Working From Home During Maternity Leave

Working from home has increased significantly during the last few years. It’s from home to home to do it! There are many money-making opportunities available for those who offer full-time jobs or special packages that include work-from-home services.

Most opportunities require a minimum commitment of several hours per week, so it can be hard to make a consistent income. However, with more people offering their services, quality standards increase which makes it a better opportunity for success.

Many places require that you have access to an internet connection and a phone since the job offers come through. Some locations even require that you be on the phone most days of the week! Having a reliable way to work is key when trying to establish a business from home.

Communicate your work plan with your team

Once your maternity leave is over, you’ll need to make sure to keep in touch with your team. You should let your team know that you are taking a break and that you’re expecting a baby.

This is important to let your team know, because then they can communicate with you and support you while you’re on break. Also, let them know when you’re ready to return home, so they can plan their tasks and schedules accordingly.

As soon as possible after the birth,you should start working again. Most companies offer some kind of baby leave where the employee gets back to work at the same speed as before but on a different schedule. Find out what works for you and make sure to take advantage of it!

To keep support channels open while you’re away, make an account on LinkedIn or create a Google+ account so your team can message each other when they need support. Make sure to keep it open also during breaks.

Prepare for distractions

It’s never too late to plan for the way you will be busy during maternity leave. While most people would be happy to have a few weeks before the birth, it is very important that people have enough time to make all of the preparations for their jobs and customers during this time.

Many employers offer orientation classes and/or training on new products and services. Some even provide support during the first few weeks of employment as well.

If you are not yet engaged in your job search, do a quick online search to see if there are any reviews for jobs you might have missed out on applying for yet. Even if you don’t get a job right away, meeting some people and getting an understanding of what you do will help your next job search.

Set working hours

It’s never too late to set your own working hours. For the most part, you have an established day and night schedule that you use every day at work and in your everyday life, so why not at work?

You can have a regular workday of from 7 AM to 7 PM with a 1-4 hour break for each period, with the exception of a 6-8 hour break. The total workday length can go up to 24 hours due to the 1-4 hour breaks.

The majority of people who hold a job have a normal schedule set out for them. Having a schedule set can help get you back on track after taking off time to care for the baby and yourself.

If you are looking into starting a business, may be helpful to set up shop on Monday through Thursday for at least four hours per week from early morning until late afternoon to get started.

Avoid social media

While it is very helpful to have a basic information about your baby account on your account, you should also avoid using the internet, email, and phone while you are away from the baby.

It is not necessary to be on the internet or on Facebook while you are away, and it is unnecessary to be on the modernized version of the internet while you are away. The early 21st century internet has changed so much since your child was born that it is not understandable or useful. The later versions of the internet become confusing and unnecessary.

Your home computer, laptop, or mobile device should be left at home while you are away to avoid interference with anyone who needs to contact you. Your husband or spouse should avoid going online while you are away to avoid getting involved in any arguments with anyone.

Your child’s school should be contacted before leaving home with information regarding what services they need during your visit with them.

Keep yourself organized

It can be hard to keep track of everything when you are busy with new baby needs to be kept in mind. You can still keep track of your work, and have some help with it if you need it.

There are many ways to organize your home environment while you’re away. You can have a baby shelf in the nursery just for your toys, a few diapers, and the setup for playing with your baby.

The other way to keep organized is by keeping equipment and supplies organized. Here are some ways to do that.

In the changing station or in the room where the baby is born, you can put all of the supplies needed including towels, disinfectant, analgesics, and an ice pack. This way, if there is anything major hurt during labor or postpartum, they are ready to go.

In the nursery you can put down a bassinet or step stool so your child can have a place to settle down after arriving. You also could put down a playmat or floor protector to help prevent them from falling if they are getting out often.

Ask your manager for permission to work from home

It is common for companies to allow workers from home to hold down jobs while on maternity leave. If your job allows employees to be prohibited from their duties, offer your help to your team in this way.

Most of the time, these roles are not very productive as the worker is normally confined to a computer or phone and can only really function as a support person. However, this can be an incredibly valuable role on multiple levels.

As a support person, you can ask questions but not answer questions. As a worker who can only answer questions but not take requests, you get some extra attention from your employers. You also get some extra time to take care of yourself and re-colocate after the baby needs taking care of.

Ask around at your workplace too since some people may know if they were needed at home.

Check with your boss about working remote hours before telling your team

Some jobs have a shift limits, so you should be prepared for that. If your job has maternity leave, you can check out the extended leave credits at to see if you are eligible for up to two weeks of leave before baby arrives.

The two weeks of leave before baby arrives is what most working mothers need to make up for the time they were away from their children while being sick.

If you are very devoted to your job, you may be able to work from home on your initial maternity leave. If not, it is worth checking out some part-time jobs that are close by that would allow you to return quickly.

Check with your boss about accommodating any workload changes on account of maternity leave. Ask how much people typically work during normal business hours and whether they would still want them to show up for work on time.

Tell your team you are working from home during maternity leave

Being able to stay at home with your baby for as long as you want is a luxury that only some families can enjoy. If you are a loyal team member who works five days a week, then you should tell your team members about the new baby and ask if they would like to be part of the family while you are away.

You can apply no matter how early in your career you were. Even if you did not join the company until later in your pregnancy, you still have a right to request early approval. It is important to keep your career and family separate when applying for jobs during pregnancy, especially if you have a low or high duties requirement.

Many companies require applicants to pass an acceptance tests before they will work with their teams. If your company does this, let them know that you need to pass these tests before you can start working.