Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag

Athalon is a brand committed to creating quality footwear. Their designs are always whimsical and fun, with a strong focus on comfort. They do this by using very durable materials and by testing every formula and design to see what works best.

Their newest product is the Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag. This bag offers three different sized boot bags, making it useful for many shoe situations. It also has an internal dividers that can be used for misc items or organization.

This bag is definitely worth checking out! You can purchase it at Amazon for around $30, making it an affordable way to upgrade your shoes.

This article will talk about different ways to use the Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag.


What’s included?

athalon tri athalon boot bag

The Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag is an organizer for your shoes. It features three internal trays, one larger side pocket, and a rear zippered pocket. The three internal trays can be used for different things, like putting your favorite pair of shoes in one and dropping these in the other.

The large side pocket is great for holding a cell phone or small wallet while the rear zippered pocket is great for holding an extra set of socks or a pair of shoes. You can also put your footwear in the front flap to protect them from dust, fingerprints, and damage.

As you would expect with high-quality products, this boot bag has very few (if any) complaints. It is heavy-duty and holds a lot of shoes.


athalon tri athalon boot bag

When looking at boot bags, dimensions are key. It is those dimensions that you must have when making your boot bag!

Most double-sided tape measures in inches, but some have the measurement in centimeters as well. Since the tape measure is a measuring tool, it must be compatible with both ends!

Dimensions of a double-sided tape measure are: width, length, and height. All three measurements must be equal for a tape to be double-ended. Most double-ended tapes are about 6–8 inches long, 4–6 inches wide, and 1–2 inches high.

How big your bag needs to be depends on what you will put in it.


Most boot bag materials are made of Nylon or Leather. The main difference is which side of the bag it is on.

Nylon boot bags are usually made on one side only. This makes it easier to remove and place items in or onto the bag. This is the case for this bag as well!

Leather boot bags do not have any sides, making it easier to pull out the bag and move it around if you need to. This makes it easier to carry more weight in one hand while holding the other end of the bag with another hand.

When choosing which material your athalon boot bag is depends on what you are using it for.

Care instructions

athalon tri athalon boot bag

It is important to clean your athalon tri boot bag regularly. Regular cleaning will prevent any dirt or grit from getting into the internal compartments. Similarly, using the correct sized washcloths and soap is important to maintaining the bag’s quality.

Because this item is made of leather, it should not be submerged in water for long periods of time. The material should be dry before storing it, so make sure to pat down the bag as needed.

If you have to professionally clean the bag, use a high-quality leather cleaner and leave the cleaner on for at least an hour or two more if possible. The original cleaning cloths may not be sufficient to remove some of the stains and waterproofing caused by oils and fats.

Does it come in other colors?

athalon tri athalon boot bag

Yes! You can choose from red, orange, pink, and cream to match your other clothing. These athalon boots are available in black, dark brown, and choco.

These athalon boot bags are perfect for keeping your shoes organized and easy to reach. They come in a few sizes so make sure to check the size chart for these boots.

These bags are also machine washable! Just do not dry-clean them due to the risk of tearing the leather. Instead, use them as soon as you get them as new shoes don’t need much breaking in.

This is such a helpful way to keep your feet happy and safe.

What are the pros?

athalon tri athalon boot bag

If you are looking for a rugged, protective boot bag, the Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag is for you. This bag is constructed with heavy-duty vinyl, which resists tears and liquidation. It also has an internal lining to protect your shoes and supplies extra storage space.

Another feature this bag has is a Wheeled Stand that allows your shoes to be oriented in the correct direction when in storage. The stand can be removed so that it does not hold the shoes up. This is helpful if you need to move your shoes frequently!

The Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag has several other useful features, such as two side organizers and a mobile stand.

What are the cons?

athalon tri athalon boot bag

The biggest con to the Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag is the price. At $230, it is by far the most expensive leather bag on this list. It may be worth it if you need a large backpack for school or daily errand running, but for daily use and running errands this one is overpriced.

Another con is that it is only available in two colors: black and khaki. Although these look nice together, they are also very plain. If you were going to use this as a weekend bag or something more practical, you would have to put something else on top to make it more functional.

Overall, the Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag is just not the best looking leather backpack you can buy.


athalon tri athalon boot bag

At $129, the Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag is a little pricey. You can find cheaper alternatives, such as the U.S. Army Green Athalon Tri Athalon Boot Bag, at department and store stores for around $109-119.

This bag is made of heavy canvas and weighs about 14 ounces! While this may not seem like much, it can make a big difference in storing your boots. Most bags have a limited size of boot that can be stored in it, making this a very limited space efficient solution.

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