Conference Call Script Sample

A conference call is a dialogue between a group of people. The people on the call talk to each other and listen to each other’s calls simultaneously. It is similar to having two conversations at once.

Conference calls can be for small groups, multi- person groups, or even company-wide. The important part is that each person on the call has their own conversation and that everyone on the call takes turns talking.

It is also possible to have a one-on-one conference call with just you!

This article will talk about how to create a conference call script for your next appointment reminder or surprise event!

There are many ways to use your conference call script. You can add special messages, add yourself as a listener, ask questions, and do some follow-up actions.

Provide an overview of the conference call

conference call script sample

During the conference call, you can give your attendees a brief overview of what to expect. This can be done in several ways.

You can give them a welcome letter, an overview video, or any other information they may need to prepare them for the call.

You can also give them a agenda, which includes all of the speakers, their titles and how much time they will share. This makes it easy to follow the conversation while being interrupted when an important speaker enters the room.

Finally, you can give them a general outline of what happened during the conference call and why it was important. This gives people who were involved with the event some context for what happened and why they should keep an eye out for future events.

Provide information on joining the conference call

conference call script sample

Once you’ve created your account, you can join the conference call. Just go to the event website and click on Join Now!

Your account will then be linked to the event website and you can enter your information and join the call.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to listen in on the phone or computer and participate in the discussion. You can also make comments or ask questions from your phone!

This is a great way to connect with your team as well as get updates on events and new info about Sentinel Health.

Give time zones of participants

conference call script sample

This sample script gives time zones of participants, called participant options. These can be either upcoming participants, absent participants, or both. You can choose which one you include as each one may affect the outcome of the call.

For example, if a conference call is scheduled for 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, there are two time options for the participants. One can arrive at 8:30 and another at 8:45. Both may put them in line with other attendees, so it does not matter which one chooses!

Having the time zones of participants gives a sense of control to the caller. He or she can decide whether they want to be present or not, if they want to leave early, or take a break.

The only downside is that there are two lines of text that belong to these time options. This could become awkward when both choice to be present but only one can leave early.

Give details on what participants should do before the call starts

conference call script sample

Before the conference call begins, each participant should write down their phone number and address on a piece of paper. You can then give this to the other participants during the call to help connect them.

This way, if any of the participants forget their information, they can just give it to another person on the call and it will connect them.

It also helps to make a list of your questions for each participant, so that you do not have to think about what to ask during the call.

There are many free question list software applications that can be used on phones or computers.

Give detailed instructions on how to join the call

Now that you’ve booked the conference call, it’s time to give your instructions on how to join the call. You can do this by email, phone, live chat, or in person.

If you have a phone, then you can just walk into the next meeting and take the call. If you have a computer or phone app, then you can just go to your app or website and join the call.

Either way, both ways of joining the call require that you have an active internet connection. This means that if you are going away for the day, then you must set up your mobile phone to stay connected until morning to take another call!

Both ways of joining the call require that someone answers the phone.

Mention any visual presentation that will be used during the call

conference call script sample

This is a very important step to take into your script. You want to mention any visual materials or presentation that will be used during the call. This ensures that your caller can recognize what they are talking about and responds appropriately.

This includes using slides, posters, briefing materials, and the like. It also includes using audio devices such as headphones or speakers.

Outline any agenda points for the call

conference call script sample

This is a great way to start a call with your client. By outlining what you want out of the call, your draft can be more complete.

This also helps you to avoid having to elaborate in your script during the call. Your client will not know what questions to ask until you outlined these points in the script.

By having these points outlined in the script, your draft can be cost-effective and quick to execute. Having those listed out can be done through an overview slides, agenda items, or anything that gives an outline of what the client wants out of their aesthetic challenge.

Answer any questions participants may have about the call before it starts

conference call script sample

Before you answer any questions, you should answer any initial safety questions that participants may have. For example, how many years have you had a heart attack or stroke, what kind of medicine you take for heart disease, what medicines you take for Parkinson’s disease, and how long your health insurance covers therapy for are important.

Then, before answering any questions, you should answer any questions they may have about your health. For example, they may ask about diabetes or high blood pressure (if they’re diagnosed). Or if they have any concerns about receiving a conference call, they can request that it be placed on a different line or voicemail.

Lastly, before handing the phone to the other person to talk to, you should listen to what they say. If there is an exchange of words that indicate a problem is happening on the line, you can let them know whether or not they need to speak with the other person to resolve it.

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