Cat Skin Sores Home Remedies

Cat skin disease is when a cat starts to have hard, dry patches on its skin. These patches can be visible, resembling a cat with an open wound.

The skin disease is named because it looks like the cat has some type of fur missing and then new hair grows over the old hair. It can be puzzling at times to see because of how smooth its fur becomes.

This disease is not typical for all cats, though. Most experts agree that female cats more often suffer from this condition than male cats. This is due to different reasons: female hormones cause more growth and change in animals, plus gender isn’t determined by sex cells, like with protein production or diseases/treatments.

Male cats cannot suffer from this condition, so there is no point trying to find an animal with good enough health care for you as the owner. All you can do is try your best to keep them healthy in their homes and with their activities.

Apply a topical hydrocortisone

cat skin sores home remedies

If your cat has a skin sore, do not apply anything else to it for at least a week. The hydrocortisone will help reduce the pain and swelling that can occur.

Rather than putting something on your cat that could possibly cause irritation or overuse of medication, use a mild topical hydrocortisone. This will help reduce the pain that occurs when the skin breaks.

Some cats do not like medication, so you may have to use very little of it. Once you notice an improvement in your cat’s behavior and appearance, give them more medicine!

If your cat has joint problems, do not put any weight on them until they have healed. This will prevent back and front impacts that may cause damage to their delicate bones.

Apply honey to the skin sore

cat skin sores home remedies

This may seem strange to apply honey to the skin sore, but do so if you want to help heal the wound. The honey will prevent your cat from picking at the wound and helping clean it, which may help in healing.

Alternatively, you can use tea tree oil, but never use vinegar as it can cause botulism, a potentially deadly type of food poisoning.

Either way, your cat will still enjoy drinking the honey and applying its own honey to help with pain and inflammation. It is also a great source of potassium which helps with blood pressure.

However, never use medication as the wounds do not heal correctly or completely if they are not treated. Your cat may seem healthy when taking proper care of themselves, but it ends up being very painful when something happens.

Use a homemade cream recipe

cat skin sores home remedies

Many humans use hair lotions and skin oils as remedies, so why not your beloved cat? Dog skin can be used for scratching purposes also. Just make sure to keep a close eye on your cat as it gets used to the cream.

As with any new treatment, start with a small amount and grow from there. You can give it by applying it onto your hands and then gently applying it onto your cat. Or you can apply it directly onto its skin.

The biggest tip is to use only quality products! Make sure to look for one that is cheap enough not to cause any side effects or effect development, but high enough quality to help heal any cuts, burns, or damage.

Use apple cider vinegar (ACV)

cat skin sores home remedies

Many cats develop skin cancer (permanently) along their back and sides, called squamous cell skin cancer (SCC). This occurs due to overuse or overstimulation of the skin.

Overusing the face and body is common with cats, as they are typically more active than other animals. When playing with other cats, it is usually by being in the middle of an exercise program or getting a reward when doing something.

When boarding with another cat, it is usually by being alone or not wanting to be touched after being exposed to germs and infection.

Acidity in the urine or food may indicate a problem with digestion, which can lead to overgrowth of skin cancer.

Acidity in food and/or dryness in the urine are signs of poor inflammation and health problems such as SCC.

Use a baking soda paste

cat skin sores home remedies


Use salt water soaks

cat skin sores home remedies

Many cats go through phases where they are obsessed with water and bathing is a must. This is a good time to introduce the water soaks into your cat’s life.

When the salt water soaks happen, it is important that the kitty gets enough liquid intake. It is also important to give him or her a good rub down after the soak.

Some cats do not like getting wet at all, which is fine! If your cat does not seem happy with the water soaks, use one of the other home remedies suggested in this article instead.

Saltwater soaks are great way to make your cat feel more comfortable in his or her environment. By giving him or her a full-on bath, he or she can enjoy it even more. Make sure to record any signs of discomfort in their behavior.

Apply aloe vera directly to the skin sore

cat skin sores home remedies

Once your cat is sick, it is important to keep the skin sore moistened with aloe vera. This helps reduce the pain and swelling of the skin.

Applying aloe vera directly to the skin sore can be difficult at first, but it is very effective. Most places have a tube of aloe vera gel that you can put on your cat when she is sick.

Try it-it may save your pet from having to go through what her normal self would do: scratch and fight with her immune system fighting off illness.

Cover with a bandage or medical tape

cat skin sores home remedies

If your cat has a skin sore, do not put direct pressure on the skin. Instead, cover the wound with a bandage or medical tape as soon as possible.

This helps prevent any further injury to the wound or infection. It also prevents you from seeing any part of the wound except for the cover.

Instead, you can take aasketballed out by putting a thin layer of non-stick cooking spray on a sheet of plastic and placing the cat inside of it. This allows access to treat and clean the sore, but you must remove it promptly if your cat has an fever or headache.

Using a tourniquet is another way to cover a cut or break that does not require immediate treatment.

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