Fit Body Boot Camp Burbank

Fit Body Boot Camp is a co-ed fitness studio located in Burbank, California. They offer two different styles of boot camp, one led by a certified personal trainer and the other by a certified relaxation instructor.

The personal trainer boot camp is designed to teach you how to create your own workout programs. You can join a program that has several different groups working on different components of the workout.

The relaxation boot camp is designed to help you relax before or after your workout. You will learn relaxation techniques such as meditation and self-care practices like reading a book or listening to music.

You can find Fit Body Boot Camp at 2500 W Glendale Avenue in Burbank. They are open Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM until 8:00 PM and Saturday from 7:30 AM until 8:00 PM.


Decline dumbbell bench press

If you do not do single or decline dumbbell bench press, you will need to do the decline dumbbell bench press as well. The single dumbbell bench press can be transitioned into the decline due to the placement of the bar.

The bar must be placed between your knees and it must be scissored before lifting up the weight. When doing this exercise, make sure your back is supported at all times by using a sturdy chair or a sofa back.

This is a very important part of this exercise, because if you have to drop the weight because of difficulty, you have to get back on with the correct position again. The basic idea is to find good body position for this exercise.

Single-arm dumbbell row

fit body boot camp burbank

This is one of the most popular fitness routines in town. You can do it almost anywhere, at any time.

The barbell or dumbbell is placed over your right hand and gripped with your palm facing forward and your thumb pointing down. Then, you reach back with your left hand and grip the opposite end.

You should be able to pull this along with your head during the set. This is one of the more challenging routine s we offer at Fit Body Boot Camp Burbank, so be ready for some soreness!

This fitness routine can be done in all weather conditions, making it an excellent winter workout.

Face pulls

fit body boot camp burbank

There are two main face pulls that can affect your fit body workout. The first is when you pull your face up to look at the television or monitor, or when you look at the television or monitor but your face is not in contact with it.

The second is when you pause the exercise and then return to working out, this happens a few times during cardio work outs.

Neither of these things are intentional, they happen because your hands and feet do not completely relax after exercising. The other person also does not need to see this as much as you do because of your clothing and appearance.

The second face pull is when you stop looking forward, which ends up being a little bit of both sides because you end up looking at yourself while exercising!

Both of these pulls can be fixed by keeping eyes focused forward, doing hand and foot holds for awhile, or by just putting oneself more physicallycomfortablyinto the exercise setting.

Barbell shrugs

fit body boot camp burbank

A shrug is a great body sculpting move that can be done on your own or with a few tips. The barbell shrug is one of the more complicated body sculpting moves that you can do at home. It is very dependent on where and how many times you do it!

The basic barbell shrug looks like this: You start with your arm extended, then shift your hand so it is now held in a clenched position, and then relax it. This is repeated with the other hand.

You can use this move to target specific areas of your body, like your upper arms, shoulders, neck, or even feet. It is very versatile and can be done by people with different levels of strength.

Many consider this a low-impact move, so they are often performed on workouts where time allows for rest periods.


fit body boot camp burbank

The deadlift is one of the most fundamental exercises you can do to your body. It consists of standing with your feet placed together with your back rounded, hands under hips, and then lowering yourself down to feet and back up. This is done until you can pull your feet out of the floor and then once you are in the position, you can hold it.

This is one of the simplest movements you can do to your body, but it really works your legs, back, and abs. You can Deadlift roughly 3-5 times per week for best results.

Daytime is best to start as this is a very slow movement. After my first day of Fit Body Boot Camp Burbank, I immediately started seeing results as I was much more comfortable with this new fitness routine.

Chest presses

fit body boot camp burbank

The chest press is one of the more common workouts performed at Fit Body Boot Camp. This exercise requires a bar or rack, a set of electrodes, and a supervised set up.

The electrodes are there to monitor your client as he or she works the muscle groups on their own. When the client reaches their maximum effort, they must take a break!

This exercise can be assisted or for beginners it can be done as an aside workout. It is best suited as an early morning workout or a pre-workout movement before the athlete gets ready for class or practice.

It can also be performed in place with no need for assistance if that is the case. This is best done before any other workout to make sure your muscles have enough time to fully relax and allow the muscle fibers to respond.

Single-arm rows

fit body boot camp burbank

The single-arm row is one of the most versatile exercises you can do. You can use it as your primary workout, or make it an additional exercise you can do on your routine.

The basic single-arm row works the back, upper back, and neck muscles. It’s not a very intense exercise, but it can be a nice break from the more popular leg workout.

To perform the single-arm row, start with your arms at your side and then slowly bend them by pulling at the same time with your hands. As you get closer to completing the motion, press with your other hand and finally shrugs to finish. This exercise works the middle section of your arms including those nearyour shoulders.

This exercise is best performed on a sturdy chair or floor so that you can have some support for this movement.

Bicep curls

fit body boot camp burbank

The best way to do bicep curls is through the use of a medicine ball. This can be found at most sports stores, however, you can make your own if you have the space.

The medicine ball can be used in many ways: 1) To strengthen the legs; 2) To work the abs; or 3) To do upper body curls.

When doing the medicine ball curl, start on your knees and lower back. Then push your pelvis up and back and finally drop your pelvis down. When done properly, there should be a slight swelling in the arm where the curl was. This is proof that you worked out!

Make this fitbody bootcamp easy enough for anyone to do.

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