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Broadcast journalists are used to working with tough subjects and challenging interviewees. When you are a journalist, your main focus is to gather information and transmit it to your audience using your skills, tools, and techniques.

During a broadcast, there are always some tough subjects that you must cover. These include topics such as crime, politics, entertainment, and news. Each of these has an effect on the public and how they receive your report and information.

Some of the most difficult interviews come when the interviewee has a story that is very simple but they do not want to give up. Or when they do not have much time to fully prepare for the interview so they just rely on their skills and abilities.

This can prove to be a difficulty for the journalist as they have to get both sides of the story.


Jennifer Steele

Jennifer Steele is an exemplary journalist and anchor. She has a master’s in journalism from the University of Texas, so her knowledge of the industry is not only mastery, but also current.

Her professional development includes working as a national investigative reporter for CBS News and as a correspondent for Reuters and CNN. She has also served as a producer for both networks and produced several top-notch stories.

She started her career in journalism as an intern at KXNT-TV, now called Channel 8 News. Her boss at the time was impressed with her reporting ability and asked if she wanted to join the team as a reporter.

That was nothing short of a bold move on his part, but he needed help so he hired her. Since then, she has worked her way up to becoming an outstanding journalist and member of the newsroom.

Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman
Bullet point: 2006
When he was born, he had a channel 8 news anchor baby. When he was one month old, his mother gave him to a friend to take home because she wasn’t feeling good. The friend took him to the hospital, where they realized he was an infant and switched him out for a 1-month-old.

His parents were told that since he was an infant, he would be on the air at least once a week. At around five months, they took him off the air and started teaching him things. He stayed off the air for about a week after that before they finally got him back on!

His job wasn’t hard at all; it just involved sitting down and teaching little Scott things every day. His personality made it easy to engage with viewers and get them excited about the news which led to more stories to cover.

Shara Fryer

Shara Fryer

Bullet point: Shara Fryer

Bullet point: Shara Fryer

Shara is a former anchor and reporter for Channel 8 News in Dallas, Texas. She has been an on-air talent since 2006, having served as news anchor for the first five years before becoming weekend morning host.
She currently hosts Weekend Morning with Shara after she leaves the 9:00am to 10:00am slot to do her other job as a mother.
As a child, Shara loved watching TV and playing with toys so she chose news reporting as a career path. She studied journalism and media at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and became an anchor because of the TV dream she had as a child.

Mike Snyder

Mike Snyder
Bullet point: Dallas is one of the leading commercial media markets in the country, with seven major television networks programming a total of 52 hours a day, every day of the week.

This makes it an attractive target for aspiring news anchors. According to editorial hiring guidelines from television networks, candidates for national newscaster positions should have at least three years of journalism experience.

That experience can be in broadcast or print, and includes experience as a reporter or columnist. It is not necessary if you have the previous experience as aismaior that you no longer have the reporting and writing skills that add up to newscasting experience.

Your chance to become a national news anchor depends on what network you are on, how well you write, how engaging you are, and whether they need help with your presentation skills.

Deborah Wrigley

Deborah Wrigley is an Emmy-winning news anchor and reporter for Channel 8 News in Dallas, Texas. She is also a former college basketball player.

Wrigley was a member of the varsity team at Texas A&M University from 1994 to 1997, playing mostly as a backup to her first career start. While at A&M, she played in three NCAA tournaments and was named Most Outstanding Player in 1995.

After graduating from college, Wrigley went on to become an NBA basketball player. She spent five seasons in the league, playing both forward and guard. During her time as a player, she gained some recognition for her work off the bench, helping lead teams to playoff berths.

Today, she is an on-air personality for Channel 8 News in Dallas and serves as its main spokesperson.

Vanisha Scott

Vanisha Scott is an amazing news anchor and reporter. She started her career as a news reporter for a local TV station in Dallas, Texas. Since then, she has worked for several large networks and small stations around the country as a reporter and anchor.

Her first job was at KDFN-TV in Dallas, where she joined the newscast team as a field producer. After working there for a few months, she was promoted to field reporter and became an on-air member of the team.

When she was hired as the new chief investigative investigator at Channel 8 News, she took on her first big story: investigating why two men died on camera during an angle shoot for Channel 8’s morning show. It was hard but rewarding to finally put her name out there and investigate something concrete.

Sharon Grigsby

Sharon Grigsby-hetto was the first news anchor at Channel 8 in Dallas, Texas. She started her career at KDFM in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she hosted a late night talk show called After Dark.

Afterward, she moved to Channel 9 in Austin, Texas, as their new news anchor. There, she hosted a late night talk show called Nine At Night.

After that job ended, she joined Channel 8 as their new reporter and news anchor. She now reports and edits the stories for the station before they air.

Grigsby-hetta is known for her funny and engaging style of reporting and presenting.

Tamara Lee

Tamara Lee was an early standout journalist for Channel 8 News. She started as a trainee reporter in 2001, and by 2005, she was a correspondent for the station.

In her role as a correspondent, Tamara reports on local news stories and interviews with notable people. She also conducts interviews for special stories and produces stories for release, such as feature films or series.

Her most prominent story was her 2009 report on the demise of the U.S. banking sector, including how several large banks had failed or were failing across the country. The story helped raise awareness of these failures and led to more funding being provided to help them recover.

She has been with Channel 8 News since 2001, which is only five years after she graduated from college.

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