Ecco Touch 15 Buckle Boot

The Ecco Touch 15 is a mid-range designer boot by Italian company Overland. They are constructed with leather, synthetic rubber, and metal to offer you some exciting features. The boot is available in four different soles, making it a very flexible choice for your daily wear.

These soles can be flat, cushioning, or ballasted. A ballasted sole increases the volume of the foot and provides more stability while stepping. A flat sole does not change the shape of the foot but may improve flexibility.

These shoes are known for their sleek design lines and beautiful finishes. You can find these shoes in many fancy shops and online stores, making them very popular.



ecco touch 15 buckle boot

This flip-flop is for those who like light shoes. The Ecco Touch 15 Buckle Boot has a soft, supple leather that feels great against your feet. It also has an easy to grasp rubber that holds its shape even after you walk a few times.

The color options are endless! You can buy these in black, gray, tan, or red! They have Classic White, Light Gray, and Dark Gray models, just to name a few.

These models all have the same high-quality construction and soft leather feel, so you cannot tell which model you are looking at. They are all perfect for daily use or starting sports training.

This model is a perfect start to the season as they are very warm and casual looking.


ecco touch 15 buckle boot

The Ecco Touch 15 is a beautiful looking boot. They are made from leather, so they have some substance to them. They look pretty much just like a dress shoe, only with a softer, less bulky shape.

These boots are long and lean which makes them look nice when paired with tight jeans and/or nice pants. They are also comfortable enough to wear all day.

People usually gravitate towards these boots because of the style. Some people like the shape that they get while others do not. If you are someone who does not like the shape but still want a quality boot, then this is one to try out.

Tight fit

ecco touch 15 buckle boot

When you first put these on, you will feel the almost immediate relief that comes with a good fit. The boot is very tight around the foot and ankle. You will have to let them hang after every step to make sure they are secure.

This is likely due to the shape of the boot. These are designed so that you have to keep walking in a certain direction in order for them to be comfortable. This means that if it is hot out, you have to buy warm enough shoes!

In order for these shoes to fit correctly, you must measure your feet and send in a correct shoe size. They offer four different models of boot which vary in width, thickness, shape, and color.


ecco touch 15 buckle boot

Your Ecco Touch 15 Buckle Boot will stay comfortable for a long time thanks to the soft suede and durable rubber soles. They are also resistant to water so you do not have to worry about needing to replace them.

These boots are designed with a square toe, so you will have no problem with wear and tear. The leather is thick enough that it does not break down, which is another way of keeping the money you spend in savings.

The 15-millimeter heels are comfortable enough that people still wear them after they get out of bed in the morning. They are also affordable enough that anyone can purchase one.

These boots are definitely worth investing in as they are very popular and reliable boot styles.


ecco touch 15 buckle boot

Despite being only a few pounds heavier than zero buckle boots, the Touch 15 is much more durable. The rubber sole is constructed from multiple layer of foam, which makes it very soft and flexible. This makes it easy to slide your feet into and out without struggling or putting any pressure on the boot.

The insert in the boot also works to protect your feet from rough surfaces, such as sidewalk or paved grounds. This is important when walking around town with your lunch or shopping at a market!

Because this boot is so durable, you can spend more time wearing it. If you are looking for an easy-on-and-off boot that will last you a while, look no further!

What I Like about the Ecco Touch 15 Buckle Boot: When looking for a new pair of boots, this one comes in handy! Because they are so thin and lightweight, these boots can be worn all day. They do not last as long as a pair that is thicker and has more support, but still worth it!

You can buy these in all sorts of colors too! These are great for every day wear or special occasions. They are also easy to get on and off in seconds! You can even go without having any kind of heel support if you do not need it.


ecco touch 15 buckle boot

The Ecco Touch 15 is a versatile boot. They can be worn as a soft, casual shoe in light to moderate conditions. You can also put them into dire situations and know that you have a dependable pair of shoes on you.

These boots are ideal for hunting or outdoors sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Because the boot is adjustable in the toe, ankle, and heel positions, it can be used for many different activities.

Because these boots are designed for walking, this is not the type of footwear that needs to be taken care of. The rubber outsole does not require special treatments to keep its shape and function, making it very durable.

The only area that might require attention is if something happened to the U-shaped leather piece that holds the button on or off. That area could potentially break down and expose wires, making them look unkeeled or exposed.


At under $40, the Ecco Touch 15 is a very affordable leather boot. This is not true for all models, however. Some are at $60 and up!

This is due to the fact that some designs have higher engineering in them.


ecco touch 15 buckle boot

The sole of the Ecco Touch 15 is made from nubuck. This texture creates a soft, smooth feel against your feet. Nubuck is known for providing maximum comfort and durability over time.

Because this material is more durable than rubber, it is important to replace the sole of your boot when it gets large or cracks. Since rubber doesn’t last as long on a boot with such heavy use, it is important to get a new sole every few years to keep it intact.

Replaceable soles are becoming more common as manufacturers find ways to keep them in business.

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