Dune London Paddy Chelsea Boot

Paddy Chelsea boots are a great way to keep yourself looking nice for long periods of time. They are lightweight and easy to maintain. Paddy Chelsea boots have been around for a while so you will not find any new trends coming out with them.

They are very popular in fashion shows and runway shows so you know it is good! These boots are also very popular among professionals as they are easy to keep fashion going all year long.

The main appeal of the Paddy boot is how easy it is to get ready in the morning. You can slip this on right away and be ready by noon! This is a perfect boot for working women who need a reliable, everyday shoe.

The Dune London Paddy Chelsea Boot is a great starting boot for people looking for a new shoe.



dune london paddy chelsea boot

Paddy Chelsea Boots are a very popular style these days. They look great with almost everything! They are a soft, buttery leather that changes colors under the right light. This boot is all about the color!

You can wear them with any color jeans, a white or blackshirt, or even a colorful one-piece garment. The only limit is your imagination!

These boots are usually between a size 39 to 41. We suggest a size 41 due to the weight of the leather. This will give you a nice support and thickness to your boot. If you need thinner feet, go with a smaller size!

The top of these boots have some protrusions that stick out that are responsible for keeping your foot warm. These also protect the leather from damage if you should fall into them.


dune london paddy chelsea boot

This Paddy Chelsea boot is a great way to update your everyday look. With a leather and canvas look, you can add some detail to them!

They are durable and will last you for years. You can add some jewelry or a sleek Notebook to enhance the style!

Overall, these boots are very stylish and can be incorporated into any look. You could put them on at work and just make people say, “wow!”

The canvas looks pretty strong so if something were to happen like step in liquid it would not ruin the boot. It is also resistant to moisture so if it was wet weather you would want them on!!

These boots are costly but will last you for many wears. They are made of high quality materials so you will get your money’s worth out of them.

Lace up

dune london paddy chelsea boot

When Dune introduced the Dune London Paddy Chelsea Boot in 2017, many fans were excited to see whether or not the lacing system would be upgradeable.

While it was possible to upgrade the lace system, it wasn’t necessary as this boot is meant to be upgraded! The lace up format makes it easier to add or remove laces for a more-or-less heel height.

The technology used in this boot is called ADAPT, and it helps support the wearer during movement. Since this technology is smartly placed, there are no annoying adjustments to fit! This is another reason why this boot is so popular: It doesn’t require any extra equipment to wear and feel great!

Being able to add or removeocenelle has helped gauge popularity of these boots.


dune london paddy chelsea boot

Most Paddy Chelsea Boot models have a zip closure at the top of the foot. This is a nice, smooth touch that adds to the sleek look of the boot. If you are not able to have the zip closure, then no worries! There are some models that do not have this feature.

The rest of the model is! These missing features include a slight shift in width at the toe, slight foreshortening at the back of the heel, and a non-existent vamp. All of these features make these shoes more versatile as they can be closed or open, casual or formal.

How They Work

The majority of these models have an average heal length of about mid-foot with a slightly thick vamp and soft sole. The short length may need some consideration for when it is time to put them away for sleeping or hiding from someone when you leave home.


dune london paddy chelsea boot

The Paddy Chelsea Boot is a dependable and classic boot. This model is also known as a bucket-type boot. It features a thick, cushioned footbed that keeps your feet comfortable for hours.

The upper of this model is made of leather. Its versatility makes this boot hard to go wrong! Leather can be worn seasonally, outside or over a street shoe. If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, buy a leather that is soft but has sturdy grain. Make sure to check the quality of the leather against other shoes you may have bought that are cheaper.

If you are looking for something new and exciting, buy a leather that is soft but strong. If you want something more practical, buy a leather that is sturdy but soft so you do not hurt your feet during wear and tear.

Suede material

dune london paddy chelsea boot

These boots are designed with suede material on the bottom. This allows for a comfortable and stable base to sit upon. This is a important part of making these boots fit better, because if you do not have this feature, then you will have to take into account that this boot is more about size than shape.

This suede material also helps to retain heat well, so do not worry about taking these off in warm weather!

The height of the boot is what causes the shape of the foot to change. If you have very short feet, this may not affect you too much. If you have long feet, this may be an issue! These will need to be worn with extra length in to achieve proper break in.

Rubber sole

dune london paddy chelsea boot

This is a very smooth, soft rubber sole that feels nice on your feet. There is also a band around the bottom of the boot to help hold the foot in place.

This is a great boot to start out with because it has a soft, smooth rubber sole that helps protect your feet. It also has an easy-to-read range indicator on the heel, which helps guide you in finding the right size.

Overall, this is a beautiful and sturdy boot. It would be great for winter wear, as it is water resistant!

The height of this boot is about half an inch at its thickest point, making it slightly tapered at the end.

Heel height

dune london paddy chelsea boot

The Dune London Paddy Chelsea Boot is a low heel boot. Most low heel boots have a high heel, but not this one. It has a medium height, thick heel. This means you will feel supported and safe when you are wearing them.

How much space there is in this boot is because it is the tightest of the Chelsea Boot line. It has less space between the toe and the rest of the boot, making it look thinner. This also adds more support to the leg as there is more volume where it meets the foot.

This support works well when going out to clubs or events. If you are on a strict budget, then get ready to love these! They are lightweight and durable so you will not be spending lots of money on replacements very quickly.

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