Dodge Dakota Automatic Transmission Problems

The Dodge Dakota is a stylish, well-built pickup. It was redesigned in 2015, which may be why some people have problems with it.

The problem that people have with the automatic transmission in the Dakota is that it does not function as well as the manual transmission does.

Symptoms of a bad automatic transmission

Automatic transmissions have a transmission housing that shifts gears.

Causes of a bad automatic transmission

When a automatic transmission is in the process of changing gears, it needs to be active and operational. This happens when the driver presses down on the shift lever to put it in first or second gear.

If the automatic transmission does not have a manual mode, then it must shift into a new gear before depressing the shift lever. This can be difficult if you have to shift into another gear quickly because the transmission has not changed gears yet.

The second cause of a bad automatic is when it is not operating at full power. If this happens, then the transmission must be operating at an adequate level of power. This can happen when maintenance such as lubrication or filter replacement has been done.

A final cause of a weak automatic is when maintenance such as oil changes or filter replacements has not been done. When this happens, then the automatic does not hold its power effectively and needs upgrading.

Fixing a bad automatic transmission

A bad automatic transmission can be hard to find. Most modern transmissions have an automatic mode, or auto mode. This mode turns the transmission on when needed and switches to a seamless shift mode when necessary.

This setting can be turned off with the right one, making it the only problem hands-on repair for Dodge Dakota Automatic Transmissions. Luckily, this one is easy to do!

The first step in fixing an automatic transmission is to remove the wheel housing cover. This covers the gears and cables that connect them. Next, you must remove the center tunnel cover. This covers the gears and cables that connect it to the transfercase.

Once these covers are off, you can start working on your auto transmission. The gears need to be checked for kinks or damage from driving or shifting around in gear boxes, respectively.

Having your auto trans repaired

If your auto trans is defective, then it may need to be fixed. Auto trans problems can be hard to spot and fix however. If you drive a normal routine, safe auto trans.

If you are driving an unsafe vehicle, the auto trans may not allow you to travel in either a straight or curve like motion. If this is the case, then you will need to have your auto trans repaired.

Autotrans repair services are common now as the days of getting your car repaired at a Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealership are over. As more people drive and use technology for everything from locating businesses to sending and receiving emails and messages, more people will need autotrans repair services.

Having your car repaired by a professional will help ensure that you are getting accurate information about what went wrong and how to correct it. When this does not happen, people with cars out there can go for repairs.

Replacing the transmission with a new one

When the old transmission has had its time, then it is time to consider a new one. If you are looking at new transmissions, check out the Dodge Dakota 5-Speed Automatic Transmission for 2018 Dodge Durango. This transmission has been widely approved by owners as an excellent replacement for the worn out original.

This automatic transmission has been around for a while now and people are still happy with it. It is reliable, easy to install, and takes good care of itself.

Get a quote for auto trans repair

If your Dodge Dakota automatic transmission is failing, you should get a quick quote from a local autobody repairman. Due to the high cost of a manual transmission replacement, the autobody technician will need to replace the entire transmission instead.

However, if the automatic transmission is replaced with a manual version, as is the case with most Dakota models, then the cost of the replacement is lower. A skilled autobody tech can save you a significant amount of money and time by substituting an automatic for a manual.

Unfortunately, many Dodge dealers are not equipped to do autotrans replacements. Many are unable to effectively align and install the new unit due to poor training and equipment failure. If your Dodge dealership was not able to help with your problem, there are several auto trans repairmen that can.

Find a good mechanic by checking reviews online

When problems are found in the transmission, it is important to find a good mechanic by checking reviews online.

Many times owners of dodge dakota automatic transmissions who come to the mechanic with problems are treated poorly because of the automatic transmission. It is popular and well known, so most shops can’t afford a new one.

Some shops will replace it but not all brands have one available. If your Dodge Dakota has trouble shifting into drive or drive mode, it may be time to bring it in.

Check out the number of shifts before you bring your truck in to make sure there are still three gears and not four because that may indicate a broken shifting assembly.

If the mechanic finds a problem with the Transmission, he or she will recommend a repair procedure to fix the problem. This depends on what they find was causing the issue.

Ask friends and family for mechanic recommendations

Be kind and respectful toward other drivers and owners of vehicles
If a friend or family member has a Dodge Dakota automatic transmission that they aren’t happy with, they should always ask questions and make suggestions to help them feel better about their vehicle.

By asking these questions and providing these suggestions, you are helping other owners of this vehicle find a good fit for them. You are also showing your support for the vocational program in which you own the vehicle.

Many Dodge Dakota owners use this program as a way to get out of the house and be busy during the week while still enjoying driving their car on Sunday afternoons.

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