Chooka Classic Dot Rain Boot

A dot, or chooka, is a traditional Australian footbinding, particularly for women. Chooka boot is named this way because the shape of your feet are like a chook’s when you wear them.

They are tall and narrow with long toes and single heels. These boots look very stylish with short thick legs and slim feet. The width of the boot gives a nice base to hang many clothing pieces on, making it easy to change looks.

These boots are not recommended for daily wear as they are hard to smooth out and remove easily. They also take a while to be comfortable with, as you have to constantly keep re-inspiring yourself that they are soft and comfortable.



This boot is not for the faint of heart. The interior is made out of suede, and if you get a size larger foot, you will be able to move more feet in and out of the boot.

If you are not a fan of the suede look, there are plenty of other colors and patterns to choose from. These include red, lilac, white, and brown. Each look great!

The dot pattern is one that most people love, so if you do not like the color theme, you can always add some extra padding. Or add some fun decorations on top to make it more colorful!

Overall, these boots are worth looking into! They are budget friendly, very sturdy, and have a nice design appeal that people love.


chooka classic dot rain boot

When you look at these booties, you will think to yourself, ‘They’re beautiful!’ They are a soft cream with slight khaki shades with a suede overlay. You can wear them every day, or with a different outfit.

They are classic looking and will not go out of style for a long time. This is due to the quality of the material and design. They are designed to last.

These boots are very comfortable and can be worn all day. The suede adds some texture which helps keep this boot feeling soft even after hours of walking.

The height is just right; these do not slide off your feet. They are true-to-size so do not get carried away with size because they are very nice looking and worth having a small space between them.


chooka classic dot rain boot

The Chooka Classic Dot Rain Boot is a reliable yet easy boot to get out in the weather in. It has a suede lining that helps protect your feet from weathering well, and a durable rubber sole that keeps you standing up straight.

This boot is also lightweight so it does not hold you back when walking around town or doing other things. The thin rubber sole makes it easy to rune and comfortable on the feet even after long hours of wear.

The inner lining helps prevent any water seeping inside the boot which would then be cold and wet for awhile. This would be harmful if you had to go into a hot situation or something like that.

Overall, this boots looks great and keeps you warm when you need them the most! You can dress them down or up so many times they are not even fun.


chooka classic dot rain boot

The main material of the boot is leather. There is also rubber on the bottom, and wool on the top. These materials are mixed together to create the lining. The boots are waterproof and resistant to water, which is nice!

The leather is high quality, with lots of grain. This adds some strength to the boot, making it last longer. The top layer of rubber protects your feet from wetness, and gives you an easy grip if you need to remove the boot quickly.

The rest of the boot is made out of comfortable materials. The leather feels soft against your feet, and stays in shape even after many hours of walking. The exposed areas are kept warm by the wool lining, which insulates properly!

Overall, these dot rain boots are a great example of how materiality can shift your daily experience.


chooka classic dot rain boot

As mentioned before, this boot is a little on the big size size. If you are normally a 9.5–9.75, you should probably get a size down to make it fit.

If you are usually a 10 or larger, you should probably get a size up to make it fit. This is due to the normal foot length being about an 8–9 plus in length and an 11+ width.


chooka classic dot rain boot

Although these boots are designed for chill weather, they are warm enough to wear all year long. They are made of leather, so they will stay soft and smooth even after hours of walking.

The soles are lined with foam to help them stay soft and smooth during use. This boot is also available in solid color, so you have a choice in how you decorate your feet!

These boots are beautiful and can be worn with anything. They are very dressy but can also be worn casually as well.

PRODUCTION: The Company uses sheep’s wool to create these boots. Sheep’s wool is slightly greasy and heavy, which makes it hard to imagine it being comfortable to wear on your foot without taking some time to dry.

However, it has to be dried before each wearer uses it because the process of using it requires removing some of the waterproofing that is there.


chooka classic dot rain boot

When looking for new walking shoes, you might be surprised how many brands offer only one style. These can be very plain or less so as they update them with a new model or model release.

Many times, these more basic models are not that comfortable. Because they do not have any padding or cushioning, they can be less than comfortable over long periods of time.

This is true of classic models that have been updated few times, like the dot rain boot. They are still popular because they are easy to find and affordable. Many people purchase them just for the versatility.

Because they are cheap and easy to obtain, this can make walking out in the weather and getting your feet wet is an easy way to test the shoe.


chooka classic dot rain boot

They are around $40, which is expensive for a casual rain boot. Most are under $20. If you are on a budget, look at cheaper models that have less padding or less durable materials.

They may not last as long as a more affordable model due to the material being more durable. These boots will not last as long due to the material wearing out faster, but paying the extra money is something you need to do if you want this feature.

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