Franco Sarto Black Ankle Boot

Franco Sarto is a fashion label that specializes in beautiful, sleek and sexy ankle boots. The brand was founded in France but now has distribution in most high street UK and US boutiques.

The shoes are slimmer than athletic shoes but are still very comfortable. They are elegant and sexy at the same time. These boots can be dress or work styles so it is good to have one style of boot in your collection.

These boots are not easy to come by as they are expensive. Most places that sell fashion goods only have one or two colors available for each boot model. They also require regular wearing to get them on correctly which requires money spent on soles replacement tool and instruction guide.



franco sarto black ankle boot

Most ankle boots are made from hard, synthetic materials. These include the classic rock-hard leathers, rubber-tipped ones, and those with steel toes.

Ankle boots are a nice way to show off your soft, warm toes! If you are one to stand on your feet for long periods of time, then this boot is for you. These boots are very soft and comfortable to wear.

How much softness the boot has is how much comfort it will give you. Some people find that if they were ever inclined to slide out of this boot but were bothered by the softness, they could add more hard or solid ones to increase strength.

Either way, these would not be good for long daily wear because of the thickness of the leather.


franco sarto black ankle boot

This boot is a stylish choice for any fashionista. It is resilient and durable meaning you will be able to wear it for a long time. The leather is smooth and soft making this a timeless style.

It has an architectural look making you look sharp and strong. This style works well with skinny jeans or cargo pants. A nice way to add more color is to wear a stretch top and a bright lipstick or shade of blush.

The cuff can be worn up or down, it depends on your preference. If you prefer being kept warm but not spending much money then buy the ankle boot version because they are more flexible. The full-height footbed can be removed or added depending on what level of comfort you are looking for.

How to wear

franco sarto black ankle boot

When you want to add some sleek flair to your ankle boot, here are some tips and tricks to try. You can choose between soft leather or rubberized ones, or between smooth and textured ones. Either way, these can be dressed up or down!

With any ankle boot, you will want some kind of foot lift. The best way to do this is with pointed toes and a heal. To achieve this look, buy a very small size larger than your normal foot size. When put on the boot, let it dangle slightly until you get used to it.

The same goes for the heel height. If you have very high heels that require higher heels to match, buy a smaller size than what is suggested on the shoe.

Fall or winter

franco sarto black ankle boot

Fall or winter is the most popular season for wearing ankle boots. That is why we bring you five great Franco Sarto Black Ankle Boot design here. Each of them can be useful in their own way!

1. Fall Or Winter Day Time Set

At night, some people prefer the style and comfort of long-sleeved dress shoes over armored boots. You can still look impressive with these pairs of Franco Sarto Black Ankle Boot!

2. Nighttime Seduction Set

As the name suggests, this set includes two pairs of Fall or winter ankle boots: a soft, fuzzy pair and a sleek, black pair. Together, they create an elegant set that you can wear every day and at night.

3. Nighttime Allure Set

Even though these two sets look identical on the surface, one is said to seduce you differently than the other does.


franco sarto black ankle boot

There is a difference between ankle boots with laces and these black ankle boots with no laces. The former allow you to put on one shoe-on and then proceed to the next activity in one piece!

The latter require you to remove one shoe and then put on the other. This is important, because if you were not able to remove the second shoe, then this boot would not be able to be strapped onto your foot.

This is why these boots require a little bit of practice before you can comfortably take your first step in them! Once you have done this, they are super easy to walk in.

Ankle bootie

Since you are going to be sitting or walking a lot in these ankle booties, making them heel-less is an excellent way to save space. Another way to save space is by choosing lessBoot. These are sold on sock styleWithTheHeel.

These are ideal if you spend a lot of time outside or if you will be doing any type of activity such as swimming, tennis, or other athletic activities. The weight of the shoes will also prevent you from becoming tired during your active day.

Another way to keep the price low is by buying cheapBASE-boots. These are usually made from synthetic leather and are very thin. Since they are not expensively covered with insoles and footbeds, you can buy several hundred of them.


franco sarto black ankle boot

The main material of this boot is suede. It is a premium quality suede that has been top-notch refined. Because it is top-notch, it requires a higher price tag.

Because of the cost difference, this boot requires more durable leather in its straps and lining to maintain the black color. This shows up as some minor imperfections in the leather, such as tiny flecks of white or tan spots.

In order to maintain the black color, you must keep the boot clean and dry between wears. If it gets dirty or wet, it will lose its shine and look poor longer.

Another important part of maintaining the shoe is cleaning the inner lining. The inner lining should be washed and dried using a gentle soap and water method.


franco sarto black ankle boot

The Franco Sarto Black Ankle Boot is the most expensive pair of boots on this list. At $300, these boots are very expensive – especially when compared to other pairs that are under $200.

This price is due to the quality of the leather and manufacturing process. The leather has to be top quality to hold its shape, and the process uses computer-controlled molding to create a more rounded shape.

But this cost does not mean they are not worth it. They are!

These boots have been popular for decades, and remain stylish even today.

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