Dokkan Battle Find The Milky Way

Do kdramas reach a climax at the end of the series?

Bullet point: If so, what is it?

For instance, who wins the war? Who dies? What happens to them? Are they reincarnated or given another chance in life? Are there any happy endings for these characters or do they all have to live with what they have done for the rest of their lives?

These are some tough questions to leave unanswered, especially when you have spent years investing in your favorite characters and teams.


How to play Dokkan Battle

dokkan battle find the milky way

Once you’ve started playing, the first thing you should do is find a battle field. There are several locations where you can fight in Dokkan Battle, so choose one that best fits your style.

You can also go to a game forum, or a Dokkan Battle community page to find a battle field. In either case, look for other players who are ready to fight and make sure they have their equipment set.

If you are looking for an arena-style fight, look for lots of sharp objects such as swords or lances that can be thrown with perfect accuracy. If you are looking for more tactical fights, look for small and simple things such as swords or daggers.

Obviously, if you have large weapons or armor, you will be better at fighting in smaller spaces than someone with less sturdy pieces.

Obtain a dragon ball

dokkan battle find the milky way

Once you have obtained all the other balls, it is time to obtain the dragon ball. You can find them in two different ways.
Topic A: Obtain a dragon ball through video game challenges

The easiest way to get the dragon ball is by playing as Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. When fighting as him, he will occasionally acquire a special attack called Kajin Blast which creates a vortex that rewards you with the dragon ball. Alternatively, playing as Trunks or Goten will also reward you with the ball.

Vegeta’s special attack is fairly easy to get, so only buy one per game if you are really good at it. Otherwise, just play as Goku or Piccolo to learn how to use it!

Another way to obtain the dragon ball is by earning orbs through events and competitions.

Find the Milky Way

dokkan battle find the milky way

In DOKKAN, you will be able to explore various regions of the game. One of these regions is the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a unique region that connects all areas of the game. You will be able to visit it in Story Mode and Challenge Mode!

In Story Mode, you will encounter constellations and navigate your team through their systems in order to defeat an enemy team. In Challenge Mode, you can set up tournaments and have teams compete against each other.

Unlock new characters

dokkan battle find the milky way

If you collect all of the Dokkan Battle characters, you can access a new stage in the game. The new stage is called Mount Olympus and it has its own set of challenges and rewards.

You can return to this stage later to try out new characters or take advantage of the rewards. Once you enter the event, it is hard to pull away from playing to acquire more characters.

We recommend playing as Athena first due to her unique skills and her relatively easy challenges.

Collect magic gems

dokkan battle find the milky way

In order to advance in the game, you will need to collect magic gems. These can be found in battles and rewarded through certain challenges.

You can find some of them by searching for them, but they are not very common so you will have to keep looking. You may also have to complete certain challenges in order to get a gem as some require you to win a battle, while others require you to clear a stage.

This is not very hard as most players do this within the first few battles! Many players also argue that winning a battle is not enough, you must also find a way to win against the Dokkan Battle AI.

A good way of collecting gems is by searching for difficulties and winning on hard or above in battles.

Use awesome attacks

While not allowed, you can use other characters’ skills in Dokkan Battle. These can be mailed or downloaded from the app, web, or game app. This is done via special cards or tokens you receive as rewards for playing the game.

You can also combine attacks and defenses in Dokkan Battle! Use teamwork to your advantage to victory.

There are a few rules when combining attacks and defenses in Dokkan Battle though. You must be close enough for the other character to take effect of your attack or defense, and you must have enough strength to withstand the impact of the attack.

Defeat huge bosses

dokkan battle find the milky way

When you reach higher levels in dokkan battle, you will fight bigger bosses. These bosses have more members on their team, more powerful buffs, and even more special attacks.

If you are not confident in fighting these monsters, use the help of your friends to assist them in battle. You can also summon other players to help you take down the boss.

Using team support is crucial when fighting against a boss. If you do not have any friends to help you out, create some allies by mixing and matching your teams. The more the better!

When going against a boss that has lots of members on it, it is important to know which one/solo ones you must be on. Only one person can attack/succeed against the same monster/s, so don’t worry about that.

Join a team

dokkan battle find the milky way

If you want to be a member of a battle team, you can do that! There are many teams that accept new members and teach you how to fight in dokkan battle. Starting as a lone fighter is the best way to join a team.

Once you learn your fighting style, join a team and start training! It is not necessary to be a expert in order to join a team, it just helps if you are!

Teamwork is important when fighting in dokkan battle. If you know what effects your opponent has and/or how to nullify them, then you will have an advantage over your opponents. joining a good team will help your fighting skills immensely.

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