Cat Gum Disease Home Remedies

Cat hair disease is a medical condition that varies in severity from cat to cat. Some cats may be fine while others may be afflicted. The condition is usually diagnosed when it is already apparent in a cat.

When a young or newlyitten has hair loss, it can be hard to determine if the cat has hair disease or not. Since the diagnosis may not be made until this stage, it may be up to the owner to look for this condition.

The affected member of the family must keep track of their pet as they go through this period. Visiting veterinarians are a great way to find out if your pet has cat hair disease or not.

Home remedies can be found if your cats have this condition taken care of at home.



A refreshing alternative to coffee or any kind of liquid caffeine, honey can be enjoyed for its sweet and Savory properties. It can even be used as a substitute for sugar in recipes.

Honey has been know to have the power to help fight a number of diseases, including diabetes. The compounds in honey which include vitamin A and C can help improve your overall health.

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A decade ago, a veterinary specialist made an unexpected discovery. Cinnamon was practically ubiquitous back then, and most people believed it could stop or at least slow the growth of cat tumors.

He discovered that despite high street prices, only a small percentage of cinnamon was working and remaining majority was being absorbed by the liver and body. This remaining portion was being distributed to the rest of the body including the tumor.

Cinnamon is a common flavor ingredient for foods so it is hard to spot. However, if your cat has a tumor, you may be able to save some money by doing less expensive alternative treatments such as tea or lemon Waters!

Cinnamon is easiest on the liver so if your vet has used it on other cats with cancer, try getting some help from another sick kitty.

Peppermint oil

A powerful oil found in peppermint trees is able to cure cat gum disease. While it may not be practical to keep a tree outside, placing a piece of paper inside a plastic bag should shield the cat from the oil.

Peppermint is an anti-inflammatory agent, which makes it a great remedy for gum disease. Mint works by reducing acidity in the body, which prevents further growth of bacteria in your gut.

When cats have gum disease, their gut is usually blocked with debris, making it difficult for the oil to enter the body. With such a powerful remedy working magic on your pet, you may be reluctant to take them into the vet for check-ups or treatment.

Tea tree oil

A decade ago, there was a spectacularly successful home remedy for cat gum disease. It was so popular that almost everyone had some kind of bottle or tin of it.

It was tea tree oil!

The makers of this product claimed it could cure all kinds of diseases, including cat gum disease. It didn’t, but it was incredibly popular at the time and people must have had success using it.

Since then, we’ve moved on from that type of oil, but there are still a few products that claim to work for this disease.

Raw honey

Wasn’t it the purveyor of all things delicious, maple syrup? Now, that’s a mouth-watering treat!

Maple syrup contains a compound known as a sugar alcohol called glucose. This compound causes cat dry mouth and/or fur missing strands of hair when brushed or combed.

Dry hair is a favourite food source for cats, who can often be spot on with their timing. As they are mostly self- groomers, no added products or special instructions are needed!

The problem can occur when it is too late to fix the damage. Luckily, we have some tips here for you to try at home.

Using raw honey as a remedy can help prevent or fix this disease. It may also help restore normalcy to your kitty’s hair timing.

Chamomile tea

When your cat is suffering from cat gum disease, there are several ways to help. Both human and cat can suffer from it!

Generally, cats do not get sick often. Therefore, it is not that frequent check-up that we take every year for a pet vet.

However, since cats have more medical issues than humans, they do have periodic checkups with the vet.

Water with lemon juice

Another way to prevent or treat cat gum disease is to keep a water bowl filled with water nearby. This is an easy way to help your cat. Just make sure to keep an eye on it to ensure it does not get dirty.

Though cats do not get regular water shakes, they can still suffer from gum disease, as can your dog. Keeping a water bowl nearby helps ensure both of you are always hydrated.

By keeping an eye on the water supply and giving it a good washing when needed, you are helping conservation of resources in your home and in your dog’s life as well.

Another way to prevent or treat cats with gum disease is by giving them plenty of lemon juice.

Spry gum substitute

Another alternative is to switch to a different type of gum. Most cats don’t mind having something in their mouth, so if your cat does not like the gum you are using, try using another brand that is less sugary or one that is less hard.

Most cats do not seem to care if the gum is fresh or stale, so if you do have a very active cat, try using one with less filler or one with less length to it so it doesn’t get stuck in the jaw.

All of these tips are free-standing. You do not have to give them to your cat every day! Just keep trying new ones out and having your cat act interested in the new gum they’re taking.

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