Fold Over Knee High Boot

These fold over knee high boots are a great way to update your winter wardrobe. They are also a nice way to practice your balance as you move. If you have never worn these before, try them on in the store to see if they feel comfortable. They are slightly longer in length than other women’s winter shoes, so you may need to take a size down.

These boots have the removable, fold over design that makes them easy to put on and take off. You just need to remember to do this correctly so it does not break it!

This boot is good for very active individuals who want a rugged boot. The thick leather makes this boot durable and sturdy. The fold over design makes it easy to put on and get comfortable. The height of the boot is about an inch above the ankle, making it good for most feet type.


How to wear fold over knee high boots

fold over knee high boot

When looking for fold over knee high boot styles, there are a few things that matter most. These include how high they are, what kind of shape the feet look like, and whether or not they are open or closed footed.

Open footed boots allow the user to put soft feet into them which is a really nice treat. If you have very hard feet, this may not be the right fit!

Fold over boot styles have a little flap that goes over one end of the foot and is held in by a thick fabric band. This material is tucked under the other end of the boot to create a little pocket where your foot falls.

How high they are is also important as some people do not want to be forced into wearing skiddish shoes! Getting enough height with these fold over knee high boots will depend on your own personal height.

Soft leather

fold over knee high boot

These are a very soft leather. If you are into rugged looks, this is the material for you. If not, no worries because this material does not look or feel harsh. It is just different!


This material has a way of breaking down and becoming fine dust when it is wet. This happens to some leathers, making them look rough and even stretchy.

How Brittle It Is?

There are two ways this trait in a leather product. The first is when it is worked with. For example, when making wallets or other fashion accessories. The second is when the leather needs to be fixed. For example, when car seats or head rests need to be glued onto the frame to prevent hair from getting stuck inside.

Interesting buckles

When looking for knee high boots, you should consider some features that make these shoes more interesting. For example, you can wear these shoes in winter or summer!

Many companies now use this feature: When you put the boot on, it automatically grabs the top of your leg and stays there. This is called a buckle system. You can then add or remove them as needed.

Another interesting feature is a thumb loop that comes on the opposite side of the boot. This makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. If you have very long fingers, this extra bit of space can be used to add a quick-on thumb ring!

Fold over toes are another way people add more height to these shoes.

Patterned upper

fold over knee high boot

These are very popular these days because they look so nice on everyone. They are often recommended as a replacement for casual work or school wear and weekend fashion. They are very easy to pair with almost anything!

These boot design looks nice on many body types. It does not look like it is made for someone with a short in length foot, like someone with high instep would have trouble with the shape of the boot. It looks nice on someone with a round foot, like what people would expect a dress boot to look like.

The patterned upper is what makes these boots popular. People love being able to mix and match colors for this property. Many people buy one color, then add another color over the other one just because they liked them both!

Fold Over Knee Boot These are very easy to put on and take off as the season goes by.

Match with trousers

fold over knee high boot

If you are a fan of flamboyant colourways, then you will love the look of these fold over knee high boot. They are held up by a long leg band that sits between them and the trousers.

These boot look like they are floating on top of the legs they are attached to. The black and white make a nice contrast against the leather, making them looks more expensive.

If you are already wearing trousers, then this is a great way to add another layer of fashion statement. When standing up in these boot, people might think you have very high heels on.

The fold over design allows you to add another pair of boots if you need to. This is built in safety feature! If someone fell into these feet, they would not hurt because of the thickness of the leather.

Use warm socks

fold over knee high boot

When you are wearing these boots for a long time, it is important to take some care of them. Use warm socks and gloves to prevent the boots from being frozen.

Also, keep an eye out for snow when back-to-school season starts. You will need to store your shoes away in a safe place so that they do not get lost during the winter season.

Fold over knee boot is a nice way to cover up thin legs or feet. They are easy to put on and take off so do not be shy!

These boot can be used for formal events or just plain fun events. They are beautiful on someone with good bone structure because they can fold over the top of the leg.

Keep them clean

fold over knee high boot

When you are finished wearing your new boot, it is time to make sure they stay clean. When you take them out of the box, they should be easy to put back together.

You can do this by putting some mild detergent and a dry cloth in the cleaning kit provided, or by simply hanging them up to dry after washing and letting them return to their original shape before exercising.

Alternatively, you can cut a piece of leather about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long, brush it with shoe cream and hang up. Both methods need to be done annually for the leather to stay soft!

Next time you are wearing your new boot, try a few walking or running steps to see how they shape your foot. If they are too narrow, try adding an inch of thickness in the other foot.

Don’t run with them on snow

fold over knee high boot

If you are planning on putting these feet through any sort of fashion runway, think about what kind of lifestyle they will change your feet for.

These boot should be treated with care as they are expensive. They require frequent cleaning and maintenance to stay sharp.

Heel height must be maintained to avoid painful blisters or long term pain. If you are finding that your shoes are slipping or are having to buy new shoes because of that, you should probably buy a good quality pair of shoes.

These boot should only be worn when the leg is held up well and the foot is positioned properly in the shoe. If you have problem feet with instep pain or shortness, then these boots do not work. General wear should be kept in mind as well to keep them in shape.

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