang of it.

This feature makes this boot very comfortable as there are no hard structures where it meets the sole. It also does not take up much space because it is not featured in the design. This makes it easier to wear these by themselves, which is a nice touch!

Another nice detail about this boot is that there are two tiny buttons on each side that can be closed.

Soft leather

frye womens melissa button boot

Button boots are a perennial favorite. They are easy to pair and go with every look, so there is no need to rush! They are also very durable.

Because they are classic looking, many fashionistas do not talk about them enough. They can make a soft, smooth leather look beautiful and stay that way for a long time.

Because they are more affordable than suede or leather boots, people often purchase them in bulk. This is beautiful because you can get some greatdeals!

There are many places that sell these booties for cheap, like Amazon. If you want to save even more money, buy them from the manufacturer or from online retailers that ship internationally.

Mid calf length

frye womens melissa button boot

Mid length is the best length for these boot models. If you have a very long leg, a short length would allow you to pull them up higher, resulting in a shorter boot. If you have a long torso, a long length would allow you to pull them out in front of your rear to show off your silhouette.

These boot models are ideal for showing off dresses, peeks and other silhouettes without looking like you are wearing high-heeled shoes. You can also pair these with jeans to keep the look simple.

We recommend going with size small because of the leather thickness and shape.

Frye has been making boots for centuries

frye womens melissa button boot

While most people think of high heels when they hear the word boot, there are more than a few shoes that require you to step out in something else. Heel-less shoes are one of those, leaving your feet and toes exposed.

The other big thing that requires no boots is riding crop style shoes. These require no booties to cover the leg and only a thin shoe to hold the rest up.

Both of these things are classic ways to show off your feet, so it is worth trying!

Many ostrich feather lined boots are sold as Frye boots. They are very expensive, but if you want a new way to show off your feet try looking into ostrich feather lined boots. They are easy to find online or in stores.

Well-made boots are a long-lasting investment

frye womens melissa button boot

They may seem heavy or durable, these womens booties are worth it! The soft leather feels smooth against your feet and will not wear away easily. The suede feels sturdy and will not wear away.

These boots are designed to last for a reason. If you are looking for low-maintenance shoes, get yourself these! They are durable enough to wear every day, if you look after them.

Easy to clean, these boots can be done in a few steps. Firstly, take a cloth and lightly oil the inside of the boot to prevent dirt and grease getting on the cloth. Then, wash and dry the boot immediately after using them to stand up. Doing all of these steps in succession will ensure they stay shiny!

Frye is one of the best brands when it comes to high quality shoes.

Frye brand history

Before there were even Reeboks and Reebok-like footwear, there was Frye. Frye was a popular brand back then, and still is today for high-quality footwear.

These booties are named after their designer, Mel Burdine. She was a fashion icon during the 1950s and 60s, known for her tight trousers and stylish kicks. She is also known for her iconic sunglasses!

The Melissa Button Boot is a classic style bootie. It has a round toe, soft leather covers, sturdy steel toes, and a leather lining to keep your feet warm. The lining also holds the boots up well over time, without need for a newer version.

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