Bad Breath In Dogs Home Remedies

Bad breath is a very common complaint in dogs. Most everyone has had a time or two when they have noticed the back of their mouth look and feel slightly sour, funky, or rotting.

This symptom is known as “bad breath” and it is caused by either over-abundance of bacteria in your dog’s mouth or over-use of commercial lollipops.

As we have seen with other complaints, over-the-counter drugs can and do cause side effects, some serious and some not so serious. However, despite the prevalence of man’s best friend suffering from overheated lips, there are ways to help your dog get rid of the bacteria that is causing the bad breath.

Home remedies such as pouring warm water on their mouth can actually result in poor oral health care for your dog and excessive use can lead to damage or breakdown of the teeth and lips.


Apple cider vinegar solution

As the name suggests, apple cider vinegar solution can help fight bad breath. This remedy is most useful for dogs that have moderate to severe hangover breath.

Like most things, it comes with a cost. For example, you will have to purchase the appropriate sized bag or jar, and it may be difficult or even impossible to alter the amount your dog needs.

However, if your dog does not seem too happy with the vinegar solution, you can always add more! As noted above, more may be difficult to add as water alone.

So how do you use apple cider vinegar? You can give it as a mouth rinse or you can put it on his coat to prevent dry skin caused by the beardie being so thirsty.

Honey and cinnamon powder

If your dog has bad breath, you may want to try one of these dog home remedies. These ingredients are easy to find and can be purchased at many stores.

Sugar is one of the most commonly used remedy for bad breath. Replacing the treat with a honey and cinnamon mix is a good way to try this out.

Wax paper is another commonly used remedy. Using a smooth, warm wax paper will help remove more stale or burnt foods from the mouth.

Watersolions are sometimes used as an alternative to vinegar and soda water. They may even help remove past bad breath issues! Very little will hurt your dog, however.

Fresh fruits and veggies

Making your dog more healthy is not a one-time-only solution. Today, there are many resources available to help dogs that are in need of medical care. Even if your dog does not have a health condition, eating enough fresh fruits and veggies is important.

Since dogs get their nutrition from the environment and not from foods, this can be important. Most commercial foods contain an alarming number of additives and questionable sources of nutrition.

Most of them are probably not necessary or even good for you! Keeping your dog on a regular diet that includes some fresh fruits and vegetables may reduce the chances of certain diseases such as oral (and oral) guanylyloxide (GU) deficiency or nonaccumulation of the normal acid in the mouth, which makes it rotten or bad smelling.

It may also reduce the risk of certain types of cancers such as stomach, prostate, or bladder cancer.


A leaf or other part of parsley is used as a remedi. It can be a little foul-smelling at times, so ideally your dog feels comfortable drinking it.

When administered, it should be offered in small amounts at first until it is adequate. Then more can be added as needed. Once your dog is comfortable with it, you can add less to reduce habit formation.

Dogs who frequent water sources are at an increased risk for bad breath.ars. If you notice this in your dog, she may need to take extra care to avoid drinking too much water when she is thirsty.

Paraldehyde is a safe and effective drug for treating bad breath in dogs. It works by stopping the burning of bacteria and acid that causes bad breath.


A refreshing choice of treat or snack can make a difference in your dog’s health. If your dog does not like the taste, you can make room remedi by mixing one of the mints with water or other plain foods that are palatable may help to reduce intake.

Dogs who hard mouth tablets or chews toys poorly may be candidates for this remed. This can help reduce medication resistance and improve compliance in some dogs.

Mint is an important part of many cultures as a ceremonial drink. This is likely the reason why some mint products are available as drinks instead of just plain water. As this is not a common find, most dogs do not know what refreshing it is or how to use it.

As seen with the cooling effects, this remedi does not put any strain on the dog nor does it need to be repeated if Successful Treatment is obtained.

Dry dog food

A very important part of making home remedies out of bad breath products is choosing whether to use dry or moist dog food.

If your dog enjoys the taste, then using a less healthy type of food may not be a big deal. Most dogs only gain weight in their morning meal so it is not that big of a deal.

However, your dog may be uncomfortable eating what looks and tastes like garbage on the outside but good quality ingredients inside. A lot of the time, this is because there is not enough evidence to tell which ones are which.

Generally, there are two ways to make food. One way is to use a stovetop method where you heat up some oil and put some food in it, or you can use a freezer method where you freeze some dried food and throw it away when it gets old. Neither of these sound very fun!

So, we suggest choosing one way to make food but keeping an eye out for changes in behavior and understanding why each might apply to different food.

Bones with meat on it

Another doable way to prevent and treat bad breath is to ensure that your dog is not hungry.

If your dog is hungry, then he or she will drink enough water to keep up the mouth drying process. This will cause lethargy and lack of desire to eat which will prevent them from starving themselves.

By not eating or being hungry, you are removing a possible source of nutrition. On average, people lose 1–2 lbs per month by not eating. By not eating or being hungry, you are removing a possible source of nutrition. On average, people lose 1–2 lbs per month by not eating.

Bones with meat on them can also help reduce the amount of wastage in the system. If your dog loses weight while using this remedy, this may be due to the preservation method used.

Chewing gum

Another way to prevent and remedy bad breath is to use a chewing gum. Chewing gum can help reduce the chance of your dog re-gassify by reducing the chances of him swallowing any leftover food or drink.

This is particularly helpful if you have a large dog! It can also help reduce the pain and discomfort he feels when he gags and chokes, making it more likely he will orally ingest it.

If your dog suffers from eating disorders or has a diagnosed eating disorder, then using chewable pills may be more appropriate than using chews or drinks. Breaking down and ingesting the drug in an oral form less likely will help prevent regurgitation, even if your dog fails to swallow it completely.

Lastly, use these tips with care! Do not rely on this type of treatment for all dogs.