Fox 8 News Phone Number

Fox 8 is a cable news network that broadcasts its programming weekdays at 9:00 am and 11:00 am. It is geared towards a daytime audience with its programming.

From past to current, Fox 8 has an array of television programs such as Newswatch w/Clemons & Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, The O’Reilly Factor, and Reliable Tim.

Newswatch has been on television for years and relays important news stories while Ingraham Angle focuses on politics while The O’Reilly Factor focuses on current affairs.



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Fox 8 is located at the intersection of Wackerman and Gibson boulevards in the City of Peoria.

The channel is accessible through television, radio, Internet, and print sources. They have a dedicated mailing list to keep informed of breaking news and upcoming stories.

Their television station is Channels 2 & 4, while their radio station is The Spot 97.7 FM. Both channels provide information on local events and town news.

What they cover

News is what they coveronde Antioch, Fox 8 News covers everything from politics to pop culture. Whether it is a new legislation or celebrity trend, they are there!

Their reporters cover a lot of different events, so it is important to find a reporter that matches your preferences. For example, if you prefer stories about crime and security, have the reporter contact her or him to cover an event like a crime scene investigation or security footage analysis.

The average viewer watches news for about 20 minutes per hour, so having quality content can go fast.

Example videos

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Examples of stories they’ve done

News shows such as CBS This Morning, NBC Today, ABC This Morning, and Faux News have all had their shows onto the Apple TV platform.

The Apple TV is an app distribution platform that allows you to add new apps to your tv or monitor to view and surf them. Some of these shows include The Daily Show with John Stewart, The Tonight Show Starring John Legend, andaker New York City News Now.

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Awards they’ve won

In 2007, when the channel first debuted, they won a Cable ACE Award for Best News/Information Channel. In 2010, they received another Cable ACE Award for Best News/Information Channel.

In 2014, the network was nominated for a CableACE Award for Best News/Information Channel again!

How rare is this? Only one cable news channel has won back-to-back awards in any category! That’s pretty rare, huh?

Fox 8 is not the only network to win this award. There are only two other networks that have been awarded this same trophy twice in a row: ABC and NBC.

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