Cat Running Away From Home

What is à cat running away from home? Par
A cat running away is not a simple escape process. Cats are very social animals who live in groups, and having one as your own is a lot of work, especially if you are looking for a companion.

While cats do live with other species, they are very territorial and would rather have their own species of humans to visit or call home. This is why they are so popular! They also need a secure home environment to maintain its self confidence.

If you think your cat might be running away because it is stressed out, then this article will talk about ways to help.

Possible reasons your cat may be running away

There are many reasons for a cat to be running away. Some of the most common reasons for a pet to flee is:

Unwanted Photos/Surveillance video Confined Space (e.g. house, patio, outside) Threat (i.e. Predatory Behaviors) Stress (i.e. Move To A New Home Or A Hotter Environment)

Not all cases of cats running away are caused by these situations, but they can be very common. Many times, the owner does not realize that the Running-Out-Of-Home behavior is due to stress from a new home or environment until it is too late.

How to stop your cat from running away

If you are unable to care for your cat in a safe and secure environment, you can try to stop them from running away by following some tips.

Visiting a local pet store is a great way to learn more about cats. Most have experience in training and managing cats at a shelter or from watching their home environment.

Most also have experience with managing kitties as they go up the adoption process, so this can be an added benefit.

Keep them indoors

If you can keep your cat indoors, it can have a much happier life. A cat outdoors will go nuts and have many problems with in a closed environment.

First, it must be able to roam and escape. The best way to do this is to get them as soon as possible after they are social. Find a room or two they like playing with and run that up until they are indoor cats.

It is very important to have at least one location it knows as its home. Make sure it has enough kitties to feel comfortable and safe at the same time.

In the case of a large outdoor cat, there are specific steps for controlling their temperature such as using a heated house or outdoor enclosure. These must be done correct or the animal could die from overheating!

As stated before, playtime or socialization before bedtime is the most important thing for this cats needs.

Use a harness instead of a collar

As mentioned earlier, having your cat run away is a good reason to have a harness. Using a harness allows you to control your cat.

A harness is like a leash that you can put around your cat and move with accordingly. By using the harness, you can change the angle of how you want to handle your cat.

Some people use it as security for their cats. Others use it for convenience, as they can walk their kitty off-leash without having to tie up their cat. Either way, it benefits both of you!

The best harnesses have narrow bands that tightly fit around your cats body. These narrow bands allow the animal to be pulled in and held by one person, making this type of pet management tool very popular.

Bring them to the vet

If you do not need to keep your pet, you should try to bring them back to their home. Most of the time, if a cat is run away due to stress, then it will re-visit its home and make itself feel at home.

If the owner is aware that the cat is missing, then it will try to return. Kittens are usually easier to find than cats. If the owner does not want the cat back, then there are two places where it can go: The animal welfare system or a sterilization facility.

Most organizations that take care of cats are free. However, some are chargeable and/or membership based.

Make sure they are spayed or neutered

Neutered cats are vulnerable to being picked up by a dog as they are usually left alone for a short time. Even if the cat is already outdoors and safe, it is recommended that they be put up to live in a home with a other feline or non-cat family member that can safely take care of them.

In non-profit shelters, cats may be adopted out once they have been fixed. At this point, the cat is ready to be reunited with their original family. If this happens as soon as the cat gets adjusted to its new environment, then go ahead and make them more comfortable!

If your cat has a escape stimulus (a way to get away from you), make sure it is corrected before you give up on it. Many times cats will escape by running very quickly which causes pain in their paws.

Making your cat run on hard pavement or rough concrete can cause injuries that take awhile to correct.

Give them attention

If you notice your cat running away, getting up at night, or just not feeling as safe as you did before, then it is time to give them a cat.

Healthiness is important to have in order to care for your cat. Once they get sick, they can not be taken to the vet unless they go. So, finding a vet is important.

The right amount of nursing and taking-a-shower time will speak for itself, but if you do not seem to be successful at this then you come here. There are many places that offer cats for adoption online and off, both free and paid.

If you know of a place that works with animals that offers training with no charge, you can basically teach your cat how to work with people.

Know their personality

When a cat is about to leave home, it is important to get to know them well. One of the most important things for a kitten is love.

A lot of cats in homes can’t rely on their cats to always love them. If the cat doesn’t have a lot of love to give, it will run away.

If you know your cat has some kind of habit they use to stay in their home, then make sure they know they are going away. You can do this by taking them out at least once a day for an hour or two and giving them a few treats or songs.

Once they feel comfortable with you, take them out more often and let them get used to the idea that you are going away.